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The practical examination entails students conducting several Physics experiments, followed by data collection, presentation, and analysis. The accuracy of these processes depends heavily on the proper handling of scientific apparatus. CF takes pride in its state-of-the-art Physics Lab, equipped with an extensive array of apparatus. Here, students can acquire practical skills through hands-on experience, a valuable aspect of learning that transcends reading notes. Having conducted over 400 lab sessions since 2018, you can rely on us to provide the most comprehensive Physics Lab Program available.

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Problem #1: Tight Learning Schedule in School

In a typical school setting, the O and A Level Physics syllabus is densely packed, leaving limited time for practical sessions. As a result, students may not receive the necessary hands-on practice that is crucial for achieving success in the subject. It’s no surprise that many students express their anxiety about the insufficient time and attention given to lab work until the final moments leading up to the exams. The question remains, can students feel confident when they do not receive adequate training and practice for their assessments?


Problem #2: Less Personalised Attention in School

In addition to the limited time and attention given to hands-on practice, students often struggle to get the support they need to succeed in practical components. Many report having to rely on their own problem-solving abilities and feeling unable to get help from their school teachers when needed. This can lead to uncertainty and doubt about whether they are using the correct techniques and approaches in their experiments. At Concept First, we understand the importance of hands-on practice and provide personalized guidance and support to ensure our students are confident and capable in their practical skills.


Problem #3: Labs are Closed Nearing the National Exams

During the crucial period leading up to the national exams, schools restrict access to their labs, leaving students without opportunities for practical sessions, which are essential for maintaining learning momentum. These challenges are similar to those faced by our graduates, and could be what your child is experiencing now. At Concept First, we understand the importance of practical learning, which is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art Physics Lab to provide our students with the best possible facility and support. Each student has access to their own equipment, ensuring the best practical learning experience in Singapore.

At CF, we spare no expense to procure the most advanced and top-notch lab equipment. Our in-house lab tech team ensures that all equipment is well-maintained, giving our students the confidence of using equipment that not only meets but also exceeds the O and A Level standards.

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