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CF360™ Total Physics Learning System to Secure Distinctions

Our unique learning system is the main reason why Secondary and JC students have the confidence and competency to secure distinctions in O Level Physics and A Level H2 Physics examinations.

“98% of our students achieved distinctions or a minimum 3 grade improvement after attending our Physics Tuition Classes”

CF360 Learning System

Diagram of Key Elements of CF360™ Programme

Students gain access to 4 Modes of Learning and 6 support
systems within our Holistic Physics Methodology


Concept-Based Learning

Cement foundations and understanding through concept learning with our A star team of tutors


Practical Lab

Get hands-on practice and build confidence for Practical exam with our state of the art lab



Study effectively with in-house curated learning videos and notes


Revision &
Quick Tools

Revise efficiently with our 2-page summaries and interactive quizzes with prizes

Support #1: Trusted Tutors

A line-up of Physics Tutors with rich teaching experience, credentials, and awards under their belts.

Support #2: Free Exam Booster Classes

Exam preparation lectures conducted before every major exam to cover exam smart strategies, common questions

Support #3: Hands-On Practical

Practice in our fully equipped lab and gain an edge in preparing for Physics practical exams

Support #4: Personalised Attention

Regular assignments will be individually marked and constructive feedback will be given to maximise learning

Support #5: Motivated Learning

Engage in fun Physics quizzes on our portal to encourage consistent and motivated learning

Support #6: 24hr Learning and Help

Exclusive 24hr access to CF learning portal full of digital materials for revision and WA helpline from tutors

Concept First is Singapore's most comprehensive Specialist Centre for O and A Level Physics Tuition Classes.

A Glimpse of Concept First in Action

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The CF360 Total Physics Learning System is a careful combination of concept-based approach teaching, content breakdown, diagnostic consultation, Physics Lab experience, high quality learning resources, digital lessons and examination questions archives developed through years of fine tuning by our Founder and Principal Tutor Mr Calvin Kong.

Incorporating this curriculum framework into a student’s learning journey, we have created our unique blended programme to ensure our students would benefit from these multiple modes of learning.

Hear From Our Students

“The consolidated notes, timed practices and 1-to-1 consultations via Whatsapp has helped me a lot in my preparation for major school examinations.”

— Kay, Crescent Girls’ School


Before I joined this tuition, I really hated Physics and was always confused during lessons in class. Physics concepts were hard for me to comprehend and there were insufficient practices provided by the school. Concept First’s lessons are always very engaging and easy for everyone to follow. Unlike school lessons which are fast-paced, I feel encouraged to clarify my doubts. Concept First uses different resources that allow us to visualise Physics concepts better which deepens my understanding of each chapter. For more challenging topics, they use different approaches like videos , real life demonstrations and computer simulations, to allow us to understand every topic instead of just plain memorising, and this really enhances my learning. The consolidated notes, timed practices and 1-to-1 consultations via Whatsapp has helped me a lot in my preparation for major school examinations.

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