The CF360 Total Physics Learning System to Secure Distinction

Our unique learning system is the main reason why secondary and JC students have the confidence and competency to secure distinctions in the O Level and A Level H2 Physics examinations.

The CF360 Total Physics Learning System is a careful combination of concept-based approach teaching, content breakdown, diagnostic consultation, Physics Lab experience, high quality learning resources, digital lessons and examination questions archives developed through years of fine tuning by our Founder and Principal Tutor Mr Calvin Kong.

Incorporating this curriculum framework into a student’s learning journey, we have created our unique blended programme to ensure our students would benefit from these multiple modes of learning. This makes Concept First Singapore’s most comprehensive Physics Specialist Centre.

An effective learning system that caters to all aspects of learning & revision

Key Elements of CF360 Learning System


Diagnostic Consultation

An assessment for students to know their strengths and weaknesses, and help them craft out a roadmap for effective revision.


Curated Notes & Worksheets

Revision notes and worksheets that are prepared in a concise manner to promote effective learning; specially curated by our head tutor Mr. Calvin Kong.


Physics Lab Classes

The only centre in Singapore to help students secure distinction in practical examinations with its very own fully-equipped Physics laboratory (only one in Singapore).


Physics Practical Manual

A comprehensive manual with exclusive tips and tricks to help students ace their practical examinations that take up 20% of the entire national examination grade. 


Revision & Learning Videos

Foundational Concept Videos and Weekly Lesson Recap Videos to help students recap the topic and maximise their revision after school lessons or tuition classes.


WhatsApp Support

Tutors in Concept First are always ready to help students with their queries through WhatsApp, even after the lessons. This ensure that students receive maximum support during their personal revision.


Templates & Cheatsheets

Signature 2-page topical summary, explanation Q&A template, and Formula & Definition Sheets to make content easily digestible for students during their own revision time. 


Question Bank & Exam Archives

A massive collection of different Physics conceptual and application questions at varying difficulties (with answers and explanations) to help students prepare for all kinds of potential examination questions.

Coupled with our unique CF teaching philosophy

The Right Pedagogy

Concept-based Learning

Concept-based learning is an instruction strategy that is adopted in several tops schools in Singapore. At CF, we believe that every student should be exposed to it to have a long-lasting solid foundation and deep understanding of Physics concepts. Together with a strong team of highly skilled and experienced tutors, our students grow to enjoy learning and mastering the subject. 

Concept First Physics
Concept First Physics

Connection between Physics Theories and Practical

Fully Equipped Physics Lab

Concept First is the first and only Physics Specialist Centre in Singapore that has an in-house fully equipped Physics Laboratory to prepare our students for the compulsory Physics practical paper in the O and A Level examination (20% weighting). The 5-figure lab space and equipment allow students engage in practical lab work and be ever more confident in achieving the distinctions.

Exam-based Curriculum

Structured curriculum comprising 100% exam paper questions

Exam-focused Curriculum

Our unique curriculum is one of the main reasons why our students have the confidence and competency to score in the Physics examinations – a careful blend of syllabus restructuring, examination questions placement, research-backed pedagogies and years of fine tuning. The CF curriculum is a powerful learning programme we proudly call our own.

Exam-based Curriculum

A glimpse of Concept First in Action

Your grades are in our safe hands

Highly Specialised Tutors

Our centre focuses on Physics only. We have a strong team of tutors who specialise in the subject taken at the various academic programmes – O Level (Pure Physics and Science Physics), A Level (H2 Physics), Integrated Programme (IP) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

Stellar Achievements Every Year

Through the years, we had tutored students from more than 90 schools in Singapore. We are proud to share that more than 95% of our O Level students achieve B3, A2 or A1 each year. For the A Level students, 9 and 10 of students will achieve an A or B. This is made possible through our commitment towards creating the best physics curriculum and constantly upgrading our physics lab.