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The CF Methodology

Concept First Physics Calvin Kong

Dear Parents & Students,

My name is Calvin Kong, founder of Concept First Learning Centre and Calvin Kong Physics.

I am a former Senior Teacher for Physics with the Ministry of Education (MOE).

During my service period of more than a decade, I was one of the 0.75% of 32 000 MOE teachers chosen and trained by American teaching experts from Massachusetts (Research for Better Teaching,Inc.) and California (New Teacher Centre) in the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme. I later became a mentor to other Physics teachers and worked on designing Physics Curriculums.

Back in 2013, I was assigned to teach a class of students with an expected mean subject grade (MSG) of 3.9 (near B4). With the curriculum that I had designed, I managed to guide the students to ace in the O-levels with 60% obtaining Distinctions, a good 15% above the National Average of 45%. In addition to that, no students scored less than a B3. The MSG of 2.1 (near A2) far exceeded the expected 3.9, making this achievement in value adding (grade jump), the highest in the country.

Since then, I have decided to devote all my time and energy to develop the best Physics curriculum to help students of any academic background or foundation to excel in the subject. I actively applied what I had learnt from the American teaching experts and adjusted it to our local context and students’ needs.

It is human nature to get hooked on a task only through motivation and goals. We are more driven to go exercise after getting a good pair of running shoes. At CF, we provide the best learning resources that makes learning efficient, complete, effective, and fun. This is because we have restructured the entire syllabus into bite-size content so that mastering the subject is possible. We know that maximum learning takes place when lessons are planned to allow students to learn a large amount of content progressively and in a systematic way. We also ensure that the content is relevant by relating it to the real world. In doing so, students are very often inspired to discover more on their own. Through years of fine-tuning, it all culminates in the CF Methodology.

Over time, CF has attracted not only students but also like-minded teachers who value and believe in the CF methodology. As a result, our teaching team grows rapidly into a group of teachers driven by passion to teach and love for the subject.

Concept First Learning Centre is not just a place to achieve good academic results, but also to groom critical and independent thinkers. In fact, the curriculum designed emphasises heavily on these skills. The amazing outcome is that not only do students score good grades, but also develop a skill that lasts a lifetime.

Here's a short Introductory video of Concept First

The Right Pedagogy

Concept-based Learning

Concept-based learning is an instruction strategy that is adopted in several tops schools in Singapore. At CF, we believe that every student should be exposed to it to have a long-lasting solid foundation and deep understanding of Physics concepts. Together with a strong team of highly skilled and experienced tutors, our students grow to enjoy learning and mastering the subject. 

Concept First Physics
Concept First Physics

Connection between Physics Theories and Practical

Fully Equipped Physics Lab

Concept First is the first and only Physics Specialist Centre in Singapore that has an in-house fully equipped Physics Laboratory to prepare our students for the compulsory Physics practical paper in the O and A Level examination (20% weighting). The 5-figure lab space and equipment allow students engage in practical lab work and be ever more confident in achieving the distinctions.

Exam-based Curriculum

Structured curriculum comprising 100% exam paper questions

Exam-focused Curriculum

Our unique curriculum is one of the main reasons why our students have the confidence and competency to score in the Physics examinations – a careful blend of syllabus restructuring, examination questions placement, research-backed pedagogies and years of fine tuning. The CF curriculum is a powerful learning programme we proudly call our own.

Exam-based Curriculum

Details That Matter

Concept First Physics

1-1 Consultations

Students who are struggling to keep up with the class can always request for 1-1 consultations to keep up with the syllabus.

Concept First Physics

Concept Refresher Videos

We also provide Concept Refresher Videos to do a comprehensive recap of concepts and chapters that students may have forgotten.

physics Concept-Based Learning

Wide Range of Quality Lesson Materials

Our tutors also provide a wide range of quality lesson materials to maximise the effectiveness of students' revision.

About Concept First Physics Tuition Specialist

Situated right next to Clementi MRT Station, CF offers comprehensive Physics Tuition for secondary and JC students taking their O level and A level examinations. Founded and comprising of a strong team of former MOE teachers and physics book authors, we are certain on what it takes to help students ace in the examinations.

Highly Specialised Tutors

Our centre focuses on Physics only. We have a strong team of tutors who specialise in the subject taken at the various academic programmes – O Level (Pure Physics and Science Physics), A Level (H2 Physics), Integrated Programme (IP) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

Our Unique Methodology

We have restructured the entire Physics syllabus taught in Singapore into bite-sized knowledge to be transferred in for our tuition classes, so that mastering the subject is possible. Our wide range of learning materials: Full Color Notes, Concise Summaries, Formula Sheets makes learning and revising past topics easy and consolidated. Our team of specialized tutors cater for each level of physics tuition, hence students can expect a focused learning group in each lesson.

Stellar Achievements Every Year

Through the years, we had tutored students from more than 80 schools in Singapore. We are proud to share that more than 95% of achieve B3, A2 or A1 in every cohort. This will made possible through our commitment towards creating the best physics curriculum and constantly upgrading our physics lab.