O Level Additional Math Tuition

Are you looking for a reliable O level A.Math Tuition that works?

We know A.Math can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. At CF, we have a blueprint for success that simplifies the process and empowers you to approach your exams with confidence.

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Key Features of Our O Level A.Math Tuition Curriculum

Mathematical Problem Solving Blueprint

A.Math problems often require a series of strategic steps to arrive at the solution. Due to the complexity of these problems, answers can be as long as a full page. This can create a challenge for students who struggle to devise a plan to solve the long math problem. At CF, we understand this obstacle and provide a problem-solving blueprint for most of the common questions in A.Math. Our blueprint breaks down the problem into smaller, more manageable steps, helping students to develop a clear strategy for solving the problem.

Detailed Coverage of O Level A.Math Syllabus

Concept First’s Additional Math Curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to help students master the A.Math syllabus. To ensure that students develop a deep understanding of these topics, our examples and practice questions progresses from easy to intermediate to difficult levels of difficulty. This gradual progression allows students to build their skills and confidence over time. In addition, our curriculum also exposes students to a wide range of questions that they may encounter on exams, giving them the practice and experience they need to excel in their studies

Monthly Review Classes

Maximise your learning potential – At CF, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. With our proven spaced-repetition curriculum and regular recap sessions, you will retain more information and perform at your best. Free all the time for CF Students!

Supportive Environment Even Outside of Class Hours

Grow with our committed and nurturing tutors as we create a Supportive and Safe Learning Environment for students to learn the natural way – through mistakes. Not only do we provide WhatsApp support outside of classroom hours, students can arrange for face to face consultations too.

Students Explain Why They Love Concept First O Level A.Math Tuition!

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04:03 23 Jan 23
I am very grateful that I studied in Concept First, the notes given were detailed and it was helpful to me in my revision. I did not expect learning physics to be fun but my physics tutor( Mr Seah) made it possible ☺️ He makes lessons super fun and makes physics much easier to understand for me. He gives great feedback in my work and encourages me a lot and I have managed to jump a few grades! Their 2-page summary notes are awesome too! Overall, I would really recommend Concept First, definitely worth it ! 😊
Dhanya KumarDhanya Kumar
04:35 13 Jan 23
My journey with Concept First is one that was very fulfilling. The in-depth lessons equipped with questions of varying difficulty levels has allowed my to go from a C6 to A2 for physics in O-levels. I found their 2 page summaries extremely useful as revision. There was endless practice which allowed me to retain my knowledge. I also appreciate Mr Kong’s teaching which allowed me to grasp key concepts quickly and effectively and was apply to apply these concepts along with answering techniques
Jaron SzeJaron Sze
14:45 04 Dec 22
Mr Ram has been a fantastic teacher with good knowledge about the syllabus and the marking system of Cambridge. He is able to provide advice based on his experience as a student and as a teacher to ensure that our learning experience is optimized. He is also a friendly and casual teacher which bonds well with students and makes the learning environment less tensed. He is also readily available to answer our doubts and questions throughout the day even if it is late at night. He frequently asks questions on our learning experience to try and improve his method of teaching to cater to our different styles of learning. Overall, Mr Ram has been an exceptional teacher which helped me to improve in physics and brings out the best in his students.
11:43 22 Nov 22
Concept First tutors explain their concepts very clearly and provide ample exercises for the students to practise those new concepts. Having studied here for a year, they have greatly aided me in helping myself achieve a B in prelims (initially U grader) as well as spark my passion for Physics (i once hated this subject). Though some may argue, coming from a higher ranking school, CF provides notes which are more helpful than school notes (we can agree to disagree). Definitely worth the cost.
05:54 07 Nov 22
CF has helped me to understand the concepts better as they offer a lot of practices and gives concise notes to help me in my revision. Before I attended lessons, I struggled to understand some topics but now I am confident in my physics knowledge and can clarify my friends' doubts. The teachers are really kind and funny. They will make lessons fun and engaging. I had always looked forward to attending lesson. ❤
Kaleb TeoKaleb Teo
07:36 16 Oct 22
Mr Kong has been nothing short of an excellent teacher whose dedication and commitment to his students cannot be understated. The materials that Concept First has provided is also detailed and helpful to examination revision. I would not hesitate to recommend Concept First to anyone and would like to commend the centre of a job well done.
Isaac TangIsaac Tang
03:08 10 Oct 22
concept first physics helped me to better understand physics overall and let me better grasp the concepts needed to understand the topic better. Together with the extremely useful notes, the 1 page summary guides and extensive help from Mr Kong i am able to revise adequately for my exams. Thank you!
02:54 10 Oct 22
Concept First helps learning physics become an enjoyable process, with all the encouragement from teachers, as well as the initiatives and materials given out to students. i have developed a love for physics, and it’s all thanks to Concept First!
Wendy KooWendy Koo
08:48 28 Jun 22
My son who is sitting for his O level this year, is weak and struggling in his Physics since sec 3. I had sourced around Singapore to look for a suitable tuition support for his Physics since last year. I am very glad that in June this year, I found Concept First who offers crash course for O level Physics. After his 2 lessons of crash course, I could see that he had regained his confidence for Physics. He is currently very enthusiastic and positive in his learning for this subject. I believe good understanding of the subject is very important especially for Physics as there are so many application questions. And by understanding, he will be able to tackle all kinds of questions in the tests and examination. Indeed I was so glad when I saw his radiant smile after the lessons as he had once again found interest in this subject. He had further requested to enroll for the other revision classes of which he is currently looking forward to.
frozen meufrozen meu
05:36 15 Jan 22
Concept First teachers had helped me in understanding the physics concepts well. The detailed notes and questions provided are good. After attending the lessons, my grades improved from F9 to B3 in a span of 7 months. I find the lab lessons useful and I learnt how to do many experiments from the teacher. Without CF, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the grade in such a short time. Thank you so much Mr Kong and team.

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Let's Dive Deeper

A.Math is a natural progression towards the A-Level H2 Math syllabus and provides a gateway to future-proof careers and various tertiary-level courses. Mastering the main concepts in A.Math not only ensures success in tertiary-level exams but also equips students with effective exam strategies. Therefore, taking A.Math can prove to be highly beneficial for any student. However, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation by understanding the core concepts of A.Math. This is where the guidance of A.Math tutors becomes indispensable in helping students excel in the subject. With the support of our experienced A.Math tutors, students can develop a deep understanding of the subject and gain the confidence and skills needed to achieve success in their academic pursuits.

Our Additional Maths Tuition Classes and teaching pedagogies have proven to be highly effective, as evidenced by our exceptional 93% distinction rate for O-Level A.Math. This remarkable achievement demonstrates our commitment to nurturing passionate students and helping them realize their full potential. At Concept First, we are dedicated to delivering structured and comprehensive tuition classes that consistently produce top scorers. Our subject specialists utilize high-quality resources and employ teaching methodologies that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. We take great pride in our ability to impart knowledge and instill confidence in our students, enabling them to excel in their academic pursuits.

Considering the demanding assessment objectives of A.Math, our team of A.Math Specialists are here to provide students with the necessary support to develop a solid conceptual understanding and proficient skills in core content strands such as Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Our Additional Math Tuition Programmes are strategically designed to not only enhance academic achievement but also to foster critical mathematical processes such as reasoning, communication, and application. Through our A.Math Tuition Programmes, students will gain a comprehensive appreciation of the abstract nature and power of the subject, which will be crucial in achieving success both in their studies and future endeavors.