JC Review

Reviews from Past Students

Mr Baarath Ram is probably one of the best physics tutors in Singapore. He is able to explain difficult concepts clearly, as he provides short cuts and teaches much easier methods of comprehending theory. His classes are enjoyable as he also cracks jokes during lessons to help his students remember things easier. Tuition is usually seen as a tedious and tiring activity but I always feel like his lessons pass by very quickly as it is correctly paced and suited to his students needs, and interesting at the same time. My physics grades has improved from S in mid years to B in prelims within 2-3 months under his tutorship.

— Adelle Ng, River Valley High School

I was tutored by Mr Ram in H2 Physics for the 2013 A level examination, and to say that his tutelage merely helped me to boost my grades for the subject would be a sheer understatement. Mr Ram made it a point to constantly keep his students engaged in class, so as to ensure that we would not lose focus at any point of time. He would do this by providing us with thought provoking questions pertaining to physics, and it is noteworthy that a good number of these questions were created by Mr Ram himself. Another strong attribute possessed by Mr Ram would be his willingness to sacrifice his personal time to help his students with physics. A good number of us would frequently contact him to clarify our doubts in the subject, and Mr Ram never failed to reply each and every one of us, always giving us priority. Ergo, I would say that I was truly fortunate to have been tutored by Mr Ram, as without his exemplary guidance, I most definitely would not have been able to obtain my ‘A’ grade for H2 Physics.
— Shivaram Rasu, Serangoon Junior College
Mr Ram is a passionate teacher and he wants to pass on as much knowledge as he can to his students. He challenges his students to think at a higher level in every lesson. He demands more than the ability to comprehend and regurgitate the basics. This encourages critical and creative thinking in students. He is also patient and understanding as he listens to the students arguments and painstakingly elucidates specifically how students should tweak their phrasing and how and when they should apply certain concepts. Mr Ram is also an inspirational teacher as he shares his past experiences about himself and his students so that they can learn from it. He gives advices that are unique and helps to boost the student’s confidence in daily work and during examinations. Mr Ram believes in learning everything by challenging and trying to prove the concept wrong so that he can understand it to the best without leaving any stone unturned. This will aid in his learning even as a teacher and this will bring him to achieve further feats and become a great teacher.
— M. Shameer, Ahamed Meridian Junior College
I have always enjoyed Mr Ram’s lessons and having him as a tutor. He always makes it a point for lessons to be as engaging as possible, be it sharing with us knowledge that is beyond our textbooks or challenging us with questions that he came up with. Lessons with Mr Ram have always been stress-free as he believes that having a stress-free atmosphere provides the students with an optimal environment for learning to take place. He is a caring and helpful teacher who always provides consultations even after school hours. On a personal level, Mr Ram is good with his interpersonal communication skills. He makes the effort to know every student personally and treats them like his friends. He engages students in small talks after school hours as well just to know his students better. Even after graduating, he makes it a point to know how his students are doing. During the A Level period, he shared his studying skills and habits to his students so as to further prepare them for the examinations. In retrospect, Mr Ram is a well-rounded tutor who teaches with passion and care. He teaching philosophies had inspired many students. He will definitely be an asset to any school that hires him.
— Edward Wang, Serangoon Junior College
MR. Ram taught me is Saadhana a tuition program organized by the Indian Cultural Society of National University of Singapore. To say that Mr. Ram is a teacher is an under-statement. He is a very approachable and a friendly teacher. I never had any hesitation before asking him any doubts and he would take his time out of his busy schedule to clarify our doubts. Sometimes even after explaining a multiple times i would still not understand, however he would be patient and explain again. MR. Ram has impeccable physics knowledge. He is clearly well knowledged and he is able to transfer over the knowledge over to us seamlessly. He not only teaches us what is in the syllabus, he also gives us extra information which would come in handy in examinations. He is one of the main reasons why I am doing very well in modern physics. Overall he has all the qualities to be an excellent teacher!

— Mohd Ashiq, Anderson Junior College