Secondary Sch Reviews

Reviews from Past Students

Manjusri_Chong Xing Xiao

I started Secondary 3 with a strong passion for Physics. However, I could not score well no matter how hard I studied and I was very worried about my Physics grade. My mother saw an advertisement for Concept First and she asked me to give it a try. In the first lesson, I was surprised that I could understand the Physics concepts for the first time! When I got the 2 page summary notes, I was amazed as I had never seen any tuition that provides such detailed summary notes, and the most I’ve seen is paraphrased notes from the textbook. During Mr Kong’s lessons, I learnt the simpler way to remember Physics concepts, and it has really benefited me. I managed to go from an F9 in Secondary 3 to achieving a B4 in my Secondary 4 prelims.

— Chong Xingxiao, Manjusri Secondary School

Manjusri_Jesper Chua

I am very grateful for the opportunity to join Concept First. Before joining Concept First, I was scoring D7 in my school MYE. Initially, I thought that I would fail miserably for Physics during O Levels as there wasn’t any hope. With the introduction of Concept First, my interest in the subject of Physics has grown. I feel very motivated to come to the center regardless of how far I lived. The teachers, especially Mr Kong, are very kind and helpful and will always be putting in their 101% best for their students. Whenever I had difficulties, they would always help me, ensuring that I understood fully. With their guidance and useful learning resources, I scored an A2 during prelims. I would like to thank Mr Kong for his efforts and thoughtfulness towards his students, especially changing my perception of Physics. Highly encouraged to join the tuition center!

— Jesper Chua, Manjusri Secondary School

Maris Stella_Braxton Gan

Concept First has been my Physics tuition for the last 2 years since June 2017. My grade before I joined was C6 and my most recent grade in prelims was a B3. They have helped me improve greatly throughout the course of these 2 years and helped me have a better understanding of Physics and the various topical concepts. Through the informative notes the countless revision worksheets, I was able to revise better and have better confidence in my preparation. I highly recommend Concept First as a tuition to improve your child’s Physics grade.

— Braxton Gan, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella_Chan Wei Jie

I tried a few tuition centres but realised that simply doing worksheets and going through the answers were ineffective. Now, thanks to Mr Kong’s detailed lessons on each topic, I was able to easily understand the concepts.

— Chan Wei Jie, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella High School

Concept First is a progressive journey of Physics learning.

— David Lam Sheng Hao, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella High School

The lessons are easy to understand, and the notes provided are extremely useful as they make understanding and revising the syllabus easy.

— Jerrel See Jian Yang, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella_Keane Tan Zhi Han

Concept First’s teaching has enabled me to better understand Physics concepts to the detail. Though I ended my Secondary 3 with a just pass for Physics and only joined the class in early days of Secondary 4, I was still able to quickly catch up with their teaching. Additionally, the exam preparation before our prelims and O Levels provided us with good and adequate practice that were very useful in helping us pace ourselves before our tests. Overall, I felt the class was helpful for learning the subject and really liked it!

— Keane Tan Zhi Han, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella_Lim Zhong Han

Mr Kong is a very patient and funny tutor. He will allow students to stay back and ask him questions to clarify doubts. He is clear in his teaching and under him, my Physics has improved a lot. He helped me strengthen my basic concepts and the worksheets provide me a platform to apply what he taught so that I know how much I have understood. Even though I live quite far away, I still feel that it is worth it going for his lessons as I learn so much from him. Lastly, he is able to motivate students to be the best they can be so as to realise their potential. I truly have benefitted a lot from Mr Kong ever since I joined his class.

— Lim Zhong Han, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella High School

Concept First has really helped to make Physics more bearable and easier to understand. For students that struggle initially, this tuition can greatly boost their content knowledge. For students whose Physics foundations are slightly better, this tuition will help them to understand concepts even faster, making the studying process much more efficient.

— Richard Lee Jun Rong, Maris Stella High School

Maris Stella High School

Concept First’s effective teaching methods has made my revision for the O Levels more efficient and fruitful. Over time, I feel more confident in the subject.

— Samuel Chan, Maris Stella High School

MGS_Audrey Loh
I was exposed to a lot of questions that allowed me to master a wide range of approach to solve the different types of questions. In this way, I was able to find my weaknesses and improve to do well for the Os.

— Audrey Loh, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls' School

Joining Concept First has helped me better pace my Physics learning, especially during these hectic 2 years of Upper Sec learning. The notes given to students are very well consolidated and allowed me to save time during revision before tests and exams. Mr Kong is also very dedicated and helpful especially when it comes to clarifying students’ doubts. Thank you for your guidance over these 2 years!

— Cheryl Hong, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls' School

I joined Concept First a few weeks before my Sec 3 EOYs so I’ve been here for slightly over a year now. I can see a pretty good improvement in terms of my grades and interest in Physics in general. I went from a borderline pass in Sec 3 EOYs to a high B3 for Sec 4 prelims (I got 36/40 for paper 1). I am hoping for an A1 for O Levels! Thank you for the lessons, the additional help given, and the really comprehensive summary notes provided which are very helpful for procrastinating and last minute studying, and good for revision and occasional look throughs too since it’s not too long. Anyway, would 10/10 recommend anyone to come here for lessons!

— Chuang Breann, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Clara Ang

Not only does Mr Kong explain the Physics concepts thoroughly and effectively, he also makes an effort to link the concepts to real life applications, which is not commonly done by most teachers. His passion towards this subject has also inspired me to grow and develop an interest and appreciation for Physics as not just a subject but a useful application in our everyday lives. Mr Kong is also very meticulous and organised as shown through the worksheets and notes that he gives to his students. For example, the focus points in every chapter, which I find it very useful and unique. Besides that, he is a very encouraging and thoughtful tutor, often sharing insightful advice to his students and always doing his best to help every student excel! Thank you Mr Kong.

— Clara Ang, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Dilys Yeo
I joined the tuition centre in 2017 when I was in Secondary 3. The lessons really helped me to gain interest in Physics as a subject. The tutor was able to bring real life examples and make it more relevant to our daily lives. The revision notes and exercises have been very helpful and in terms of exposure to a wide range of content and questions.

— Dilys Yeo, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls_ Sch_Gabrielle Lam

Mr Kong is a very engaging and lively teacher that makes Physics a subject much more enjoyable to learn, using his live interactive demonstrations or his detailed explanations that include online simulations. He puts in additional effort to ensure that his students have everything they need to do well — preparing crash course videos, finding ways to improve the notes, etc. His style of teaching is unique and captures your attention. I really admire his teaching as it is displays his passion and love for Physics. I would definitely recommend Concept First for others.

— Gabrielle Lam, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Hannah Joshua

When I first started in Concept First’s tuition classes, I was very weak in Physics. However, as I attended more classes, I found myself understanding the concepts better, and also I was able to answer questions with the appropriate keywords needed. The method of teaching is very useful for me and the many different worksheets and notes given by the centre has helped me to strengthen my idea of the concepts.

— Hannah Joshua, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls' School

The lessons were engaging and helped to reinforce my topics well. I’m happy with this experience and hope to do well in Physics!

— Joyce Lee Lih Min, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls_ Sch_Keira Gan

Mr Kong is very engaging and he is also very approachable! He explains the concepts in full detail and makes it easy to understand and fun to learn. The lesson notes are simple to follow and the questions given really allow you to grasp the concepts.

— Keira Gan, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls' School

The comprehensive, detailed and well organised notes have aided my learning tremendously. The 2 page summaries have proved to be very helpful when I need to get an overview or recall important concepts while practising papers or revising before the exam within a short amount of time. With Mr Kong’s guidance, I feel much more confident in Physics and am thankful for his patience!

— Lauren Lim, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Lauren Yap

I started off as a student who found no interest in Physics lessons and never understood the concepts till I reached Secondary 4. I was finding it hard to do well or even stay awake in class. After attending Concept First’s class in the middle of Secondary 4, my results have greatly improved from an F9 in the Secondary 4 Mid Year Examinations to a B3 for my Secondary 4 Preliminary examinations. The centre’s 2 page summaries were extremely helpful as all the information was very well organised and succinct. They have definitely helped me gain confidence in the subject and learning from them has been beneficial and enjoyable. Thank you Concept First!

— Lauren Yap, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Marissa Lim

Concept First’s lessons have helped me improve my Physics grade tremendously. Their notes and worksheets are useful and have allowed me to gain a stronger understanding of the subject.

— Marissa Lim, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Michelle Loh

Mr Kong is able to explain concepts easily in a simple way. I am able to remember and apply techniques during practice and examinations.

— Michelle Loh, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls' School

Not only did they dissect every chapter into clear distinct portions, they further break these portions down into bite-sized bits. In this way, they have made Physics extremely easy to understand. Concept First does this using their 2 page summary sheets and worksheets which splits the chapter into a few key focuses. I am definitely glad that I had joined in. It is as they have promised – probably THE BEST Physics tuition you can ask for.

— Natanya Ng, Methodist Girls’ School

Methodist Girls' School

Concept First has helped me in my understanding of the subject. Their concise notes have helped me to consolidate my learning effectively and efficiently which has become extremely beneficial for me, especially during hectic exam periods. The notes are plausible and truly helped me gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

— Rae Low, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Serena Lee Oh

Mr Kong’s teaching is concise and very relevant to our schoolwork! He is very personable and engaging, and his style is easy to follow and understand! Besides my grades improving substantially, my attitude towards physics has changed, and I enjoy it a lot now. Thanks Mr Kong 🙂

— Serena Lee Oh, Methodist Girls’ School

MGS_Victoria Lim

My mother found Concept First Tuition Centre through Facebook. Fast forward 8 months, I was no longer barely passing Physics and had scored B3 for my prelims. Mr Kong has not only helped me but many other students as well judging by how we thought the O Level paper 2 was a breeze. I highly recommend this tuition center for anyone who needs help in Physics.

— Victoria Lim, Methodist Girls’ School

Nan Chiau_Abigale Tan

I think that the lessons are really enriching and the chapter summaries are also very helpful. The lessons are well planned out and there is always sufficient time to finish class work. Mr Kong takes the time to explain difficult questions clearly so that it is easy to understand. I like that there are also many more MCQs or exam questions for us to try out at home, and the answer key allows me to refer whenever I’m stuck.

— Abigale Tan, Nan Chiau High School

Nan Chiau_Tan Xuan Yan
Throughout Secondary 3, I struggled to grasp concepts and was consistently scoring Cs for Physics. Because of that, I dedicated very little time to study for my Physics papers. It wasn’t until the start of Secondary 4 that I found out about Mr Kong through my cousin and decided to give it one last try. Thanks to Mr Kong’s clear explanations, I could finally understand what was being taught in school. He is an approachable and patient teacher who takes time to answer questions over Whatsapp. I managed to clinch an A grade for both MYE and Prelims and topped the class for Sec 4 MYE.

— Tan Xuan Yan, Nan Chiau High School

Nan Hua_Alicia Low
Mr Kong’s classes are very helpful to me as he explains concepts well. His notes are also very helpful (much easier to understand than the textbook). Mr Kong’s classes are also useful as we can ask questions after class or during class if we do not understand anything.

— Alicia Low, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Ang Ying, Jamie
Mr Kong is a really really great Physics tutor! It is because of Mr Kong that I started to like the subject, because he makes lessons really interesting and engaging by using different methods, such as using different terms to explain a certain Physics concept. It is because of his lessons that when I learn about the same concept in school, I am better able to grasp and understand the lessons in school. Also, Mr Kong asks and he would not hesitate to sit down with us in order to make sure we understand the concepts. I would really like to thank Mr Kong for teaching and guiding us throughout every single lesson! I really wished I joined Mr Kong’s tuition earlier! Thank you Mr Kong!

— Ang Ying, Jamie, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Angela Ang
Mr Kong is a dedicated teacher who always patiently clears my doubts. The lessons are always fun and enjoyable. The materials provided are very useful, allowing me to understand the concepts better.

— Angela Ang, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Celest Teo

Concept First Physics Tuition provided me with adequate practice from their hand-picked questions, comprehensive hand-written notes, and in-depth explanations in class. All these definitely boosted my understanding of Physics concepts and led me to top my class with an A1 grade in my Prelims, from an F9 in my first common test. I am glad I joined their class as I doubt that I would have made such a great improvement without their help.

— Celest Teo, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Cheryl Guek

Through Concept First’s classes, I got exposed to many questions that were challenging, and by attempting them, I get a better grasp of the concepts involved. Also, through the fun and interactive lessons, I learnt Physics in a much easier wat that really helped me a lot.

— Cheryl Guek, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Chew Yu Rong

Mr Kong is able to explain many different concepts and he ensures that every student understands them. Under his tutelage, I was able to improve from an E8 to B3 within three months. I feel that I have learnt a lot under Mr Kong. There were many times I struggled with the concepts, and Mr Kong took the effort to use different softwares to explain the concept. Mr Kong’s lessons are well-prepared and his materials are very useful in helping me to prepare for the O Levels. Over these months, I have improved tremendously and have understood many of the concepts I used to struggle with last time.

— Chew Yu Rong, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Chloe Teo
Mr Kong is very patient and helpful. He also takes time to look through each student’s mistakes. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful and specially prepares materials for his classes.

— Chloe Teo, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Cho Sin Yee

Mr Kong has been really helpful and patient with me for the past two years. In the past, I could not grasp the concepts for Physics. Mr Kong has made lessons fun and simple for students. I have improved tremendously from F9 in secondary 3 to a B3 in prelims. From real life demonstrations to staying back to help out, Mr Kong is a very dedicated teacher with great passion for Physics. Thank you Mr Kong!

— Cho Sin Yee, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Chua Yan Ling

Mr Kong is a very dedicated and passionate teacher who is willing to devote his time to help his students improve. I have been in this tuition centre since I was secondary 3 and I really enjoyed the way that he teaches as it is very engaging and interesting. He makes use of many different online tools and items to do demonstrations. The notes are very concise and detailed which helps a lot as it makes revision easier. Also after finishing the syllabus, he will recap all the topics again several weeks before O’s and give use mini tests as well as a mock which helps to prepare us for Os.

— Chua Yan Ling, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua High School

I was advised by my school teacher to drop pure Physics. Through Concept First’s teaching, I gradually understood more each day. The O Level preparation worksheets they created, together with his clear explanations, helped me to understand concepts better. After a while, I grew more comfortable with the subject and to my delight, I scored a C5 for Prelims 1, and an A2 for Prelims 2 and O Levels.

— Clarisse Koh, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Damien Chiew

As one who is truly dedicated to teaching and helping his students learn Physics better, Mr Kong is a kind-hearted teacher who selflessly devotes himself to teaching Physics to his students. He is a helpful and caring teacher who will help you whenever you are stuck with a particular question or unsure of certain concepts/answers/ideas. He will personally devote his time to stay back and slowly guide you through on how to go about doing the questions that you are unsure of, and for that I am very grateful to him. He is definitely a master in Physics as the answers and explanations that he gives in the worksheets/ test papers/ practice papers are of great quality and you may actually be surprised after reading/ listening to his explanations as it really gives you insights on how to better answer questions and apply key terms and concepts, this thus makes his teaching style and answering style unique and special. I am very grateful to him as he has taught me Physics in a new and unique way which has made me better understand the subject as a whole, I felt that I have greatly improved in the subject under him and for that I am sincerely and truly grateful to him. His lessons are very fun and interesting and I will definitely miss his lessons in class. I do hope I can keep in touch with him and get to hang out together with him and with the other classmates.

— Damien Chiew, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Darryl Eyu

Concept First’s classes have greatly benefited me in helping my Physics to improve. Although I have been getting F9 for all my Physics exams, but there has been much improvement due to their teaching and materials. The notes are concise and really helpful in helping me to remember key points and formulas. Mr Kong always puts in his 110% effort to teach students and often stayed back after classes no matter how late to answer our questions. Along with his tutoring and my own hard work, I am confident I would obtain a grade of B4 and above for my O level Physics and do Mr Kong proud.

— Darryl Eyu, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Jaron Sze Ci Yuan

I have benefited a lot from the lessons since joining Concept First. The tutors make the concepts simpler and easier to understand which allows me to approach the chapter with a deeper understanding. The 2 page summaries are a handy material which allows me to conveniently refer and recap when in doubt.

— Jaron Sze Ci Yuan, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Justin Neo Yunhui

I feel that this tuition was very helpful in helping me understand Physics better and easier. When I came in in Sec 3 September, my results were not ideal. I did not understand the concepts and I was only going through the exams by memorising. After attending Concept First, I started to get the hang of Physics and my results drastically improved. I found Physics to be fun and enjoyed it. I understand lessons in school and overall found it very helpful in O Level preparation especially the 2-page summaries.

— Justin Neo Yunhui, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Laura Ng
Thank you Mr Kong for making classes really enjoyable for by showing us real-life demonstrations to help us learn certain concepts more easily and being super patient with me by repeating to me again and again until I understand. Thank you for letting me change from a person who initially had 0 confidence and interest in Physics, to become someone who has started to enjoy, love and develop confidence in it. I will miss your really entertaining lessons and the small chats you have with our class during breaks and being super friendly with us treating us as friends! Although I only started in July and only attended your classes for about 5 months, I have improved and gained a better understanding of Physics. I really enjoy and will definitely miss your lessons! Thank you for being the best tuition teacher I have met so far.

— Laura Ng, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua High School

Before joining Concept First, I didn’t really understand Physics. However, after attending lessons, I finally understood the Physics concepts. Mr Kong is a very helpful and dedicated teacher who makes Physics lessons more engaging and easy to understand. The notes provided are useful and the foundation videos helped me to revise well for my examinations.

— Loh Yan Yu, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Megan Yeoh

Before joining Concept First, I really disliked Physics. With the guidance of Mr Kong, not only did I grow to like the subject, I also understood the concepts better. Mr Kong is extremely passionate and patient when it comes to teaching his students.

— Megan Yeoh, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Nellie Lin

I enjoyed the questions put in the worksheets and found them quite interesting and fun to do. Mr Kong’s explanations and drawings on his computer tablet are very clear and succinct, making it easy for me to understand the essence of every question. Other than that, I appreciated the fact that Mr Kong is a patient tutor who is always willing to answer my questions in real life and on WhatsApp 🙂

— Nellie Lin, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua High School

At the beginning of Secondary 3, my grades and interest for Physics were extremely low. I was not able to fully understand the concepts nor able to keep up with the learning pace in class. As a result, I always flunked all my Physics tests and exams for at least half a year. However, after joining Concept First and meeting Mr Kong, it has definitely enriched my learning experience. From the variety of weekly quizzes and papers provided to the extremely useful 2 page summaries for each chapter, Concept First’s holistic approach to teaching students has not only helped me to improve my grades but also sparked my interest for Physics. Mr Kong is very knowledgeable and able to convey his ideas very effectively during classes. Additionally, he is very caring and always available to help me whenever I faced any difficulties when doing a question. Hence, I was able to improve from a F9 to an A2 during prelims in Secondary 4.

— Ng Jing Xuan, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Ong Rui Min

I joined Concept First Physics Tuition class after scoring very badly for my school’s Preliminary Examination 1. Under Mr Kong’s tutoring, I managed to jump 6 grades for my Preliminary Examinations 2! Their classes are very engaging, and he has a way to make Physics easy to understand. Through that, I had gained much valuable knowledge on Physics. Overall, I enjoyed and befitted from his classes greatly.

— Ong Rui Min, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Onn Wan Ni

Mr Kong is a very nice and patient teacher. He always tries his best to make learning easy and fun. He is very approachable and always answers any queries I have. Concept First’s resources have also proved to be really helpful in my studies and I will always browse through their notes and worksheets before any test or exam. 

— Onn Wan Ni, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Phoebe Tay

I had never joined any tuition classes before and was slightly sceptical about how effective it would be. However, I was certainly not disappointed when I joined Concept First’s Physics Tuition Class. They helped me understand Physics a lot better and I saw a huge improvement in my grades. After over a year of lessons, I am happy to say that Mr Kong was not only an outstanding tutor but also a friend to me! Through his lessons, I learned not just Physics concepts, but also study techniques and to develop a good learning attitude. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication Mr Kong!

— Phoebe Tay, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Phua Qin Yi Venice

Concept First’s tuition class has enabled me to understand concepts clearer. The revision notes were clear and detailed. Before attending this tuition, I had many misconceptions and also did not have notes to refer to during the revision period. After being exposed to various worksheets and revision notes, I was able to grasp the Physics concepts more easily. I also learnt about the various answering techniques and ways to tackle questions in Paper 2. All in all, I am very grateful for the help that Mr Kong provided me with!

— Phua Qin Yi Venice, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Rachel Ee

Mr Kong has been very helpful and I have picked up a lot of skills for Physics during his lessons. I really enjoy his lessons and I’m very thankful to have signed up for his lessons. Before I attended his lessons this year, I have improved by achieving B3 for my prelims. Thank you Mr Kong!

— Rachel Ee, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Ruth Lim

Mr Kong is an extremely dedicated teacher who always comes up with new ways of helping his students to understand the concepts even better. From real life demonstrations to comprehensive notes, his lessons are really engaging and helpful in my Physics journey. He would also not hesitate to stay back after lessons to explain questions to clarify any doubts. Thank you Mr Kong for your guidance and patience in your teaching.

— Ruth Lim, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Shannice Yue

I managed to grasp a better understanding in my Physics concepts. Honestly, I pretty much hated Physics as I was constantly failing it, but Concept First helped me start to gain some interest in it. Mr Kong also very willingly stays back after lessons to clear any questions that we have, sometimes even up to an hour after class, so I appreciate it very much!

— Shannice Yue, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Shannon Chang
Before attending this tuition class, I usually scored badly for Physics and thus disliked the subject a lot. However, Mr Kong managed to make the classes interesting, especially by the demonstrations he did to prove a particular theory. By encouraging students to answer questions in class also gave me more encouragement to not give up on Physics. Therefore, his classes allowed me to gain confidence and like this subject more, which resulted in an improvement in my Physics grades.

— Shannon Chang, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Sherry Chew

Mr Kong’s lessons are really fun and enjoyable. When I first came into his lesson, I didn’t like Physics. However Mr Kong made me become more interested in the subject. His lessons made me have a clearer understanding on the concepts that my teachers teach in school. He uses various methods to ensure that we understand the concept better. For example, when we were going through the chapter on light and lenses, Mr Kong showed us some experiments to enable us to have a better understanding on the concept. This method was really helpful for me as I am a more visual learner so looking at these experiments actually helped me to clear my doubts and allow me to understand better. Mr Kong is also very helpful. He always helps me and my friends after class if we have questions to ask, even though it is already very late at night. I am really grateful for Mr Kong as his lessons has made me more interested in the subject and has made me improve a lot. Thank you Mr Kong for helping me so much.

— Sherry Chew, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Soh Li Ying
Mr Kong is a very engaging and amazing tutor who rekindled my interest for Physics after my continuous failure during school exams. His clear and concise notes, as well as dynamic and effective lessons enabled me to have a better understanding towards the subject, boosting my confidence in Physics.

— Soh Li Ying, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Tan Le Ning, Denise

I have always thought of Physics as a rather daunting subject that I disliked because I had many gaps in my knowledge, which resulted in me struggling while attempting questions. Concept First has been a huge help to me in both fuelling my interest in Physics and enabling me to make progress towards excelling in the subject. The comprehensive 2 page summary sheets have made revision less tedious and gave me the assurance that I had covered every key aspect of each topic. Thank you Mr Kong for helping me to clear my doubts, make significant improvements and even grow to enjoy the subject a lot more!

— Tan Le Ning Denise, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Tan Wee Yu

Mr Kong is an extraordinary Physics teacher. His teaching pedagogy is effective and helps his students unlock their true potential in Physics. Mr Kong is really experienced and the notes and worksheets provided are very useful. He makes learning Physics truly enjoyable with his great sense of humour and passion in Physics. Under his tutelage, I have learnt to appreciate Physics to be more than just a subject and I am encouraged to discover more on my own. I am truly appreciative and thankful for Mr Kong for not only the grade jump in the subject, but more importantly, helping me discover the joy of learning Physics. Highly recommended to any Physics student, guaranteed to be an enriching and enjoyable experience.

— Tan Wee Yu, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Tan Yee Hong
Mr Kong’s classes are really engaging and he has his ways to make Physics easy to understand. His lessons are very clear and that he uses different teaching methods to make sure every student understands the concept. He allows students to clarify their doubts in class and also through Whatsapp. Being a patient and encouraging teacher, he delivers knowledge with passion, which made me regain and interest in Physics. Overall, I enjoyed his lessons very much and would strongly recommend to anyone who needs help in the subject.

— Tan Yee Hong, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Toh Qiao Qi
Mr Kong is very patient and willing to help his students. He explains the concepts really well during normal lessons, so students can grasp a hold on Physics easily. He also engages the class to make the class more interesting. He uses interactive tools to allow students to visualise and understand better.

— Toh Qiao Qi, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Vanessa Wong

Mr Kong’s lessons are really effective and enjoyable, I have learnt a lot during my time there. Mr Kong has his ways of relating Physics to our daily lives, making Physics concepts easier to understand. He uses various methods to deliver concepts in a clear and concise manner, which heightened my ability to comprehend and solve Physics problems more accurately. His live demonstrations and computer stimulations helped his students understand difficult concepts more easily, his 2-page summary and consolidation notes are well-crafted which breaks down each chapter into 2-3 key focuses, this helped to make each chapter more digestible for his students so self-revision has definitely been made more efficient. He is always willing to stay back after lessons to clarify our doubts to ensure we fully understand. His patience and encouragement never failed to keep me going, his love for the subject is evident in his teaching and his passion for teaching gave me the drive to achieve even better results. He puts in a lot of effort in creating his lesson materials. I believe Mr Kong will continue to touch the hearts of his students and inspire more students in future. Thank you, Mr Kong!

— Vanessa Wong, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Wan Tze Yuen

You are an amazing tutor who is able to deliver the concepts to us in a clear and concise manner. I was a straight F9 student in Secondary 3 but after joining your tuition class in April, my results improved to an C5 for the prelims, within 3 months. I now have a much better understanding of the subject and I believe I will do even better for the O Levels. Honestly, you are the best tutor I have ever met, and I would strongly recommend others to join your class!

— Wan Tze Yuen, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Wang Shiqi

Before I came to Concept First, I thought Physics was so complicated and difficult to understand. However, when I started lessons here, I realised that the tutors were able to break down each chapter into simpler parts and explain each portion with great detail, making Physics much easier and more fun!

— Wang Shiqi, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Wang Xinyue
Mr Kong is a really helpful teacher who will go the extra mile to help in anyway he can. His tuition classes are always enjoyable and he makes the subject a lot more manageable. Furthermore, the notes provided by him are very useful for examinations and I definitely benefited a lot from his classes. He is a teacher who seriously cares a lot about his students and their academic performance. For the past year, my grades have improved from an unsteady pass to a steady distinction. I am very thankful for his help and extremely grateful for his help!

— Wang Xinyue, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Wong Yan Ning
Mr Kong is a very helpful and patient tutor who is able to deliver his lessons in a very effective manner. I am able to understand the Physics concepts better through his lessons, which helped me to improve my Physics. Thank you Mr Kong for your guidance and encouragement!

— Wong Yan Ning, Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Yan Jia Yi

His lessons are very interesting, often with humour injected and thus never boring. Before I joined his class, I was considering if I should drop pure Physics as I wasn’t really doing well and I was very worried. However, after I joined his classes, I gained lots of confidence, help and encouragement and began to find myself liking the subject as time went by. Not only that, Mr Kong is always approachable for consultation, thus allowing me to clear my doubts.

— Yan Jia Yi , Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua_Zachary Quay
Mr Kong has always strived to make lessons engaging yet effective. He selflessly sacrifices his time to help us with our questions even after lessons too. He is very dedicated to teaching us, planning lesson schedules during the O Levels for each student based on their subject combination so that we would no get affected by the tuition classes while doing revision for the other subjects. This, I found to be extremely useful as before my Physics examination I could still have a lesson with him despite the hectic exam timetable.

— Zachary Quay, Nan Hua High School

Naval Base_Daryl Kiang

Mr Calvin Kong is a very kind, caring and cheerful teacher. He is always in a good mood in class and takes a keen interest in his students’ learning. His lessons are always clear and engaging and he always allows time for students to clarify their doubts. His classes have definitely helped me a lot.

— Daryl Kiang, Naval Base Secondary School

New Town_Callista Limarta

I personally liked the 22 page summary that the centre gave. It helped me a lot in my revision for O levels as I didn’t need to waste time writing Physics notes. Mr Kong is a helpful teacher who helps us when we are in doubt. The lessons conducted were comprehendible and organised. Mr Kong is willing to help his students with doubt in their work or extra practices. He goes an extra mile to help me solve questions over Whatsapp. My Physics results have improved from a borderline pass to B3.

Callista Limarta, New Town Secondary School

New Town Secondary School

Concept First has helped me to understand the Physics concepts much more easily. The 2 page summaries and notes are very helpful in helping me to prepare for exams and it also helps me to save a lot of time.

Chloe Leoh, New Town Secondary School

New Town_Geethika

I started to regain an interest in Physics and my knowledge in the subject had also deepened. The notes and worksheets prepared by them are really useful and knowing how to solve the problems in them gave me the confidence to tackle challenging questions. The 2-paged summaries had helped to make my revision much easier as it saved me the time and trouble to reread the textbook all over again.

— Geethika, New Town Secondary School

New Town_Joshua Wu

I highly recommend this Physics tuition centre. Mr Kong really takes the effort to make sure that every student understands what he teaches in the classes. His lessons are very easy to understand and very engaging. He also takes time after classes to answer our questions, be it from the lesson or from school. His notes are very useful and simplified to ensure we understand every topic well. He is a very easy going teacher and also very kind. His classes are never dull and boring and he tries to make sure to help us students to enjoy this subject.

— Joshua Wu, New Town Secondary School

New Town_Neo Kai Xuan

Mr Kong makes lessons fun with his jokes and stories. He is also very patient with helping his students when they are in need of help. Thanks to him, I look forward to his lessons every time.

— Neo Kai Xuan, New Town Secondary School

New Town Secondary School

He has different ways of explaining the same concepts. Caring and kind, he would often pop questions to check if his students understood the lesson. Funny and hilarious, he is able to make any boring topic sound fun and engaging. Overall, he is the best Physics teacher!

— Shirleen Lee, New Town Secondary School

New Town_Teo Yi Xun

Despite having joined the tuition centre only a few months before my O Levels, the tuition class provided lots of resources to better equip me and boosted my confidence for my examination.

— Teo Yi Xun, New Town Secondary School

North Vista Secondary School

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Kong for his patience and for answering my all my questions at any time of the day on WhatsApp. It really motivates me to work harder knowing that there’s a teacher who would help me anytime and encourages me! The foundational videos are what really helped me the most, since my foundation is really weak. However, after watching them, I had a better understanding of the basics instantly. I recommend coming to Concept First!

— Aster Tan, North Vista Secondary School

North Vista_Kerri Long

I used to think that Physics was a dry and difficult subject, but I’m glad to say that I now find Physics more enjoyable, and I understand concepts better thanks to the comprehensive notes!

— Kerri Long, North Vista Secondary School

Outram_Vince Tay

The teaching in the centre is great as it is easy to understand, and the problems the teacher provided are challenging, which can help the students to understand better.

— Vince Tay, Outram Secondary School

Pasir Ris Crest_Liew Khai Hong

Concept First’s Physics Tuition Class is so much more than what it seems. With only two hours sessions per week, I was not just able to master Physics well, but also to consult Mr Kong on E and A Maths. He has made topics easier to understand and has helped tremendously in building up my confidence in getting an A1 for all the 3 subjects.

— Liew Khai Hong, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Pasir Ris_Samantha Lu

Despite living all the way in the East, I still decided to attend Mr Kong’s lessons because he is able to help me understand each chapter better. Thanks to Mr Kong, I understand the formula and more importantly the concepts and can now effectively apply them to the many different questions.

— Samantha Lu, Pasir Ris Secondary School

Paya Lebar MGS_Rachel Tan

Under his brilliant tutelage, I begin to see the subject from a different perspective, attained a deeper understanding of the concepts, and eventually grew to like it. Physics was no longer as dry a subject as I use to perceive it when I see how he brought the subject to life in many ways such as his self-created animations and 3-D models. I also really appreciate that my questions via WhatsApp are always answered so promptly and with amazing clarity such that I only need read once to understand the concepts involve and clear my doubts.

— Rachel Tan, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ Secondary School

Paya Lebar MGS_Sonia Tan

Mr Kong has been a great teacher who has allowed me to discover my interest in Physics. Being patient and encouraging, he had helped me in many areas in improving my understanding of Physics. He delivers with passion in his teaching that made me enjoy his lessons very much.

— Sonia Tan, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ Secondary School

Presbyterian High_Leroy Liew

Mr Kong has helped me improve very much. He had simplified many hard-to-understand concepts into simple bite-sized information such that it is understood and remembered easily. The many types of questions allow us to broaden our perspectives on how to tackle questions.

— Leroy Liew, Presbyterian High School

Presbyterian High_Noel Ng

Mr Kong has helped me restore my faith in Physics within a short amount of time with his humorous personality and talented teaching. I am confident that my Physics will improve by leaps and bounds and I am grateful to have the privilege to be taught by him.

— Noel Ng, Presbyterian High School

Punggol_Boey Yu Yann Megan

Mr Kong’s lessons are always very fun and I always look forward to his lesson! He made Physics easier for me to understand after attending his tuition. Mr Kong always attends to his students needs and explains in easier terms. He has a very good classroom environment and I highly recommend this tuition although I live far from Clementi. Mr Kong also always encourages us to do our best with our effort. Best Physics tuition!

— Boey Yu Yann Megan, Punggol Secondary School

Punggol_Jenson Koh

Concept First provides concise notes with all the essential information. Mr Kong is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his students benefit from his lessons. He always encourages students to raise questions in class and ensures that all of them will be answered. He always emphasises ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’, I would definitely encourage students to sign up for his classes as improvement is almost guaranteed. Overall, definitely 5 stars!

— Jenson Koh, Punggol Secondary School

Queenstown_Madeline See

Personally, I think that Mr Calvin Kong is good in using numbers as well as real life demonstrations to explain difficult concepts to us. With his well elaborated explanations, I am able to have a deeper understanding of Physics concepts and also a better group of concepts I have previously struggled with. Even though I have only been with Concept First for about 1 month, I have positively benefited from the weekly lessons as well as from the resources given that greatly complements Mr Kong’s teachings. Indeed, Concept First ensures that students are able to have a good grasp of Physics concepts before moving on to gaining mastery of the topics and eventually, good mastery of Physics! Putting your child in Concept First will ensure that he/she will be well prepared to combat mind boggling Physics questions in his/her secondary school life!

— Madeline See, Queenstown Secondary School

Queenstown_Timothy Chan

Very approachable tutor that is willing to go this extra mile to explain difficult concepts.

— Timothy Chan, Queenstown Secondary School

Queensway_Amos Lim

Mr Kong has been a great help in my Sec 4 Physics journey. He has put his heart and soul into providing materials for us and he has also been an inspiration for me personally. He made me go from hating Physics to the core to loving it to the moon. He infuses many live demonstrations into his classes which really made lessons more enjoyable and exciting. Thank you once again for your help and support!

— Amos Lim, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway Secondary School

I used to be a very weak Physics student regarding concepts and answering questions, but after I joined Concept First, I was able to grasp the content and had a better understanding of the concepts. With the help of my very supportive tutor, I was able to clear my doubts without hesitation. The notes and exercises provided were really very helpful and served their purpose of summarizing content before my O Levels.

— Chelladurai Kamalini, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_Cheryl Low

Mr Kong always has a ‘master plan’ for his lessons – from practical to MCQ and Paper 2, he seems to have the materials for everything. I don’t know of any other centres that prepare students for the practical examinations. So, I was surprised when Mr Kong mentioned he would do so. I always learn something new in every lesson, be it an important answering technique or examination skills. There is also no time wasted during lessons as he prepares explanations, of whatever questions we do in class beforehand.

— Cheryl Low, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_Ferlanda Wong

I have joined this tuition for almost 2 years and I used to get F9 for my Physics but I made improvements in my prelims. The summary provided is very useful as it summarises every chapter into two pages. Mr Kong is also very friendly and will explain all the misconceptions patiently. I enjoy all of his lessons as he uses experiments to allow us to better visualise the concepts

— Ferlanda Wong, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway Secondary School

Mr Calvin Kong is engaging and funny as a teacher, giving comprehensive explanations and useful notes.

— Joseph Lim, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway Secondary School

Before joining Concept First, I was very lost about Physics and I did not know how to help myself. I failed practically all my class tests and even my Sec 3 EOYs. I did look for my school teacher for help, and though I did improve, it wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to be. However, only 1 week after joining Concept First and studying the precious notes given to me, I surprisingly scored an A1 in a class test on waves and DC circuits. Till this day, that memory lives vividly in my mind. Slowly, I tightened up my understanding of every topic with the help of the teachers and before I knew it, I was easily scoring A1 for class tests and major exams. Overall, Concept First has been impactful in my O Level journey and I have absolutely no regrets joining this tuition centre.

— Joshua Chen, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_Liu Kun Lang

Mr Kong is a humorous person and that makes his classes very entertaining. He also brings out life examples of the rules and laws and applied them to real world context. He will also put in extra effort to create summaries, cheat sheets for us to remember. Lesson timings are well planned and we have sufficient time to understand and break. The room is always clean, bright and the surroundings is most certainly comfortable.

— Liu Kun Lang, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_Maegan Lee

I joined this tuition in the middle of the year last year and have improved. The teacher always goes through every question and concept in detail and I feel that it is very easy to understand. He always gives us extra practice at the end of the notes for each topic for us to go home to do and I feel that it helps us to understand each topic better since we have extra practice. During lessons, he would walk around to help us clear any doubts and he would make small talk, asking us about school and others. He also jokes a lot, which makes class more fun. He also uses different materials in lessons to make lessons more interesting and bearable.

— Maegan Lee, Queensway Secondary School


Mr Calvin Kong ensures that we are able to internalise the general concepts before teaching us how to apply them in the questions. He always has many teaching methods to make sure every student understands the concepts. His experiments are magical. I am honoured to have him as my tutor. I believe that he will definitely help every student to achieve their dreams.

— Mathu, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_Ng Song En

Mr Kong’s classes have been very engaging as he tries to liven up the boring atmosphere by showing us interesting videos or apparatuses he has to demonstrate the idea that he is teaching. I find this teaching method very useful as it enables me to understand the concept better rather than just memorising the theory. He finds many different types of questions for students to attempt which broadens our exposure to different questions. He always plans his lessons well and ensures that there is an ample amount of time to practice and revise for the upcoming major exams. I highly recommend coming to Concept First if you find physics to be a challenge or if you need someone that is able to pace you better for your exams.

— Ng Song En, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_See Ying Lin

I have been in Concept First for pure Physics since the start of Secondary 3. Before joining, I struggled with answering techniques and phrasing when doing Physics papers. However, under the guidance of the tutors, I picked up answering skills and sentence structures to answer the question requirements to make sure the answer is not too vague. Apart from the theory paper, the teachers also use a variety of unique instruments and equipment to showcase and prove theories to students. This not only enhances the students who are visual learners but it broadens every student’s perspective of Physics and understanding of the topic. Through this and hard work, I managed to improve to a B3/A2.

— See Ying Lin, Queensway Secondary School

Queensway_Wesley Ong

The tutor is friendly and nice towards his students. He plans his lessons well, and it is an enjoyable and fun experience to attend his lessons. He helped me to gain confidence in the subject and it is able to improve myself tremendously.

— Wesley Ong, Queensway Secondary School

Raffles Girls' School

The tutors are able to explain challenging Physics concepts in a simple and engaging manner by using analogies, experiments and drawings. They also challenge us to apply the concepts we have learnt to explain everyday observations, which presents Physics in a new light and makes the learning process far more enjoyable. Additionally, Mr Kong is friendly and dedicated — he ensures that every student can keep up with the lesson pace, whether it is through 1-1 consultations, his WhatsApp helpline or just walking around the class to check in on students.

— Koay Tze Erhn, Raffles Girls’ School

RGS_Nicole Lim

Concept First’s lessons are very enriching and interesting, and Mr Kong takes the extra mile to explain concepts which used to sound foreign to me. I became much more confident in Physics after joining his lessons. Even though I am in the IP Stream, his lessons are still very relevant to my syllabus, and in fact, at a faster pace than my lessons in school. This allows me to stay ahead in the syllabus and this headstart is essential for me to fully digest the concepts and score well for exams. Thank you so much Mr Kong for your patience and consistent guidance in my 2 years learning Physics from you!

— Nicole Lim, Raffles Girls’ School

Raffles Girls' School

Concept First’s lessons are not only engaging but very effective as well. The centre’s notes are very comprehensive and I was able to do all my revision without using school notes. They are especially helpful when you cannot keep up with the pace of school lessons. Mr Kong was approachable and answered all my questions patiently regardless of how simple they may be. They are also very dedicated to the students’ well-being, using different ways to motivate us such as rewards for doing well in tests. The centre’s effectiveness definitely showed when my results shot up from C5 to A1 for my final examinations. Thank you Concept First!

— Raisha Aulia, Raffles Girls’ School

Raffles Institution

I started off as someone who was not confident and did not like Physics as a whole. I wouldn’t look forward to Physics classes. But after joining Concept First, I was able to appreciate Physics not only as a subject for school but also as something that allows me to understand how the many things that we interact with in our daily lives work. The teachers here do more than just conveying the needed knowledge to students, but also have 1 to 1 consultations in class, Zoom, WhatsApp, to ensure that we understand everything.

— Dylan Tan, Raffles Institution

River Valley High School

Mr Kong is a very friendly and approachable teacher, and he makes effort to know more about his students in order to tailor his teaching to their needs. He relates concepts to real life examples to make them easier to grasp. Also, with many props and prizes, he makes lessons more engaging and motivates us to do well.

— Allegra Tan, River Valley High School

River Valley_Bryna Lee

The class is always engaging and Mr Kong is extremely approachable. That makes it easier to ask questions if we have any so that we don’t go home feeling confused. The lesson materials given are very helpful as it contains the summarised content and important points. They are only 2 pages long per chapter, making it easier to read and revise compared to school notes that come in thick stacks with many words. Learning Physics here is definitely more enjoyable than learning in school.

— Bryna Lee, River Valley High School

River Valley_Chloe Koh

Mr Calvin Kong is a caring and fun teacher who is also easy to approach. After attending Concept First’s classes, I was able to understand many concepts that I previously failed to grasp. He tries to make lessons hands-on and easy to visualise so that students are able to better understand. Thanks to Mr Kong, I was able to enjoy learning Physics 🙂

— Chloe Koh, River Valley High School

River Valley High School

Concept First’s lessons have been interesting and really easy to follow! Before joining Concept First, I felt that Physics was a really difficult subject to understand and apply in exams. However, after joining Concept First, I was able to develop a strong interest in learning Physics and was able to grasp the various concepts more easily. I was also able to clear my doubts in class, which made me feel more confident in tackling Physics questions. I really enjoyed the classes here, thank you Concept First!!

— Crystal Lai, River Valley High School

River Valley_Shania Tan

Mr Kong is patient in answering questions and uses unique analogies to ensure concepts are well understood. He teaches very efficiently and is ahead of schedule so he can leave more time for revision. I am relieved that Mr Kong could salvage my grades.

— Shania Tan, River Valley High School

River Valley_Wynona Chng

Mr Kong is a very approachable teacher who does not hesitate to offer his guidance when we do not understand certain Physics problems. When explaining the answers, he breaks it down to the key points and is able to show the connection between them. He always makes lesson very engaging and makes learning Physics much more fun than it is in school. The Summary sheet provided is very succinct and useful in helping me understand better the abstract Physics concepts.

— Wynona Chng, River Valley High School