Testimonials from Students

Mr Kong is a patient and dedicated teacher whom students find approachable when in doubt. When needed to clarify certain concepts, Mr Kong would be patient in his approach and use different methods of explanation to allow you to understand. He would try his best to engage the lessons with demonstrations to allow his students to better understand. He would also occasionally crack jokes to spice up the lesson while learning takes place simultaneously. With these attributes, lessons would be more interesting while Mr Kong helps students to excel in Physics.

— Derek Kiang, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Mr Kong is a very thoughtful teacher who would always seek to improve himself and his lessons. He plans his lessons to suit the needs of his students and always makes sure tht his students understand the concepts before applying them (unlike many other teachers such as my school’s physics teacher). I would say that Mr Kong is one of my favourite teachers out there. Overall, coming to this tuition centre is really worth it and this is also evident in my grades (D7 to A2!).

— Seah Jia Yi Megan, Anglican High School

Mr Kong ensures we are able to internalise the general concepts before teaching us how to apply them in basic questions and from there, we progress to the more challenging ones. I like that he is patient and he makes sure we go through this routine for every topic, which makes us well-versed in the subject.

— Dionne, Anglican High School

I always had much difficulty and found Physics a cumbersome and boring subject. But after attending his physics tuition class, I slowly understood it, and finally got an A1 at the end! One thing I really appreciate about Calvin is the fact that he cared for us all as individuals. When I was unsure about other subjects like A. Math, he will stay back after class with me to clear my doubts. And for that, I’m really thankful!

— Liew Yee Kay, Anglican High School

I realised that he always has several ways to explain the same physics concepts such that when one don’t work, he can switch and explain in other ways until we understood. Ultimately, he is quick to understand our individual learning style and he can precisely explain his lessons in the way that we can understand best.

— Chua Jia Minn, Anglican High School

I believe Mr Kong is a truly one-of-a-kind teacher. He is always very approachable, and always takes the time to help students fully understand the lesson. Before I came to his class, Physics was probably my worst subject and I was always struggling at school. However, over the course of a few months, under Mr Kong’s tutelage, I was able to strengthen my foundation and improve my confidence in the subject. In only a year, my grade for Physics by 4 grades, from a D7 in Secondary 3 to a B3 in the beginning of Secondary 4. I can’t thank Mr Kong enough for guiding me through, and I am always very happy to learn from him.

— Clarence Tan, Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road)

Calvin Kong has given me the encouragement and confidence re quired to do the paper. He is able to pinpoint the weak areas, and does his upmost best to help us improve and do well. Without his help, I can confidently say that my physics would not have been ready for O Levels. His enthusiasm and lame puns always puts a smile on the students faces, making class enjoyable and conducive.

— Hiero Ong, Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road)

Though being in this tuition centre for a mere 7 months before my O Levels, Mr Calvin Kong has helped me improve in my Physics tremendously through his fun, interactive lessons.

— Marcus Chan Kai Jun, Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road)

Through Mr Calvin Kong’s lessons, I have learnt to adopt a systematic approach towards problem solving. He is able to make Physics so much simpler and easier that I longer think of it as “impossible”. He had definitely contributed to my positive approach to learning the subject.

— Jerel Wong, Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road)

When I started on Mr Kong’s tuition classes, it came with no high expectations as it was only a few months to my end-of-year exams. However, he had helped me cleared so many doubts within this short period of time, leading to great improvements. Whenever I had questions, I would look to Mr Kong and he will never fail to explain the concepts to me in different ways to ensure that I understood and be able to solve the questions. He makes classes fun and enjoyable through his jokes, keeping everyone engaged. I am super grateful for such an amazing teacher who not only helped me improve in grades but also to enjoy the subject much more. Thank you Mr Kong.

— Douglas Tang, Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

Mr Kong is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who never fails to lend a helping hand when needed. His explanations are clear and understandable. With the help of certain tools that allow students to visualise their learning more efficiently. The materials given are extremely useful and easy to use as reference.

— Gabriel Kiew, Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

Mr Kong is a very helpful tutor whom with great patience, helped me grasp the foundations of each topic better. During practice in class, he is able to quickly point out my mistakes and give quick, short and clear explanations on the spot. This allows me to correct my misconceptions on site, making class very efficient.

— Ng Yong Ning, Bedok South Secondary School

His lessons are well-paced and he regularly check on his students’ understanding. He gives enough time for us to think through, thus allowing every student to understand fully before continuing. He ensures that his students’ foundation is strong before making them trying the worksheets at different levels.

— Ng Yong Tai, Bedok South Secondary School

Mr Calvin Kong was introduced to me by a friend and he has been the best physics tutor that I’ve had. Fluent with physics concepts and extremely patient, he always tries his best to cater to my pace of learning. I would recommend his physics tuition class to anyone struggling with the subject!

— Joshua Tan, Bedok South Secondary School

He paces his lessons well and together with his clear explanation, it becomes easy for students like myself who finds physics challenging, to understand and grasp the difficult physics concepts. Being constantly concerned with our well-being, he is always reaching out to us students and attending to our questions.

— James Teo, Bedok View Secondary School

Ever since I attended Mr Kong’s Physics tuition, my Physics improved tremendously. He makes the lessons fun and interesting, allowing me to be more interested in the subject and put more effort into it. Mr Kong’s passion in searching and creating material for his students is unrivalled, and has encouraged me to also put in more effort and do well in Physics. Because of him I was able to jump 3 grades up. Thank you Mr Kong!

— Jennifer Grace, Bukit Batok Secondary School

I became more confident in Physics and I really start to enjoy Physics lesson because of Mr Kong. For me the results I got in Secondary 4 when I joined his lesson were actually more decent compared to my peers.

— Andrea Toh, Bukit Batok Secondary School

I have learnt a lot from the class. I did not understand any Physics chapters and was suffering until I joined the class. After a few lessons, I became better in Physics as I could understand well. I became confident in Physics because of this class. He makes students understand concepts and chapters very well by illustrating things in real life and also by the visualiser. Also, the class was never boring which helped me stay awake and be focused all the time. It is a great class.

— Kim Jong Hoon, Bukit Batok Secondary School

Mr Kong’s lessons were very helpful in boosting my confidence when it came to tackling questions. Looking at questions now, I am better able to structure and plan my answers. He also provided helpful insights to what examiners are looking out for in our answers. The notes and lessons were enriching and well-planned.

— Sunanda, Bukit Batok Secondary School

After suffering from several setbacks in Sec 3, I was demoralised by my Physics results as I either kept failing or getting borderline passes. However, after chancing upon his website on the internet when I was searching for references to do my school physics homework, I decided to take classes in Mr Kong’s Centre as it seemed good and beneficial for me. I was not wrong. Mr Kong’s 2-page summary and consolidation notes in a booklet was what I like most as it proved to be useful for revision when I was studying for the exams. In addition, his clear explanations and demonstration using things around us made me understand the topics better and cleared many of my misconceptions. Students can be assured of the quality teaching in Mr Kong’s class and benefit from it just as I had.

— Melvin Kher, Catholic High School

The lessons are fun and engaging and the teacher always makes sure to give us a short break either by telling us jokes or short stories, and I like that because it helps me to focus and absorb more information when the lesson resumes. The concepts taught by him were easy to understand as he often compares them to real-life examples. I must thank him for making Physics so much more bearable and interesting.

— Melissa Ang, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Mr Calvin is a very patient and passionate tutor who never fails to provide the best form of education to his students. After being in his tuition for 1.5 years, I can safely say that his methods of teaching has really helped me in attaining better grades

— Beltran Lim, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Mr Kong is a patient and nurturing educator. He strives to ensure all syllabus content is delivered in a clear and concise manner. After taking lessons under Mr Kong, I now have increased understanding of Physics concepts and can better explain Physics concepts to my peers. In each and every lesson, students can expect efficient timed practices, detailed explanations and notes all created by Mr Kong, I would strongly recommend Mr kong to any students who seek excellence in Physics.

— Darren Quek, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Calvin is a fun yet meticulous teacher whose passion can be seen through his teaching. He is detailed in his explanation and always tries his best to find ways to deliver in the most efficient manner. He understands the needs of his students and tries to bring life to his lessons in order to engage them.

— Chang Weng Hong, Chung Cheng High (Main)

Mr Kong is a nice and fun teacher who makes lessons interesting by showing us real life experiments and also demonstrating cool and interesting experiments. When in doubt, Mr Kong attends to our questions and explains thoroughly for us and also gives real life examples for us to understand better. He also puts in effort into the worksheets that he gives and the 2 page summary is extremely helpful!

— Celest Wee, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)


Through his revision classes, Mr Kong had really helped to clear many of my doubts even though I joined his classes late, only nearing the exams. His notes were really helpful as it summarises all the chapters really well and it was extremely comprehensive. I am glad I joined his tuition classes as it helped improved my physics grades a lot.

— Ong Xynthea, Chung High School (Yishun)


His lessons are very engaging and interesting, and he really takes the time to help each and every student. I never expected to enjoy learning physics, until I joined his class. His methods of teaching is excellent and his notes contain adequate information. Learning from him has been a very pleasant and beneficial experience.

— Nikhita Terence, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent

The notes that he created is very well organised with the content, examples and practice questions flowing seamlessly. This helped me attain concepts effectively within a short time. His worksheets are arranged at different levels (easy, medium, difficult) and amazingly categorised into question types. This is extremely helpful as it gets me mentally ready for the o-levels.

— Apna, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent

After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s lessons, I am able to understand difficult concepts better as they are being explained in a simple and interesting way. Overall, I feel that Mr Kong had made learning Physics easy and fun.

— Tay Hui Rong, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent

Initially, I didn’t really like Physics as a subject as I had difficulties understanding the concepts taught in school and I did not do well in Physics. After joining the tuition, I began to gain more confidence in doing Physics as my basics were built. I also began to like Physics as a subject. I had a great improvement in understanding the basics and concepts.

— Loo Zee Yee, Clementi Town Secondary School

Even though I started my prelims, I feel that after each lesson I am more confident of Physics as there are many small details and tricky questions to take note of. He also teaches us the methods to answer different questions which allows me to know how to approach the questions better.

— Wang Yi Xuan, Clementi Town Secondary School

Mr Kong has helped me a lot in building up my Physics concepts. Through the effective use of notes and demonstrations of the laws of Physics, he is able to articulate clear explanations to students. I have benefitted from his lessons and can see some improvements in my results.

— Yik Wen Yuan, Clementi Town Secondary

Mr Calvin Kong is extremely approachable and supportive. If we do not understand a concept or a certain way of tackling the question, he will always try his best to make sure that it is engraved in our brains. There is no doubt that his fun and well-planned lessons have helped me to understand physics better and approach the different types of questions with more confidence. He has made physics an enjoyable subject to learn for me!

— Neha Seayad, Commonwealth Secondary School

Mr Calvin Kong is a very fun, passionate, and enthusiastic teacher. He not only teaches well but also entertain us with engaging stories and physics demonstrations to help us understand concepts better. He plans out his lesson for the day well and executes it perfectly. The weekly lessons indeed has an impact on the students and had helped each and every student grow. He is more than willing to answer my questions that are out of the syllabus. I definitely had benefitted greatly from his lessons.

— Ezekiel Wong, Commonwealth Secondary School

Before I joined this tuition, I really hated Physics and was always confused during lessons in class. Physics concepts were hard for me to comprehend and there were insufficient practices provided by the school. Mr Kong’s lessons are always very engaging and easy for everyone to follow. Unlike school lessons which are fast-paced, I feel encouraged to clarify my doubts. Mr Kong uses different resources that allow us to visualise Physics concepts better which deepens my understanding of each chapter. For more challenging topics, Mr Kong uses different approaches like videos , real life demonstrations and computer simulations, to allow us to understand every topic instead of just plain memorising, and this really enhances my learning. Mr Kong also provides consolidated notes, timed practices, 1 to 1 consultations via Whatsapp, a notebook for us to consolidate important concepts, which has helped me a lot in my preparation for major school examinations.

— Kay, Crescent Girls’ School

Mr Calvin Kong is the best Physics tutor you could possibly have. He has made learning Physics easy and enjoyable. In the 1.5 years that I have been here, my analytical and thinking skills have vastly improved. I would recommend his tuition to anyone who wants to get a distinction in Physics.

— Naidu Vibha, Crescent Girls’ School

Mr Kong’s lessons are always well-planned and engaging. Obtaining an F9 in Sec 3 made me feel that doing well in the subject was impossible and I even considered dropping the subject altogether. However, after just three months of joining the centre, my grades improved tremendously and I even got an A2 for Mid-Years! His constant dedication to improve his resources to help us visualise difficult concepts, his well-thought-out notes and his concise teaching has helped me ignite passion for the subject and I am certain that the same can be said for all of his other students. Because of his lessons and never-ending guidance, I can confidently say that I have successfully grasped all of the Physics concepts within this syllabus and I am fully prepared for the O Levels.

— Sim Wei Xin, Crescent Girls’ School

I was a student who scored C6 at the start of Secondary 3. However, now I managed to score A2 for prelims. I feel that his teaching has really helped me to understand how to apply the concepts I have learnt.

— Goh Marlene, Crescent Girl’s School

Mr Calvin Kong’s Tuition Classes are unlike the classes offered by tuition centres. His classes are engaging and the hands on activities aids my understanding of the concepts. Mr Kong is an effective tutor and his explanations have helped me build a strong foundation. I have enjoyed his lessons and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get a distinction for Physics!

— Abirami, Crescent Girls’ School


I went to different tuition centres for other subjects. For most of the places, they just went through the basics that they have planned but do not actually cater to each individual’s needs. Your classes are different because of the small class size and and all the students were catered to. I will miss your enthusiastic lessons. Thank you for making learning this fun and enjoyable.

— Basuvalingam Pavithra, Crescent Girls’ School


In the past 3 months that I have attended Mr Calvin Kong’s fantastic Physics Tuition Classes, I have undoubtedly improved not only in my grades but also in my level of understanding of the subject. His fun-filled lessons have managed to ignite my passion for the subject which once confused and baffled me. With the help of his 2-Page Summaries and Revision Worksheets, I am able to go further with a confident A1.

— Pyae, Crescent Girls’ School


He genuinely wants to help us in any way that he can and would often stay back after class to answer our many more questions, not only in Physics but also in Chemistry, E and A Mathematics. With him as our Tutor, we never have to worry about not getting help and guidance!

— Jessica Yu, Crescent Girls’ School


Mr Kong is very nice and he is always willing to clarify my doubts. Even on Whatsapp, he will try his best to explain clearly by writing the answers out in detailed steps and sending to us as a snapshot. I used to feel that Physics is a very hazy subject but after attending his physics tuition classes, my understanding had certainly deepened.

— Loh Zi Ying, Crescent Girls’ School


Mr Kong is a very good tutor and is very passionate towards Physics. He did not hesitate to answer all our questions and came up with very effective worksheets to aid us in our understanding and prepare us for the O-levels examination. I was a C student before I join and after his tutoring my grades was so much better and I got an A1 for my prelims and O Levels!

— Khoo Hui En, Crescent Girls’ School


Mr Kong is a perfectionist whose commitment to ensure effective teaching and learning is reflected by the enthusiasm of his students. Outside the classroom, he has a great personality – patient, fun and never boring. In secondary 3, my Physics was lagging behind and my foundation was not strong but with Mr Kong’s help, I managed to pick up and improved from a fail grade to a B3 for the Os. Thank you!

— Charlotte Wang, Crescent Girls’ School


After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s Physics Tuition Class, I understood the concepts better. His teaching methods are very effective. He is also very friendly and so not only did my Physics grades improve, I had a lot of fun in class too!

— Nandetha, Crescent Girls’ School


Under the teaching of Mr Calvin Kong, I understand the topics the concepts better. Doing a wide range of questions on the key concepts had also made me become more confident in the exams.

— Prthika, Crescent Girls’ School