Dear Concerned Parents,


Have you heard any of the following from your child?

“I do not understand / dislikes / hates / want to drop Physics.”

“Physics is boring / dry / irrelevant.”

“I don’t understand my teacher. He / She is going too fast.”

“The school materials are not good / not comprehensive / messy / disorganised.”

“I can do the practice questions in class but not the exam questions.”


Do you know that your child could be experiencing some or all of the following right now?

  1. Drilling and practicing tonnes of questions but with low efficiency?
  2. Memorising formulas and studying questions (rote learning) as a way of preparation for the examinations?
  3. Missing out certain blind spots of the syllabus and therefore relying on luck that they will not appear in an examination?
  4. Being trapped in a viscous cycle of learning, forgetting and re-learning of content.


At CF, our tutors spend a lot of time engaging in conversations with our students to understand the daily challenges faced by them. We have identified the following:

  1. A growing dislike towards the subject and therefore little or no motivation to put in the extra efforts to catch up,
  2. The poor grasp of concepts that leads to an accumulation of doubts, rote learning, and making learning an increasingly uphill task,
  3. A curriculum with inadequate bridging between concepts and application, as well as effective content retention strategies.


More importantly, we have also found the solutions to the problem, which form the core of our proven structured curriculum in helping hundreds of students achieve beyond their self-expectations. Read more of our teaching methodology here.


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