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Where Physics could take you: Career Paths

Where do you think choosing Physics could take you?

Could it be to a game studio, designing the next Genshin Impact, or to one of the top tech companies in the world, creating cutting-edge technologies that could change or influence the way we live? 

If you enjoy studying Physics but are not sure of your future career options and job prospects, we have good news! Employers across a huge range of industries are reaching out for people with Physics skills. Read on to find out where Physics could lead you to these five in-demand industries. 


An industry that has continual growth and innovation, the technology sector is a constant source of new opportunities, challenges and career paths. Fields with particularly high demand include relatively young fields such as robotics, machine learning, nanoscience and nanotechnology. Technology roles may be based in both the public or private sector.


The engineering sector provides many careers in Physics, particularly within manufacturing and technology-based roles. Physicists are often tasked with improving and developing products and manufacturing processes, and benefit from a large range of potential employers spanning multiple industries such as medicine, energy, transport, space exploration and telecommunications. 


A good Physics teacher is more than just someone who teaches. They motivate and inspire their students to learn about the world around them. They plan exciting activities to keep young minds engaged and nurture future physicists. As a result, a teacher can have a huge and lasting impact on the lives of young people, turning out to be a highly rewarding career.

Game Development

Few careers combine tech skills with creativity like the gaming sector. It takes Physics, Math, Art and Coding to make your favourite character walk and jump realistically. With a Physics background you could become a Physics Programmer in game design – writing codes based on the laws of physics to create a virtual world.

Medical and Healthcare

Although many might associate Biology with this industry in the first instance, you’d be excited to know that Physics careers in the healthcare sector are numerous. Physics plays a crucial role in healthcare and is needed to be trained in areas like radiology, oncology and nuclear medicine. Medical Physicists work in health care and apply their knowledge of Physics to the development and use of medical treatments, devices, and technologies. For instance, to deliver radiation to patients, and help diagnose disease through nuclear medical imaging.