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Hands-On Physics Practical Lab Sessions like No Other in Singapore

For Parents and Students who know the importance of the Physics Practical for scoring ‘A’ in O level Physics and A level H2 Physics

“76% of our students who achieved distinction for O and A Level Physics also attended our Physics Lab Sessions”

Here are 3 Key Problems Commonly Faced by Students


Problem #1: Tight Learning Schedule in School

Firstly, schools run on a tight schedule to complete the O and A Level Physics syllabus. Because of this, the emphasis is usually on the theory portion. Limited time and attention is paid to hands-on practice. Many students share that they hardly do any lab work until the last minute and they feel that their time in the lab for practice is insufficient. Would students be able to feel confident if they do not get enough training and practice for examinations?

Problem #2: Less Personalised Attention in School

Secondly, students also feedback that a lot of times, they have to figure things out on their own and they are not able to get the attention of their school teacher when they need help in the experiment. Many find that they are unsure if they are using the correct techniques and approach.

Problem #3: Labs are Closed Nearing the National Exams

Thirdly, the school labs are out of bounds to all students from mid-September onwards. This is a concern as it is the crucial period leading up to the national exams where students will need more hands-on practical sessions so that they can keep up with their learning momentum.

These are the same problems shared by our graduates – which could be what your child is facing right now. This is why CF has set up a state of the art Physics Lab to give our students the best possible learning facility and support. With each student having their own set of equipment, this is the best practical class one can get in Singapore.

The Practical Paper component makes up 20% of your child’s overall Physics marks!

To secure ‘As’ for Physics, they MUST perform well in this component. However, this component cannot be learnt through pen and paper and is often overlooked by many students.
Students doing physics practical
O Level Physics Tuition Practical Lab Class

At CF, we break the bank to acquire the latest lab equipment of highest quality. Maintained by our in-house lab tech team, students can be assured that they are using equipment that are equal or if not, higher than the O and A Level standards.

Here’s how your child will be supported in Concept First Physics Lab

Master practical skills and theory lessons by adopting our ‘CF360™ Total Physics Learning System’ used by more than 1200+ students from 100+ Schools.

Have 3X more practice compared to their peers in school and be more confident handling the Physics experiments.

Master Key Skills to ACE the Physics Practical lessons and conquer the 20% like an ‘A’ student


Concept First Physics Lab Practical Lesson Pricing

Lab Only Package

Join our lab class

@ $120-$170 Per Session

Theory + Lab Package (Term)

Join our Termly Theory Classes and

Receive up to 1 FREE lab credit for T1 and T2

Theory + Lab Package (Full)

Join our Full Year Programme and

Receive up to 4 or 8 FREE lab credits

Hear From Our Students

“The practical workshops were also very helpful and made me feel less lost during practical exams in school.”

— Gwendalene Ionna, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

Fairfield_Gwendalene Ionna

Before joining Concept First, I hated Physics throughout my entire Secondary 3 life. I never knew what was going on during Physics lessons. In May of Secondary 4, I decided to join Concept First as I was convinced by the reviews on the website. Although I joined the centre during the circuit breaker period, it did not affect the lessons’ effectiveness and with the tutors’  help, I finally felt like I was understanding Physics. Not only are the notes concise and to the point, but the lessons are engaging. The tutors always go the extra mile to make Physics easier to learn. The practical workshops were also very helpful and made me feel less lost during practical exams in school. Thank you Concept First or making me appreciate Physics a little more!

Concept First is the First and Only Physics Specialist Centre with Fully-Equipped Physics Lab Sessions in Singapore

Realising that Physics practical examinations (20 % of overall grade) cannot be learnt through pen and paper, we set up a fully-equipped Lab to give our students the best possible learning facility. With each student having their own set of equipment, this is the best practical class one can get in Singapore.

Safe and Conducive
Learning Environment

Physics Lab
Physics Lab
Physics Lab

The CF Lab Experience

Reach Your Highest Potential With Us!