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Transforming Theoretical Knowledge into Real-World Experience

Looking for More Practical Exam Preparation Practice?

The practical examination entails students conducting several Physics experiments, followed by data collection, presentation, and analysis. The accuracy of these processes depends heavily on the proper handling of scientific apparatus.

CF takes pride in its state-of-the-art Physics Lab, equipped with an extensive array of apparatus. Here, students can acquire practical skills through hands-on experience, a valuable aspect of learning that transcends reading notes. Having conducted over 400 lab sessions since 2018, you can rely on us to provide the most comprehensive Physics Lab Program available.

What Will You Get?

Greater Chance of Achieving Distinction
Achieve Distinction by Excelling in the Practical Exam Paper with a 20% Weighting
Experience Top-of-the-Line Teaching Tools
Integrating MacBooks and iPads, we lead in modern educational tech. Our wireless setup fosters fluid classrooms, freeing teachers from the front, enabling dynamic interactions and personalised student attention.
Expert Teachers with Specialized Knowledge
Our educators are Engineering graduates and double majors in Physics and Math, highly skilled in both yet specialising in one subject to provide in-depth instruction.
Widest Range of Lab Equipment
Hands-On Experience with a Wide Range of Apparatus Spanning Strategically over Selected Experiments
Experimental Planning
Master the CF Framework for Achieving Full Marks in Planning Questions
Ample Time to Familiarise with Apparatus
Relax and Learn at Your Own Pace: Our Exclusive Equipment Policy Ensures Uninterrupted, Focused Learning
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Watch how we help our students excel in Physics Practical Exams.

At CF, we spare no expense to procure the most advanced and top-notch lab equipment. Our in-house lab tech team ensures that all equipment is well-maintained, giving our students the confidence of using equipment that not only meets but also exceeds the O and A Level standards.

Affirmations from our Alumnus!

Our successful alumni are our greatest advocates, embodying the efficacy of our approach.

What if your next exam could be a game-changer?​