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Undergraduate university admission

Undergraduate university admission can either be a nerve-wrecking or exciting matter. When deciding on which university programme to study, your admission eligibility is a crucial consideration factor.

To help you choose and make a more informed choice of a suitable programme based on your interest and grade profile, we have put together the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) of some popular undergraduate degree programmes by the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU).

Degree ProgrammeNUSNTUSMU
10th pct90pct10th pct90pct10th pct90pct
Aerospace Engineering  AAC/BAAA/A  
Bioengineering  ABC/CAAA/A  
Biological Sciences  AAB/BAAA/A  
Biomedical EngineeringBBC/CAAA/A    
Business Management / AdministrationABB/CAAA/ABBC/BAAA/ABBB/BAAA/A
Chemical EngineeringBBC/BAAA/A    
Chemistry & Biological Chemistry  ABC/BAAA/A  
Civil EngineeringCCC/CAAA/CCCD/DAAC/B  
Communication Studies  AAB/BAAA/A  
Data Science & Artifical Intelligence  AAA/AAAA/A  
Economics  AAC/CAAA/A  
Economics & Data ScienceAAA/BAAA/AAAA/CAAA/A  
Electrical & Electronic Engineering  CCC/DAAA/A  
Electrical EngineeringBCC/BAAA/A    
Engineering ScienceBCC/BAAA/A    
Environmental EngineeringBCC/CAAA/ABCC/DAAA/A  
Food Science & TechnologyAAA/AAAA/A    
Humanities & SciencesABB/BAAA/A    
Industrial & Systems EngineeringBCC/BAAB/B    
Industrial DesignBCC/CAAA/A    
Information SecurityAAA/AAAA/A    
Materials Science & EngineeringBCC/CAAA/ABCC/CAAA/A  
Mathematical Sciences  BBC/CAAA/A  
Mechanical EngineeringBBC/CAAA/ACCC/CAAA/A  
Philosophy  BCC/CAAC/B  
Philosophy, Politics & EconomicsAAA/AAAA/A    
Physics / Applied Physics  CCD/CAAA/A  
Psychology  AAC/BAAA/A  
Public Policy & Global Affairs  AAB/CAAA/A  
Real EstateBCC/BBBB/B    
Social Science    BBB/BAAA/A
Sociology  ABC/CAAA/A  

Representative grade profiles of the 10th and 90th percentiles of all applicants holding Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level qualifications who were offered places in the 2021 University Admissions Exercise. The grade profiles refer to the grades in the 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects.  For the purpose of this exercise, Grade “C” is assumed for both General Paper (GP) and Project Work (PW) in determining the grade profiles.  Certain programmes may require grades higher than “C” grade for GP for the purpose of admission.

For the full listing of all available undergraduate degree programmes and their corresponding IGP, you can visit these websites:

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