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O Level Physics Tuition

Are you looking for a reliable O level Physics Tuition that works?

Having taught more than 1200 students from over 100 schools all over Singapore, Concept First is your Physics Tuition Centre that works. At CF, our passionate and skillful tutors will guide students in achieving concept mastery and hone their problem solving skills to excel in their exams!

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5 Reasons why Students Trust Concept First for O Level Physics Tuition

Holistic Learning Environment

Physics is not an easy subject and students are required to attend the lessons and concentrate fully on grasping everything that is taught in class. Concept First provides an engaging and holistic learning environment with a team of experienced tutors, and this is reflected in the final results of the students who attend our tuition lessons.

Detailed Coverage of O Level Physics Syllabus

Our detailed topic coverage will help you comprehend and develop an informed interest in scientific developments. Our unique methodology helps students fully grasp the basic principles of Physics and be able to apply them confidently in examinations as well as in real life.

Proprietary CF360™ Methodology

The CF360™ Total Physics Learning System is a combination of concept-based approach teaching, content breakdown, diagnostic consultation, Physics Lab experience, high quality learning resources, digital lessons and examination questions created to help students learn better.

The Best Physics Practical Lab

Fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art apparatus, our Physics laboratory allows students to get hands-on practical lessons over the widest range of Physics experiments. It ingrains familiarity and confidence in handling Physics Apparatus which is the key to securing ‘A’ for the Practical Exams.

One stop dedicated Student Learning Portal

Concept First’s custom-made Learning Management System is a one-stop full suite online resource platform that complements and drives students to build and develop intrinsic motivation to learn beyond the classroom, ultimately cultivating a strong sense of self-determination to excel.

O Level Physics Tuition Specialist in Singapore

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Issues Students May Face

Upper Secondary 3 and 4 are when students are exposed to the real standard required at O level or IP Year 4. This jump in level from Sec 2 is huge and much higher standards are expected. 

From Sec 3 onwards, they are introduced to more complex and detailed Physics topics such as:

Kinematics, Forces (Dynamics), Turning Effects of Forces, Kinetic Model of Matter, Thermal Properties of Matter, Sound, Static Electricity, Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

These new topics involve a huge conceptual jump from what they have previously studied at Lower Secondary science. Making things ‘worse’ is that the mathematical requirements of Physics at this level is also much higher and their Sec 3 math might not have covered the required areas. One of the main challenges that students face at this stage is mastering the math concepts and formulas. They are required to remember the formulas and apply them correctly when solving questions.

As educators, we know that learning requires motivation. If students are already demoralised at the start, it is very difficult for them to find joy and motivation to continue. We understand the challenges that you go through trying to study and master the various physics concepts. Over the years, Concept First has helped thousands of students master Physics through our unique and one of a kind total Physics Learning system.

Find out how our Concept First Methodology can help you Achieve your Fullest Potential!

Here is why Concept First is the preferred Physics Tuition Centre!

Here is how we help our students excel in Physics Practical Exams.

Having taught more than 1200 students from over 100 schools all over Singapore, Concept First is your Physics Tuition Centre that works. At our centre, O Level students will not only gain mastery in Physics, but they will also gradually learn to love the subject with the guidance of our passionate tutors.

Our Classes

Secondary 1 and 2 General Science Tuition

Small group Lower Secondary General Science Programme where students can customise to their school’s current topics.

Secondary 3, 4 and 5 Physics Tuition

O Level Physics Tuition – Theory and Practical Lab Classes for Combined Physics, Pure Physics, Integrated Programme (IP) Year 3 and 4 Physics

Secondary Physics Practical Lab Classes

Fully Equipped Practical Lab Classes to prepare students for the O Level Physics Practical Examinations.

Our step-by-step Concept-based Curriculum that focuses on Application Questions will get students ready for the Examinations! Visit our Home Page to find out the top 5 reasons for choosing Concept First!

Physics Tuition

Why Learn O Level Physics at our Tuition Centre in Singapore?

At O Level, Physics exposes students to the fundamentals of energy and matter. They must understand how these two large elements of science interact with one another. Our tuition teachers are highly apt in delivering the best lessons that capture the attention of all students. We create the right environment for our students to ask questions, clarify doubts and be critical thinkers of science. We give them a solid understanding of important physics concepts and conduct demonstrations to enhance their learning in our tuition classes in Singapore – making them more than ready for their O Level examinations.

Our fees are also affordable, which makes our O Level physics tuition classes one of the most sought after in Singapore.

physics tuition

Our Dedicated Teachers work closely as a Team to ensure Engaged Learning

Our O Level Physics tuition classes in Singapore are conducted in small groups. We believe that this helps to encourage an engaging environment where each student asks questions, discusses in groups and learn from one another. As students work to improve themselves, they are encouraged to help their peers in the process. To make Physics fun, entertaining and captivating, we guide our O Level students and push them to think out of the box with the help of our team of highly experienced tuition teachers in Singapore. Our students will feel confident when they finally take their exams.

Click here for the schedule on our O Level Physics tuition in Singapore.

Students Explain Why Concept First Physics Tuition is their Preferred Choice!

“One thing I really appreciate about my tutors at CF is the fact that they cared for us all as individuals.”

— Liew Yee Kay, Anglican High School

Anglican High_Liew Yee Kay

I always had much difficulty with Physics and found it a cumbersome and boring subject. But after attending Concept First Physics tuition class, I slowly understood it and finally got an A1 at the end! One thing I really appreciate about my tutors at CF is the fact that they cared for us all as individuals. When I was unsure about other subjects like A. Math, my tutors would stay back after class with me to clear my doubts. And for that, I’m really thankful!

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