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What you need to know about A-Level Physics Practical Examinations

A Level Physics Practical Examinations

The development of the Physics GCE Advanced Level H2 syllabus has been designed to build on and extend the content coverage at O-Level. Candidates will be assumed to have knowledge and understanding of Physics at O-Level, either as a single subject or as part of a balanced science course.

For the A-Level Physics examination, there are a total of four Papers:


Type of Paper





Multiple Choice

1 h




Structured Questions

2 h




Longer Structured Questions

2 h





2 h 30 min




For the Practical assessment (Paper 4), it is designed to assess a candidate’s competence in practical skills and investigation in these areas:

  • Planning (P)
  • Manipulation, measurement and observation (MMO)
  • Presentation of data and observations (PDO)
  • Analysis, conclusions and evaluation (ACE)

The assessment of Planning (P) will have a weighting of 5%. The assessment of skill areas MMO, PDO and ACE will have a weighting of 15%.

The assessment of PDO and ACE may also include questions on data-analysis which do not require practical equipment and apparatus. Candidates would be allocated a specified time for access to apparatus and materials of specific questions.

Candidates will not be permitted to refer to books, laboratory notebooks or any other information during the practical exam.

As the practical exam carries a weightage of 20% of the Higher 2 assessment, it is important to include learning opportunities that develop practical skills. At Concept First, we recognize and train students on healthy habits and practical tips that could make a big difference to their practical exams.

For instance, planning is important, and a student should not jump directly into the first question but to look through all the questions first to get an idea of the complete practical set up before starting the experiment. When taking measurements of an analogue device, ensure one is at eye level and do not swing the object at large angles when performing questions that require oscillations.

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