Secondary Level Physics Tuition – Singapore Syllabus​

We give our secondary school students the best avenue to learn, explore and apply the Physics concepts they have learnt in our tuition classes in Singapore.

Our secondary students will find our classes captivating and enthralling as they will learn these concepts and apply them in an enjoyable way.

For students taking their N or O Levels soon and are still not confident in the subject, CF is here to help you. Our secondary level Physics tuition will be ideal for secondary 3 and 4 students in Singapore looking to improve their understanding of the subject and learn how to apply the concepts effectively.

Find out how our ConceptFirst methodology has helped over hundreds of students achieve beyond their self-expectations

Physics Tuition for Sec 3 Students in Singapore

If you are a Sec 3 student who needs support in Physics and are worried for your N or O Level examinations, you will be more inclined to find the best secondary level Physics tuition teacher in Singapore. While one-to-one teaching may be more tailor-made to your pace, it may not give you the full breadth of learning you require for this subject. Physics cannot be taught merely from the books. You need to visualise the concepts and see them being applied in real life. At CF, our hands-on approach in learning offers just that.

Whether you are offered pure or combined science physics at Sec 3, our Physics tuition teachers, with vast teaching experience in Singapore, will be able to provide lesson plans targeted at your level.

Physics Tuition for Sec 4 Students in Singapore

It is never too late to start learning. Our Physics tuition for sec 4 students will prepare them well for their N and O Level examinations in Singapore. We believe that our highly effective pedagogy methods will improve our students’ subject mastery within a short period of time. Our trained teachers are well-equipped with the necessary expertise to inculcate the right learning mindset in our students.

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