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Our H2 Physics Tuition program is tailored for students navigating the demanding A Level course. We understand that time is a precious commodity in this rigorous academic journey. That's why we're dedicated to providing unwavering support to help you excel. Our expert instructors bring clarity to complex concepts, ensuring you grasp H2 Physics with confidence.

Join our program and experience a transformative learning journey that prepares you for success in H2 Physics and beyond. Elevate your understanding and boost your grades with our specialized H2 Physics Tuition.

State-of-the-Art Physics Lab

Running our Lab Classes more than 200 times since 2018, Physics and Math come alive when theory meets practice. Students aren't just scribbling equations; they are conducting experiments that breathe life into these subjects.

CF360™ Adaptive Curriculum

CF360™ Total Physics Learning System blends conceptual teaching, tailored diagnostics, lab experiences, and digital resources to fast-track student success.

Detailed Coverage of A Level H2 Physics Syllabus

Experience Exceptional A Level H2 Physics Tuition with Our Programme. We empower students to master the fundamental principles, progress to intermediate and advanced problem-solving, and build the confidence needed to excel in A Level H2 Physics examinations.

Safe. Supportive. Inspirational.

Learn in our safe, supportive environment guided by devoted tutors. Beyond classroom hours, benefit from outside class WhatsApp support and face-to-face consultations.

Outside Class Hours Support

Grow with our dedicated and nurturing tutors in our supportive and safe learning environment. We provide WhatsApp support and readily available face-to-face consultations outside classroom hours.

Top-of-the-Line Teaching Tools

Integrating MacBooks and iPads, we lead in modern educational tech. Our wireless setup fosters fluid classrooms, freeing teachers from the front, enabling dynamic interactions and personalised student attention.v

Consistent Yearly Achievement of more than 85% A and B

Our curriculum is an immersive experience that consistently delivers: 85% of our A-Level students scores A and B.

Experience the difference with our trial classes – your gateway to A-Level Success.

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Our successful alumni are our greatest advocates, embodying the efficacy of our approach.

99% scored As and Bs or improved a min of 3 grades

Concept First


Hwa Chong Institution

My tutor at Concept First is a dedicated and patient teacher who provides well-organized Physics lessons for his students. As a student with a weak foundation in Physics, the structure of his lessons has been able to help me first strengthen my foundation, and then slowly work towards solving higher order questions. My tutor in CF also explains all the Physics concepts clearly, and teaches us some tricks to remember them more easily.

Concept First

Megan Wan

St. Margaret's Secondary School

I came to this tuition centre only a few months ago (in July I think) and at that time I was failing pretty badly. In a span of just 5 months, my grade improved from D7 to A2 which is something pretty remarkable. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Mr Kong. Thank you Mr Kong for helping me so much in Physics and for making this subject so much more enjoyable.

Concept First

Liew Yee Kay

Anglican High School

CF probably has the best Physics tutors in Singapore. They are able to explain difficult concepts clearly, as they provide short cuts and teach much easier methods of comprehending theory.

Concept First

Kyler Kiyoshi

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Thank you to Concept First for always being such an accommodating centre! Having such patient and effective teachers has really revived my love for the subject and helped me improve. Would definitely recommend to any students who are looking for lessons that can help pull their grades up. Their notes and summaries are the best I’ve seen.

Concept First

Tan Wee Yu

Nan Hua High School

I am truly appreciative and thankful for Mr Kong for not only the grade jump in the subject, but more importantly, helping me discover the joy of learning Physics. Highly recommended to any Physics student, guaranteed to be an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Concept First

Adelle Wang

River Valley High School

CF probably has the best Physics tutors in Singapore. They are able to explain difficult concepts clearly, as they provide short cuts and teach much easier methods of comprehending theory.

Concept First

Nigel Sim


I understand my Physics concepts better with the notes and lessons that were useful. CF Tutors explains lessons in great detail and is able to make classes fun and engaging, which helped improve my Physics grades. Mr Kong would clarify the doubts of all students easily and I enjoyed going for his classes each week.

Concept First

Loh Jia Xuan

Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Dear Concept First, I just want to say a huge thank you for a providing a great and awesome Physics tutor for our class with your inspirational and entertaining method of imparting Physics knowledge to us. Our tutor is one of the only few teachers to have struck a chord with the students because of your easy, outgoing and entertaining nature and character. Thanks Concept First! You’re awesome 🙂

Concept First

Alya Sufiyah

School of Science and Technology (Singapore)

CF has very dedicated teachers who always took the extra time to answer my questions, may it be after class or over WhatsApp. The Tutors use a variety of methods to illustrate Physics concepts, making them really easy to understand. I truly enjoyed every Physics lesson at Concept First.

Concept First

Kayle De Silva

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Even the more difficult topics had become easy to grasp after attending the classes, and I definitely felt more confident when sitting for my exams. CF has inspired me to set higher targets for myself. Overall, this is one of the best Physics tuition classes I have ever attended.

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They are Adventures.
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