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The Physics subject can bring forth big reactions from people – either you like it, or you shun it altogether. Why does the Physics subject have such an impression on people, and could your reaction be linked to different factors? 

Read on as we explore the possible reasons below.

First Exposure

How was your very first Physics teacher like? Was he or she enthusiastic to incorporate Physics concepts into your daily life and able to effectively explain the principles and formulas behind them? Or were you simply memorizing the key formulas and trying to guess which formulas to use when attempting questions? If you have been first exposed to Physics in a more mundane learning method, it may affect how you view this subject


Problem Solving Skills

Physics require you to apply your critical thinking skills to problem solve through analysis and application of Physics concepts and Math formulas. Physics questions can also be applied into various scenarios and situations so one has to be agile in thinking yet focused in identifying the keys to unlock the issues. 

It is a subject that would challenge both your understanding of theoretical concepts and practical application into questions.


Built on Hierarchal Pre-Requisites

The language of Physics is Math (which can also be a challenging subject on its own) where solving Physics problems require you to build off previous concepts that are illustrated through mathematical equations. If you experience challenges in Math, it may spill over to Physics as well!


Physics does not have to be hard! It is an interesting subject which acts as an experimental science, consisting of various concepts and calculations. It is science and maths combined with a broad syllabus consisting of laws, geometry, calculus, algebra as well as vector and scalar quantities. It can seem abstract, yet theories and formulas are needed to solve problems. 


So fret not, as it is very possible to score for your Physics subject. How? By learning to appreciate the subject which explains so many occurrences in our daily lives, and when you grasp certain key concepts with good practice questions!

At Concept First, we believe that anyone can be good in Physics by making the subject enjoyable through engaging teachers and useful learning resources. We recently did a survey with our students for 2021 and here is what they say..

2021 CF Student Survey Results

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