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Are you deciding between studying on your own, to find a one-to-one Physics tuition or to enrol yourself into a group-based Physics tuition class at a learning centre? There will always be pros and cons for the different options but here are some top benefits of group-based tuition in your journey of acing your O-level Physics or A-level Physics.

It is more Enjoyable!

Studying alone is never as enjoyable when you are learning with a group of peers. Because of the
social factor in group-based Physics tuition, boredom is diluted as you can always find someone to
seek support or to ask questions from. Boredom may not necessarily be due to short attention spans
as it can also be due to feeling unmotivated and unchallenged. For some, one-to-one tuition could
also be too daunting or intimate and would be more suitable for a group learning experience. Some
thrive from problem-solving with others, and some like the challenge of going up against other peers
to find their answers.

You save more Money

Engaging one-to-one Physics tutors / Private Tuition will be more expensive as compared to signing up for a group-
based Physics tuition class at a learning centre. The price difference is amplified when you calculate
the fees over the whole academic year and the savings could be better money spent elsewhere!

Peer Motivation

A group-based learning environment with your peers foster a culture of learning, friendly
competition, and accountability. When you see your peers being driven, it can also give you that
added boost of motivation when you need it. When your efforts are being affirmed or recognized by
others, you are also being encouraged to keep up the good work. Group revision, especially before
any tests or exams, can also increase your sense of urgency and productivity.

You get to learn more About Physics

Students that work in groups tend to learn faster than students who work on their own. You can also
benefit from your peers by finding new study techniques and being exposed to new perspectives as
people share their opinions and answers. In one-to-one tuition, there will only be two perspectives,
yours, and the tutor. This is not a problem on its own but sometimes you just need a fresh
perspective to help you better understand the Physics topic on hand. When you learn to understand
another viewpoint, you are also developing your analytical and critical thinking skills. By comparing
notes and methods, you can patch the gaps in your knowledge a lot faster than doing it on your own.
Besides benefiting from others, you can also allow others to learn from you.

You get to learn Beyond Physics

In a group-based learning environment, there will be interaction and engagement with your peers
while learning together. This helps to develop your confidence, communication skills, social skills,
emotional intelligence, and leadership skills, which cannot be learnt from textbooks. Besides
academic performance, it is also important to develop yourself in other soft skills to prepare yourself
for the real world out there.


At Concept First, we also do our best to provide a fun and enriching learning environment for both
O-level Physics tuition classes and A-level Physics tuition classes in Singapore. Fully equipped with
the latest state-of-the-art apparatus, our Physics laboratory allows us to conduct A level practical
lessons and O level practical lessons over the widest range of Physics experiments. There are also
learning resources curated by our Curriculum Team of former MOE Senior Teachers, MOE Teaching
Scholars and Physics Guide Book Authors. More than 95% of our students scored A1, A2, B3 with our
unique CF360 Learning System and 100% of our surveyed students saying they would recommend
Concept First teachers to their friends. Find out more of our classes here