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O Level Pure Physics syllabus

The O Level Physics syllabus aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of energy, matter, and their interrelationships through the investigation of natural phenomena. The theories and concepts in the O Level Physics syllabus belongs to Classical Physics. Modern Physics involving studying the quantum properties at the atomic and sub-atomic scale are still in the process of making new discoveries.

Subject Assessment Objectives

  • To demonstrate knowledge with understanding
  • To handle information and solving problems (by using symbolic, graphical, and numerical forms of presentation)
  • To possess experimental skills and investigations

Scheme of Assessment / Exam Format

Students are required to complete all 3 papers:


Type of Paper





Multiple Choice

1 h




Structured and Free Response

1 h 45 min





1 h 50 min



Paper 1

Theory paper consisting of 40 compulsory multiple-choice questions. (40 marks)

Paper 2

Theory paper consisting of 2 sections:

  • Section A – a variable number of compulsory structured questions (50 marks)
  • Section B – 3 questions (30 marks)
    • The first 2 questions are compulsory questions, one of which will be a data-based question requiring the student to interpret, evaluate or solve problems using a stem of information (8 to 12 marks)
    • The last question will be presented in an either / or form (10 marks)

Paper 3

Practical assessment consisting of 2 sections:

  • Section A – consists of 1 to 2 compulsory practical experiment questions (20 marks | 55 min)
  • Section B – consists of 1 compulsory practical experiment question (20 marks | 55 min)

Students are not allowed to refer to notebooks, textbooks or any other information during the assessment.

Syllabus Content Topics




1. Physics Quantities, Units and Measurement

Newtonian Mechanics

2. Kinematics

3. Dynamics

4. Mass, Weight and Density

5. Turning Effect of Forces

6. Pressure

7. Energy, Work and Power

Thermal Physics

8. Kinetic Model of Matter

9. Transfer of Thermal Energy

10. Temperature

11. Thermal Properties of Matter


12. General Wave Properties

13. Light

14. Electromagnetic Spectrum

15. Sounds

Electricity & Magnetism

16. Static Electricity

17. Current of Electricity

18. D.C. Circuits

19. Practical Electricity

20. Magnetism

21. Electromagnetism

22. Electromagnetic Induction

Mathematical Requirements

Students should be able to apply these mathematical topics in O-Level Physics subject:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Graphs

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To view the full information about the O-Level Physics syllabus by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board, click here