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Formulas form an important aspect of the Physics subject, and they need to be memorized and easily picked out from the back of your head during exams. If you don’t remember them, it may cause you to lose a few marks in the exam. Here are some handy methods to effectively memorize your Physics formulas.

 1. Understand the concept and meaning of each formula
When you are learning formulas, try to learn the conditions for each formula and the concept behind it. You can draw a relevant diagram or graph each time you write the formula to understand its meaning. Over time, you will begin to associate the image with the formula and when you need to recall that formula at a later time, the association will help you to remember more efficiently.

2.   Apply and practice
Practising will help you learn to apply the formulas in the right manner and in the right sequence. Repetition is a very important aspect of learning. When you regularly practice a new skill, the connections between the neurons in your brain are strengthened. Over time, as you solve more problems, you will automatically remember the formulas.

3.       Make notes and paste them up
Make notes of the important formulas and stick them up on your wall or even beside a mirror. Writing formulas down physically helps with memory and seeing them visually in your space will reinforce your memory.

4.  Use memory techniques

There are many useful memorization techniques we can employ to boost our learning where they can also be applied to the learning of formulas. Examples include Memory Palaces, Spaced Repetition, Chunking etc. To view the full list and its methods, click here.

5.   Sleep on it

Getting enough sleep is important when it comes to remembering things. Deep sleep is a phase during the night where we process what we thought about during the day. At this stage, what we have studied are embedded into the brain. You should get at least eight hours of sleep a night in a dark room.

6.   Take care of your body

A good brain resides in a healthy body. Spend time exercising and getting the oxygen flowing into your brain which helps you memorize formulas better. The endorphins your body releases during exercise also helps to improve your memory. So take a walk or go for a run when you’re done studying.


As much as Physics formulas are challenging to commit to memory, with discipline and consistency and by deploying the methods above, they will become strong tools for you to do well in your examinations!