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Have you ever wondered how your Straight A classmates get the best results for their Physics examinations? In more than a decade of our teaching experience in Physics, we have helped countless students overcome their learning difficulties to score that elusive A in Physics, regardless where they started out from.

  1.  They have a solid foundation that helps them solve complex, higher-mark problems

If a building is only as tall as the strength of the foundation it is built upon, then a student’s ability to form solutions to complex problems can only be as good as his or her mastery of the subject’s basic concepts. With science subjects such as Physics, every new topic is built upon theories of the previous one. Once you have thorough comprehension of a topic, you can spend more time practicing critical thinking and application!


  1.  They maximize their grades during Practicals

A1 achievers understand the stake of Practical components in exams since it makes up 20% of their final grade. Practicals are different from written examinations – they are more predictable and is a component that one can practice. If practice makes perfect, that’s what A1 achievers are doing. Due to limited time dedicated to Practicals in school, it is crucial to work on your practical skills outside of school.

  1.  They consolidate their notes diligently and consistently, not just before major exams

A consistent A1 achiever revises even when it’s not crunch time. Consolidation of information happens regularly, and overtime it becomes a habit and a breeze! When exams are coming, they are not wasting time cramping in new information, but spending time in critical thinking, application of knowledge and practicing of Physics questions.

Now that you know what makes a distinction student, make sure you take the necessary steps to do what it takes to achieve that A.

We are also here to help you! Check out our different types of classes to help you ace your Physics exams.

There are the Regular Classes happening weekly to impart strong concepts and foundations, Physics Lab lessons at our fully equipped labBridging Courses to prepare you for your next academic level and the National Exams Prep Courses to get ready for your Physics exams.