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Building a strong O Level Physics foundation to set the stage for A Level H2 Physics success, with an emphasis on versatile concept application.

Dear Parents,

My name is Calvin Kong.

During my 10-years service period with MOE, I was one of the 240 Teachers (out of 32000) chosen to go through the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme, a course jointly conducted by Research for Better Teaching, Inc. (Massachusetts) and New Teacher Centre (California). Upon being certified, I went on to be a mentor to other Physics teachers ranging from Interns to Teaching Scholars.

I also held the role of Senior Teacher for Physics in MOE. As a designer for Physics Curriculums, I became very familiar with the Syllabus set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). My many years of experience with students from different academic backgrounds and foundation had also allowed me to understand and pinpoint the difficulties faced by them. Being able to break down difficult Physics concepts into simpler bite size ideas, I broke national record by bringing a group of students of T-score 200 to ace the O-levels with 92% distinction grade.

This success had inspired me to not just rapidly refine my Physics Curriculum, but also to find like-minded tutors to join CF’s teaching team and share this treasure of learning. Over the years, we further developed the CF Curriculum to cover 3 key areas.

1️⃣ Building a Unshakable Foundation
2️⃣ Hands-on Learning through Practical Lab Experience
3️⃣ Organisation and Retention of Content

To help every unique student achieve the above 3, our team had developed a multitude of approaches and resources to suit the different learning styles. They all culminate in our CF360TM Total Physics Learning System – a careful combination of concept-based approach teaching, quick revision notes, diagnostic consultation programme, Physics Lab experience, learning resources designed based on decades of understanding students’ thinking, digital lessons and examination questions archives.

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