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Reviews from Past Students

Anglo Chinese B_Hiero Ong

Concept First Physics tuition has been a great help and a large contributor to my grades for Physics. As I was heavily involved in rugby when i was in J1, I did not put much emphasis into my studies, but Concept First made Physics more understandable and I didn’t have to put in much work into trying to memorise, and got an A for promos!! Thanks so much Concept First 🙂

— Hiero Ong, Anglo Chinese Junior College

Anglo Chinese JC_Kyler Kiyoshi

Thank you to Concept First for always being such an accommodating centre! Having such patient and effective teachers has really revived my love for the subject and helped me improve. Would definitely recommend to any students who are looking for lessons that can help pull their grades up. (Their notes and summaries are the best I’ve seen)

— Kyler Kiyoshi, Anglo Chinese Junior College

Anglo Chinese JC_Dhillon

Concept First’s classes have been of great help to me. My tutor puts a lot of effort into making his notes as concise as possible and in compiling questions of various difficulties for us to try. I would definitely recommend giving his classes a shot!

— Dhillon, Anglo Chinese Junior College

Mohd Ashiq

To say that Mr Ram is a good teacher is an understatement. He is a very approachable and friendly teacher. I never had any hesitation when asking him to clarify my doubts, and he would take his time out of his busy schedule to do so. Sometimes even after explaining a question multiple times, I would still not understand. However, he would be very patient and explain it again. Mr Ram has impeccable Physics knowledge. He is clearly well-knowledged and he is able to transfer the knowledge to us seamlessly. He not only teaches us what is in the syllabus, but he also gives us extra information that would come in handy in examinations. He is one of the main reasons why I am doing very well in modern Physics. He has all the qualities of an excellent teacher!

— Mohd Ashiq, Anderson Junior College

Anglo Chinese I (IB)_Karthik

Concept First has dedicated tutors who make it a point to make their lessons enriching and engaging at the same time. My tutor is a patient teacher who ensures his students grasp the fundamental concepts well before moving forward. He also provides us with detailed notes and challenging questions in order to train us well for any potential challenges that we might face during our exams. Additionally, he also provides useful tips and tricks that come in very handy under stressful exam conditions. On a personal level, he makes a conscious effort to know his students personally and treats them like his friends. He makes himself approachable — be it to ask doubts or just to have a casual chat with him. Indeed, I was very fortunate to attend Concept First during my JC years.

— Karthik, Anglo Chinese School (Independent) [IB]

Anglo Chinese I (IB)_Mashrur

I attended Concept First during my final year of my IB exams. Physics was definitely not one of my strong subjects but with the tutor’s guidance and mentorship, I was able to see vast improvements in my grades. My tutor made lessons extremely enjoyable for me be it online or in class. I was never bored and I genuinely enjoyed learning Physics under his wing!

— Mashrur, Anglo Chinese School (Independent) [IB]

Catholic_Kian Yew

Concept First’s lessons are fun and entertaining and they are able to help me understand these hard concepts more easily. With their lessons, I am able to solve and tackle each question with ease. Besides that, they also teaches us important values that are applicable to our lives.

— Kian Yew, Catholic Junior College

Eunoia_Ng De Qi

My tutor at Concept First is well-versed in Physics answering techniques. Not only is she friendly and approachable, she also answers our WhatsApp queries swiftly.

— Ng De Qi, Eunoia Junior College

Hwa Chong_Nicole

My tutor at Concept First is a dedicated and patient teacher who provides well-organized Physics lessons for his students. As a student with a weak foundation in Physics, the structure of his lessons has been able to help me first strengthen my foundation, and then slowly work towards solving higher order questions. He also explains all the Physics concepts clearly, and teaches us some tricks to remember them more easily. He also constantly checks and ensures that we understand the concepts taught, and never fails to answer any of our questions. Overall, I have enjoyed my lessons with Concept First, and his lessons have been useful in helping me improve my Physics!

— Nicole, Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong_Poon Sze Yue

Concept First has many passionate teachers who can come up with ways to make the lesson more interesting for us students. During lessons, the tutors explain things in the simplest way possible so that everyone is able to understand each concept taught very clearly. If not, they is always happy to take time off to answer students’ questions. The questions that they complied from past year A levels and JC papers for each topic have also really helped me strengthen my concepts and serve as a useful tool for revision. As I came into the tuition with a weak foundation, I realised that with the help of their notes and explanations, my conceptual understanding of several topics is way better now. 

— Poon Sze Yue, Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong_Wei Yi

Concept First has capable tutors who are friendly and approachable. My tutor never fails to make classes interesting and engaging, while always being there to answer our questions when in doubt, no matter how silly our questions can be sometimes. The notes that he provides are high quality, concise, and exam-targeted. They cover common exam questions and nearing to exam periods, he will go through more questions and focus on difficult concepts that frequently appear. Thanks to Concept First, I am now more confident in my Physics skills and I will definitely recommend him to friends who are struggling in Physics or are just looking to get better at it.

— Wei Yi, Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong_Wong Man Zhong

My tutor at Concept First is a talented, passionate, and driven tutor. He never fails to make lessons interesting and enjoyable with his cheerful and outgoing personality. His personal anecdotes on relevant topics/concepts help to strengthen my memory of them. Oftentimes, he also includes tough questions in the work he gives us in order to challenge our mental capabilities and push us to go above and beyond. Not only that, he is most importantly able to distill mind-boggling explanations into simple, easy-to-remember concepts. Under Concept First’s tutelage, I’m sure every student is able to push past their limits and score well.

— Wong Man Zhong, Hwa Chong Institution

Jurong Pioneer_Loh Jia Xuan

Dear Concept First,
I just want to say a huge thank you for a providing a great and awesome Physics tutor for our class with your inspirational and entertaining method of imparting Physics knowledge to us. Our tutor is one of the only few teachers to have struck a chord with the students because of your easy, outgoing, entertaining, and blunt nature and character. Thanks to you, I have learnt many important life lessons and life skills that will no doubt put me in a better position to succeed and do well in life (like not just stay in college halls). I constantly look up to him as I want to emulate his attitude towards life and also his work ethic, so thanks for being such an inspirational figure to me. He has truly made a huge positive impact in my life. I really appreciate his well-placed faith in me, believing that I can be the first in my level even though I did not achieve that during Prelims. Be rest assured that I will work hard to repay his faith in me because it is a really nice thing to have your teacher believe in you. Hopefully, you still remember us as your students and hope to keep in touch (I may ask you some University Physics stuff). Thanks Concept First! You’re awesome 🙂

— Loh Jia Xuan, Jurong Pioneer Junior College

M. Shameer Ahamed

Concept First challenges their students to think at a higher level in every lesson. They demand more than the ability to comprehend and regurgitate the basics. This encourages critical and creative thinking in students. The tutors are also patient and understanding as they listen to the students’ arguments and painstakingly elucidate specifically how students should tweak their phrasing, and how and when they should apply certain concepts. My tutor at Concept First is also an inspirational teacher as he shares his past experiences about himself and his students so that they can learn from it. He gives advice that is unique and helps to boost the student’s confidence in daily work and during examinations. 

— M. Shameer Ahamed, Meridian Junior College

physics tuition

The 2 page summary notes for every topic were very useful in helping me consolidate my learning. CF Tutors are also really approachable who help to clarify my doubts both in class and via Whatsapp. They actively call out students to answer questions which helps me gain confidence in solving Physics questions.

— Alya Sufiyah, Nanyang Junior College

Nanyang_Ean Eu

I had a very positive experience with the secondary and JC tutors throughout my time with the centre. Especially at my struggling and chaotic J2 year, my tutor continuously reached out to help me in all my problems. She took time out of her own schedule to hold 1 to 1 consultation with me numerous times at mornings and late nights. She is definitely the best tutor that taught me so far by a huge margin with her dedication and support she gave to her students. Anyone under Concept First’s guidance will definitely do well 🙂

— Ean Eu, Nanyang Junior College

Nanyang_Soh Li Ying

CF tutors are very clear and concise, and teaches beyond the syllabus to ensure that we are well-prepared during any examinations. Their lessons are also engaging and effective in clearing any conceptual misunderstandings that we have. Thank You Concept First!

— Soh Li Ying, Nanyang Junior College

Raffles Institution_Brendan Lee

I first joined class detesting Physics because it was so difficult to apply and comprehend. Thank you for making Physics so much more enjoyable and teaching in a way that is simple to understand. Your tutors’ passion and enthusiasm in teaching Physics are truly infectious and the past year has made me appreciate and love Physics so much more. Thank you to the tutors for always being so patient with me, especially when I forget my concepts and definitions. While I initially detested how my tutor always called on me to answer questions, I have learnt that it is so much better for my learning as it forces me to do my tuition homework. Thank you for teaching me and I hope you continue to inspire hundreds of other students in the coming years to love and appreciate Physics 🙂

— Brendan Lee, Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution_Surya

First and foremost, Concept First ensures you learn everything you need to not just pass, but ace your Physics paper. Their tutors are also approachable and will spare no effort to clear any doubts you have. What I like most about my tutor is how he makes his own notes and practice question sets which are tailored to his teaching style and let me understand concepts easier. He’s also amiable, down-to-earth, and never bores us students during his lesson. His ability to somehow keep me and my friends actively engaged throughout the 2 hour sessions are incredible. I, for one, am thankful I found Concept First early on.

— Surya, Raffles Institution


Concept First is probably one of the best Physics tuitions in Singapore. Tutors are able to explain difficult concepts clearly, as they provide short cuts and teaches much easier methods of comprehending theory. Their classes are enjoyable as the tutors also crack jokes during lessons to help students remember things more easily. Tuition is usually seen as a tedious and tiring activity but I always feel like their lessons pass very quickly as it is well-paced, suited to their students needs, and interesting at the same time. My Physics grades have improved from an S during mid-years to a B during prelims under his tutorship.

— Adelle Wang, River Valley High School

Edward Wang

I have always enjoyed lessons at Concept First. My tutor always makes it a point for lessons to be as engaging as possible, be it sharing with us knowledge that is beyond our textbooks or challenging us with questions that he came up with. Lessons have always been stress-free as Concept First believes that having a stress-free atmosphere provides the students with an optimal environment for learning to take place. My tutor is a caring and helpful teacher who always provides consultations even after school hours.

On a personal level, my tutor is good with his interpersonal communication skills. He makes the effort to know every student personally and treats them like his friends. He engages students in small talk during after school hours as well just to know his students better. Even after graduating, he makes it a point to know how his students are doing. During the A Level period, he shared his studying skills and habits to his students so as to further prepare them for the examinations In retrospect, he is a well-rounded tutor who teaches with passion and care. His teaching philosophies have inspired many students. He will definitely be an asset to any school that hires him.

— Edward Wang, Serangoon Junior College


After spending the year 2014 observing, assisting, and teaching in his Physics class, I can say that Concept First tutors’ warm personality and rapport with their students are excellent. Their knowledge of the subject is one that cannot be contested. Their willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons, and experiment with new strategies have demonstrated their motivation and reflection about teaching and learning. They are able to bring across new concepts effectively and display many fine and professional qualities that are not only normally attributed to outstanding teachers, but to distinguished individuals as well. Because of their enthusiasm for the subject, students respond positively in lessons. With their command of the subject area and their enthusiasm, CF tutors will no doubt be an asset to any department.

— Eugene, Serangoon Junior College

Serangoon_Jasper Chua

Concept First always shows concern for their students and helps them grow in more than just one area. The tutors here usually goes the extra mile and teach their students life skills and how to apply the Physics knowledge that we gained in real-life situations. They also make an effort to motivate their students and supply students with efficient studying tips. It is truly a blessing to be under their guidance as the students will manage to grasp the concepts fast and be prepared for their examinations in a short period of time.

— Jasper Chua, Serangoon Junior College

Shivaram Rasu

I was tutored under Concept First for the 2013 A Level examination, and to say that their tutelage merely helped me to boost my grades for the subject would be a sheer understatement. My CF tutor made it a point to constantly keep his students engaged in class, so as to ensure that we would not lose focus at any point of time. He would do this by providing us with thought provoking questions pertaining to Physics, and it is noteworthy that a good number of these questions were created by my tutor himself. Another strong attribute possessed by him would be his willingness to sacrifice his personal time to help his students with Physics. A good number of us would frequently contact him to clarify our doubts in the subject, and he never failed to reply each and every one of us, always giving us priority. Ergo, I would say that I was truly fortunate to have been tutored under CF as without their exemplary guidance, I most definitely would not have been able to obtain my ‘A’ grade for H2 Physics.

— Shivaram Rasu, Serangoon Junior College

St. Andrew's_Rohan

Lessons at CF have been extremely fun and interesting. My tutor is always easy to approach and is always open to answer all our questions. Not only that, he is able to simplify complex questions to aid in our understanding and often provides us with exam tips. Being a devoted teacher, he gives his all and makes sure that every student understands the concepts. He often makes lessons productive and ensures that students understand concepts before moving on. He always paces his lessons well, and keeps students engaged by asking questions and testing our understanding throughout the lesson. Concept First has definitely helped to improve my knowledge and confidence in Physics.

— Rohan, St. Andrew’s Junior College

Temasek_Wan Gee

I really enjoyed Concept First’s classes as they have allowed me to understand the Physics concepts in a much more concise and effective manner. I benefited a lot from the lessons as I found it much easier to remember the different key points and apply them. In particular, I found the summary Q&A exercises especially useful as they were a good way of applying my knowledge and provided an excellent question bank for me to refer to and revise from near the exam period.

— Wan Gee, Temasek Junior College

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