Our Classes

Our programmes have helped over 1500 students achieve their best ever Physics Grade, across Secondary and JC levels!

They are specifically designed by our team of Former MOE Senior Teachers, Scholars and Physics Book Authors to help your child improve in Physics quickly

Hands-on Practical Classes that can only be learnt in our Fully-equipped Physics Lab

Schedule and Registration

Regular Classes

Our comprehensive weekly class aims to impart to our students strong concepts which form the strong foundation to scoring an “A”. We teach every chapters to great depths so that students achieve subject mastery and eventually be able to solve higher order questions to score a distinction grade.

Physics Lab Classes

Realising that Physics practical examinations (20% of overall grade) cannot be learnt through pen and paper, we set up a fully-equipped Lab to give our students the best possible learning facility. With each student having their own set of equipment, this is the best practical class one can get in Singapore.

Holiday Intensive Courses
Students without a strong foundation are likely to get poor results despite tremendous efforts. Establish or rebuild your foundation that is essential in scoring for the subject with us. This is how 95% of our students score A1 to B3 yearly. We have bridging courses for students going into Sec 3, Sec 4 and JC 1.

Nov/Dec Holidays Head-start Classes (HSC)
For Sec 2 (2022) students going to Sec 3 (2023)

Nov/Dec Holidays Intensive Revision Classes (IRC)
For Sec 3 (2022) students going to Sec 4 (2023) & J1 (2022) students going to J2 (2023)

Jan/Feb Webinar and Head-start Classes for JC 1
For Sec 4 (2022) students going to J1 (2023)

Reach Your Highest Potential With Us!