Physics Tuition for O Level and A Level: Theory & Practical Lab

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Helping students secure A and B grades in O level and A level Physics through Concept Application and exclusive Hands-on Practical Lab Classes.
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Why Physics Tuition with Concept First?

Concept First is Singapore’s Most Comprehensive Physics Tuition Centre that specialises in Secondary Science Tuition, O Level Pure Physics Tuition, O Level Combined Physics Tuition, IP and A Level H2 Physics Tuition since 2016.

To date, we have accomplished 60000 hours of teaching and 20000 hours of curriculum research and development. Tested and proven by 1200 students from over 100 schools, we know what it takes to help any student excel in Physics!

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5 Key Reasons Why Concept First O & A Level Physics Tuition Centre will make mastering Physics Easier for you

Former MOE Teachers and Senior Teacher, Former MOE Teaching Scholars, Physics Book Authors. CF brings you the best teachers for our various academic programmes – Lower Secondary Science, O Level Pure Physics, O Level Combined Physics, A Level H2 Physics and Integrated Programme (IP).

Our Focus on Application of Concepts

Physics is a subject that relies heavily on concept applications. We understand that this is the main reason students seek to practice more in Physics tuition classes. At Concept First, we engage our students through progressive learning from basic, medium to high order application questions.

Fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art apparatus, our Physics laboratory allows us to conduct A level practical lessons and O level practical lessons over the widest range ofa Physics experiments. It ingrains familiarity and confidence in handling Physics Apparatus which is the key to securing ‘A’ for the Practical Exams. 85% of our students on the lab programme have shown to achieve better results.

Our curriculum programme and learning materials are designed by our Curriculum Team of former MOE Senior Teachers, MOE Teaching Scholars and Physics Guide Book Authors. A continuous improvement process is in place to ensure constant fine-tuning. In this way, students who attend physics tuition with us receive only the best and most updated learning resources.

Students maximise their potential with our unique CF360™ learning system, a myriad of learning resources and strategies developed then by our Curriculum Team. Further fine-tuned by our ever growing team of subject specialists, students with any academic foundation swear by our CF360™ for fast and easy learning.

Secondary 1 and 2 General Science Tuition

Small group Lower Secondary General Science Programme where students can customise to their school’s current topics.

Secondary 3, 4 and 5 Physics Tuition

Theory and Practical classes for Combined Physics, Pure Physics, Integrated Programme (IP) Year 3 and 4 Physics

JC 1 and 2 Physics Tuition

Physics Theory and Practical Classes for H2 Physics to prepare students for the A Level Physics Examinations.

“One thing I really appreciate about my tutors at CF is the fact that they cared for us all as individuals.”

— Liew Yee Kay, Anglican High School

Anglican High_Liew Yee Kay

I always had much difficulty with Physics and found it a cumbersome and boring subject. But after attending Concept First Physics tuition class, I slowly understood it and finally got an A1 at the end! One thing I really appreciate about my tutors at CF is the fact that they cared for us all as individuals. When I was unsure about other subjects like A. Math, my tutors would stay back after class with me to clear my doubts. And for that, I’m really thankful!

“Concept First probably has the best Physics tutors in Singapore.”

— Adelle Wang, River Valley High School

JC Physics Tuition

CF probably has the best Physics tutors in Singapore. They are able to explain difficult concepts clearly, as they provide short cuts and teach much easier methods of comprehending theory. Tuition is usually seen as a tedious and tiring activity but I always feel like their lessons pass very quickly as it is well-paced, suited to his students needs, and interesting at the same time. My Physics grades have improved from an S during mid-years to a B during prelims under their tutorship.

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Vibrant Ecosystem of Strong Tutors and Engaged Learners

At Concept First, we believe that the ability of a tutor to teach and engage students is equally important than their qualifications and credentials. To ensure quality teaching in our O Level and A Level Physics Classes, every new tutor must go through a stringent programme before taking charge of a tuition class.

One part of this rigorous programme includes the “delivery test” where the tutor conducts a class to all current tutors. Our teaching team which comprises of Former MOE Senior Teacher for Physics, MOE Teaching Scholars, Physics Guidebook Authors, Master Degree Holders in Engineering and Physics, are thus all CF-certified to be effective and skillful teachers! With good tutors, engaged learners will naturally gather.

This learning ecosystem is the key reason for our O Level and A Level Physics Tuition Classes being one of the most sought after in Singapore.

Fully-equipped Physics Lab

Concept First is also Singapore’s First and Only Physics Tuition Specialist Centre with a fully-equipped Physics Laboratory. As the syllabus now consists of a practical component of 20% weighting, this requires students to not only be competent in Physics theories but also in laboratory work.

Inevitably, the O Level and A Level Practical Exam Paper has become one of the key factors in achieving Distinction for the National Exams. In our O Level and A Level Physics Tuition Classes, we conduct hands-on practical sessions to help students gain confidence in handling Physics lab apparatus. These experiences are highly important as they cannot be gained from reading textbooks or notes. 

We are proud to share that our holistic Physics Tuition Programme has helped over 1200 Students from over 100 schools in Singapore achieve As and Bs, some in as short as 4 months!