Concept First Physics and Math Learning Centre In Singapore
The Purpose of The Physics Laboratory

Physics is an experimental science. The theoretical concepts taught in classrooms describe the behaviour of real events discovered by careful observation and analysis of actual experiments. Genuine understanding of Physics entails being able to relate to these abstract concepts, where the Physics Laboratory becomes an important aspect when learning Physics.

1.   It helps you understand concepts and principles 

The laboratory provides an experimental foundation to allow you to connect and verify what you have learned in class. It helps broaden your knowledge of Physics concepts and principles which serves as a bridge between theory and practical.

2.       It trains strong analytical skills 

The laboratory familiarizes you with apparatus, the scientific method, and methods of data analysis, and teaches you to make careful observations and draw conclusions critically. It develops your planning, observation, evaluation, and analysing skills. As a result, you become better in other subjects that require these skills and that enhances your all-round learning

3.       It nurtures personal development and awareness

When in the laboratory, you have opportunities to handle delicate apparatus and work with other students and teachers. These interactions allow you to gain soft skills like being careful and responsible for apparatus and experiments, as well as strengthening communication and teamwork which are sought after skills in the workplace

4.       It sparks interest through hands-on approach

Sitting in the classroom to learn Physics theories the whole time can be draining and build disinterest for even the most studious people. Working in the laboratory gets you involved and hands on in the subject. The multitudes of interesting and fascinating experiments create a sensory and engaging experience to spark interest in Physics itself

5.       It gives you an edge for practical exams

The Physics practical paper currently contributes to 20% of your overall grade in the Physics exams. If you are able to perform well in a Physics practical paper, you have a chance of scoring a good overall grade. Therefore, time and practice in a well-equipped Physics laboratory will help train your practical execution skills and give you an edge in the exams.

As you can see, the laboratory is a quintessential part of Physics and its contribution to your learning process both in school and in real-life is immeasurable. Remember to pay attention while you are in the laboratory and make full use of your time there.

If you would like to benefit from more practical classes in the laboratory, Concept First offers a fully-equipped Physics Lab to give our students the best possible learning facility. With each student having their own set of equipment, this is the best practical class one can get in Singapore.