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Private Tuition vs Group Tuition: Benefits for your Child

Tuition has become an integral part of a student’s life in Singapore. One of the key responsibilities in being a parent is to not just identify which subject your child needs additional help through tuition, but to also weigh the pros and cons between private tuition and group tuition. Here are some main benefits for both types of tuition for you to consider.

Benefits of Private Tuition

Flexibility of Schedule

You have the flexibility to schedule your child’s tuition at a time that suits your schedule. If there are any last-minute schedule disruptions, you can rearrange with your private tutor without any additional charges. Additional lessons can also be added before tests and exams.

Save Commute Time

Since the private tutor will come to your house to conduct the lessons, time and effort are significantly saved without the need to commute back and forth to the tuition centre nor to worry about transportation and traffic conditions.

 Undivided Attention

With this one-on-one set up between a tutor and a student, your child will receive undivided attention which allows the tutor to easily observe and pick up his/her strengths or weaknesses, and to spend more time focusing on pivotal areas to bring forth more impactful improvements.

Customized Approach

Tuition centres have a defined course syllabus to be taught over the academic year, leaving no room for changes in topics. On the other hand, a private tutor provides the flexibility to choose and teach specific topics based on your child’s needs. The tutor can also spend more time on areas where your child requires more help.

Benefits of Group Tuition

 Peer Motivation

A group-based learning environment can foster a culture of learning, friendly competition, and accountability for your child. It can motivate your child when he/she sees their peers being driven. Being recognized by others can encourage your child to keep up the good work. Group revision before tests or exams can increase your child’s sense of urgency and productivity.

Costs Savings

Engaging one-on-one tutors will be more expensive as compared to signing up for a group-based tuition class at a centre. The price difference is amplified when you calculate the fees over the whole academic year. However, you may also need to factor in other costs incurred for commuting.

Other Areas of Personal Development

In a group-based learning environment, there will be interaction and engagement with other children while learning together. This helps to develop his/her confidence, communication skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills, which cannot be learnt from textbooks.

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