Concept First Learning Centre is conveniently located right next to Clementi MRT. We offer Physics Tuition for JC students and secondary school students taking their  O level and A level. Through years of experience, we have developed our own set of Concept-based Curriculum (Theory) and specialized Physics Laboratory (Practical) to get students ready for their upcoming examination. Our tutors are also specialized to teach each level in secondary and JC individually to ensure the tuition classes are conducted in a focused group for maximum learning environment. 

Why Concept First?

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Highly Specialised Tutors

We know every parent only wants the best for their child. Our Physics tuition teachers are highly specialized as they have been tutoring in their respective subjects and levels, ranging from O Level Combined Science to A Level Physics, for at least 10 years in Singapore. 

We have a wide range of learning materials: Full Color Notes, Concise Summaries, Formula Sheets to make learning and revising past topics easy and consolidated. Our team of specialized tutors cater for each level of physics tuition, hence students can expect a focused learning group in each lesson.

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Structured Curriculum Plan

Learners are naturally more motivated when the best resources are available and a systematic curriculum plan is in place. We have restructured the entire Physics syllabus taught in Singapore into bite-sized knowledge to be transferred in for our tuition classes, so that mastering the subject is possible. Our lesson materials also have other features that allow students to track their own learning and cut down revision time.


Fully-Equipped Laboratory

Science is a discipline that builds and organises knowledge through observations and experiments. A complete science education programme must include demonstrations and hands-on experience. With our fully equipped laboratory, we have Physics Laboratory for Practical Work, exclusive for our students only (20% weightage for national exams) 

Proven Results In Past Years Examinations

Throughout the years, we had tutored students from more than 80 schools in Singapore, and achieved a 100% Grade A result for their Physics subject as they attend our tuition classes and do their due dilligence with the concise note we provided. This will be our goal in the years to come for every student that step foot into our tuition centre.

Happy Parents & Students
Grade A Results

Student reviews on our physics tuition classes

 1000+ parents and students from 80+ schools have benefitted from the CF curriculum.


Our Concept-based Curriculum will get you ready for the world.

Teaching is an art when done skillfully and creatively, will bring about astounding achievements through delightful learning experience. My life mission is to design a curriculum programme that gives my students the best of both worlds.
– Calvin Kong

Come experience the best of both worlds with us.

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