• Derek Kiang

    Mr Kong is a patient and dedicated teacher whom students find approachable when in doubt. When needed to clarify certain concepts, Mr Kong would be patient in his approach and use different methods of explanation to allow you to understand. He would try his best to engage the lessons with demonstrations to allow his students to better understand. He would also occasionally crack jokes to spice up the lesson while learning takes place simultaneously. With these attributes, lessons would be more interesting while Mr Kong helps students to excel in Physics.

  • Kieran Lee, Ahmad Ibrahim

    The tutors break down harder concepts into smaller parts that are easier to understand. This helped me to improve my physics from a C6 in SA1 to an A1 in my prelims.

  • Chua Jia Minn

    I realised that he always has several ways to explain the same physics concepts such that when one don’t work, he can switch and explain in other ways until we understood. Ultimately, he is quick to understand our individual learning style and he can precisely explain his lessons in the way that we can understand best.

  • Dionne

    Mr Kong ensures we are able to internalise the general concepts before teaching us how to apply them in basic questions and from there, we progress to the more challenging ones. I like that he is patient and he makes sure we go through this routine for every topic, which makes us well-versed in the subject.

  • Liew Yee Kay

    I always had much difficulty and found Physics a cumbersome and boring subject. But after attending his physics tuition class, I slowly understood it, and finally got an A1 at the end! One thing I really appreciate about Calvin is the fact that he cared for us all as individuals. When I was unsure about other subjects like A. Math, he will stay back after class with me to clear my doubts. And for that, I’m really thankful!

  • Seah Jia Yi Megan

    Mr Kong is a very thoughtful teacher who would always seek to improve himself and his lessons. He plans his lessons to suit the needs of his students and always makes sure tht his students understand the concepts before applying them (unlike many other teachers such as my school’s physics teacher). I would say that Mr Kong is one of my favourite teachers out there. Overall, coming to this tuition centre is really worth it and this is also evident in my grades (D7 to A2!).

  • Clarence Tan

    I believe Mr Kong is a truly one-of-a-kind teacher. He is always very approachable, and always takes the time to help students fully understand the lesson. Before I came to his class, Physics was probably my worst subject and I was always struggling at school. However, over the course of a few months, under Mr Kong’s tutelage, I was able to strengthen my foundation and improve my confidence in the subject. In only a year, my grade for Physics by 4 grades, from a D7 in Secondary 3 to a B3 in the beginning of Secondary 4. I can’t thank Mr Kong enough for guiding me through, and I am always very happy to learn from him.

  • Mrs Magdalene Tan, parent of Clarence Tan

    Mr Calvin Kong is a tutor that I will strongly recommend to anymore. He is a true educator who shows passion for the subject and his students. His pedagogy was strong and with his constant encouragement, he was able to build the confidence and foundation of his students. I am thankful to have Mr Kong tutoring and guiding my child through the 1.5 years!

  • Hiero Ong

    Calvin Kong has given me the encouragement and confidence re quired to do the paper. He is able to pinpoint the weak areas, and does his upmost best to help us improve and do well. Without his help, I can confidently say that my physics would not have been ready for O Levels. His enthusiasm and lame puns always puts a smile on the students faces, making class enjoyable and conducive.

  • Jerel Wong

    Through Mr Calvin Kong’s lessons, I have learnt to adopt a systematic approach towards problem solving. He is able to make Physics so much simpler and easier that I longer think of it as “impossible”. He had definitely contributed to my positive approach to learning the subject.

  • Marcus Chan Kai Jun

    Though being in this tuition centre for a mere 7 months before my O Levels, Mr Calvin Kong has helped me improve in my Physics tremendously through his fun, interactive lessons.

  • Adam Irfan

    The team of tutors have helped me in my content understanding tremendously and always stay back to answer my queries and clarify my doubts. They also provide us with quality revision materials to help us have tons of revision time. I am really grateful that I found them and I hope to be under their tutelage again in my JC journey.

  • Annamalai

    The tuition has helped me understand what is happening in class during school and the two page summaries are very useful as it is a good and easy way to revise. The exercises help me get to know the types of questions and how to answer it. I can always clarify my doubts anytime. Lessons are very fun due to the videos and experiments during break.

  • Douglas Tang

    When I started on Mr Kong’s tuition classes, it came with no high expectations as it was only a few months to my end-of-year exams. However, he had helped me cleared so many doubts within this short period of time, leading to great improvements. Whenever I had questions, I would look to Mr Kong and he will never fail to explain the concepts to me in different ways to ensure that I understood and be able to solve the questions. He makes classes fun and enjoyable through his jokes, keeping everyone engaged. I am super grateful for such an amazing teacher who not only helped me improve in grades but also to enjoy the subject much more. Thank you Mr Kong.

  • Dylan

    I have really enjoyed the lessons. The teaching style and notes have really helped me to improve my understanding of the subject. The weekly exercises have really helped me deepen my understanding of the subject and knowledge with the constant tests and practices. I have especially found the summary notes to be the most helpful outside of class, whenever I am in doubt while doing a worksheet or in school, where I do not understand my teacher, I would use the summary notes to clarify doubts. The tutors always spare time for the students and will ensure that each one of us will be as prepared for any exams. Thank you for teaching me!

  • Gabriel Kiew

    Mr Kong is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who never fails to lend a helping hand when needed. His explanations are clear and understandable. With the help of certain tools that allow students to visualise their learning more efficiently. The materials given are extremely useful and easy to use as reference.

  • Muhaimin

    Coming in for my first lesson, I was originally nervous and skeptical about how effective the lesson was going to be. After one lesson, I was able to fully understand what was taught. Which was surprising. I originally heard about this tuition when a friend of mine had gone from a D7 to a B3. Although I’ve only spent five months at this center, I have really been able to understand all the concepts and also reinforce them with the countless practices. Thank you!

  • Joshua Tan

    Mr Calvin Kong was introduced to me by a friend and he has been the best physics tutor that I’ve had. Fluent with physics concepts and extremely patient, he always tries his best to cater to my pace of learning. I would recommend his physics tuition class to anyone struggling with the subject!

  • Ng Yong Ning

    Mr Kong is a very helpful tutor whom with great patience, helped me grasp the foundations of each topic better. During practice in class, he is able to quickly point out my mistakes and give quick, short and clear explanations on the spot. This allows me to correct my misconceptions on site, making class very efficient.

  • Ng Yong Tai

    His lessons are well-paced and he regularly check on his students’ understanding. He gives enough time for us to think through, thus allowing every student to understand fully before continuing. He ensures that his students’ foundation is strong before making them trying the worksheets at different levels.

  • James Teo

    He paces his lessons well and together with his clear explanation, it becomes easy for students like myself who finds physics challenging, to understand and grasp the difficult physics concepts. Being constantly concerned with our well-being, he is always reaching out to us students and attending to our questions.

  • Harry Chia

    Taking the pure Physics class as a Science Physics students helped greatly as one can tackle higher difficulty questions for the same topic which gives me greater experience.

  • Andrea Toh

    I became more confident in Physics and I really start to enjoy Physics lesson because of Mr Kong. For me the results I got in Secondary 4 when I joined his lesson were actually more decent compared to my peers.

  • Harni

    The class was really useful as a lot of detailed notes and concept orientated practices were given to practice. Near O’ levels, summarised notes with key concepts, definitions and formulas were given which I found most useful. Mr Kong has been a wonderful teacher too as he taught and guided us in a unique way. I would highly recommend joining Concept First tuition centre as it has helped improved my grades from a C6 to a B3 so very good!

  • Jennifer Grace

    Ever since I attended Mr Kong’s Physics tuition, my Physics improved tremendously. He makes the lessons fun and interesting, allowing me to be more interested in the subject and put more effort into it. Mr Kong’s passion in searching and creating material for his students is unrivalled, and has encouraged me to also put in more effort and do well in Physics. Because of him I was able to jump 3 grades up. Thank you Mr Kong!

  • Kim Jong Hoon

    I have learnt a lot from the class. I did not understand any Physics chapters and was suffering until I joined the class. After a few lessons, I became better in Physics as I could understand well. I became confident in Physics because of this class. He makes students understand concepts and chapters very well by illustrating things in real life and also by the visualiser. Also, the class was never boring which helped me stay awake and be focused all the time. It is a great class.

  • Sunanda

    Mr Kong’s lessons were very helpful in boosting my confidence when it came to tackling questions. Looking at questions now, I am better able to structure and plan my answers. He also provided helpful insights to what examiners are looking out for in our answers. The notes and lessons were enriching and well-planned.

  • Iman Thahirah

    I liked the lesson structure, although I only joined for a year, I managed to catch up on my physics. The lessons were fun, and I could learn the basics of Physics through the revision classes. I could understand physics concepts that were complicated, and it helped improve my physics grades. Additionally, the notes provided are very good, there was the page summaries that helped me consolidate my learning.

  • Zi Heng

    Concept First is probably the best tuition centre I’ve been to. The teacher, Mr Kong, is very dedicated to his job and puts in so much effort to teach and prepare materials that are easy to understand. The amount of effort he puts in really reflects on the materials provided. His work ethic is really commendable and I am glad to have found Concept First. Mr Kong is a hardworking and friendly teacher and I would definitely recommend enrolling in this tuition centre.

  • Chan Yi Hong

    Concept First is a tuition centrethat makes sure that you are good at the concepts for every topical lesson by learning and understanding how those concepts work by listening to their explanations and practice questions provided. Mr Kong, especially, also does some small experiments or visualisations to break down hard concepts to improve our understanding. I feel that concepts are important to do well so they have done well to make that possible. I can also ask questions to clarify our doubts, so I am able to excel well, so having them in supporting my education is absolutely comforting.

  • Melvin Kher

    After suffering from several setbacks in Sec 3, I was demoralised by my Physics results as I either kept failing or getting borderline passes. However, after chancing upon his website on the internet when I was searching for references to do my school physics homework, I decided to take classes in Mr Kong’s Centre as it seemed good and beneficial for me. I was not wrong. Mr Kong’s 2-page summary and consolidation notes in a booklet was what I like most as it proved to be useful for revision when I was studying for the exams. In addition, his clear explanations and demonstration using things around us made me understand the topics better and cleared many of my misconceptions. Students can be assured of the quality teaching in Mr Kong’s class and benefit from it just as I had.

  • Melissa Ang

    The lessons are fun and engaging and the teacher always makes sure to give us a short break either by telling us jokes or short stories, and I like that because it helps me to focus and absorb more information when the lesson resumes. The concepts taught by him were easy to understand as he often compares them to real-life examples. I must thank him for making Physics so much more bearable and interesting.

  • Apna

    The notes that he created is very well organised with the content, examples and practice questions flowing seamlessly. This helped me attain concepts effectively within a short time. His worksheets are arranged at different levels (easy, medium, difficult) and amazingly categorised into question types. This is extremely helpful as it gets me mentally ready for the o-levels.

  • Nikhita Terence

    His lessons are very engaging and interesting, and he really takes the time to help each and every student. I never expected to enjoy learning physics, until I joined his class. His methods of teaching is excellent and his notes contain adequate information. Learning from him has been a very pleasant and beneficial experience.

  • Tay Hui Rong

    After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s lessons, I am able to understand difficult concepts better as they are being explained in a simple and interesting way. Overall, I feel that Mr Kong had made learning Physics easy and fun.

  • Ivory

    Teacher Calvin is the most enthusiastic, inspiring and passionate teacher I’ve had. He never fails to make physics interesting and easy to understand. With the 2 page summaries and helpful formula sheets, I have been able to study for physics more efficiently. Without Teacher Calvin, I would never have thought that I would enjoy physics so much. Thank you!

  • Beltran Lim

    Mr Calvin is a very patient and passionate tutor who never fails to provide the best form of education to his students. After being in his tuition for 1.5 years, I can safely say that his methods of teaching has really helped me in attaining better grades

  • Chang Weng Hong

    Calvin is a fun yet meticulous teacher whose passion can be seen through his teaching. He is detailed in his explanation and always tries his best to find ways to deliver in the most efficient manner. He understands the needs of his students and tries to bring life to his lessons in order to engage them.

  • Darren Quek

    Mr Kong is a patient and nurturing educator. He strives to ensure all syllabus content is delivered in a clear and concise manner. After taking lessons under Mr Kong, I now have increased understanding of Physics concepts and can better explain Physics concepts to my peers. In each and every lesson, students can expect efficient timed practices, detailed explanations and notes all created by Mr Kong, I would strongly recommend Mr kong to any students who seek excellence in Physics.

  • Megan Tay

    Concept First tutors always find innovative ways to explain complex Physics concepts to the students to make it easy to understand and relate to. They do their best to constantly improve his materials such as the summary notes which is extremely beneficial. They are patient even when students ask many questions and ask to re-explain certain concepts they are still unsure about. Through the lessons, it does not only make Physics easier to comprehend, but more interesting as well.

  • Celest Wee

    Mr Kong is a nice and fun teacher who makes lessons interesting by showing us real life experiments and also demonstrating cool and interesting experiments. When in doubt, Mr Kong attends to our questions and explains thoroughly for us and also gives real life examples for us to understand better. He also puts in effort into the worksheets that he gives and the 2 page summary is extremely helpful!

  • Gilda Lee

    I think the classes have been very engaging and helpful. It has allowed me to understand the physics concepts better, more thoroughly and hence improve. The tutors teach the class in a very fun matter, by including real life demonstrations of the scenarios and incorporating jokes into the lessons. They fully understand and empathise with what we are going through and tries to help us as much as possible. I am extremely grateful to have met Mr Kong especially, thank you Mr Kong!

  • Natalyn Ang

    The lessons have been very helpful as the tutors go through all the topics very thoroughly. The materials that are provided also encompasses all the key points that students need to know. The lessons are very enjoyable and effective as they use many strategies to help students retain information better, such as the consolidation booklet. The practical lessons that are provided also allows students to practice and hone their skills, allowing the students to be prepared for all components.

  • Ong Xynthea

    Through his revision classes, Mr Kong had really helped to clear many of my doubts even though I joined his classes late, only nearing the exams. His notes were really helpful as it summarises all the chapters really well and it was extremely comprehensive. I am glad I joined his tuition classes as it helped improved my physics grades a lot.

  • Anisa Azlam

    I spent 1.5 years in Concept First Tuition Centre. The tutors definitely did their best to help all the students who joined the classes. I sought help from Mr Kong specifically when I still did not understand why my answer was incorrect or to clarify any doubts and he patiently explained it in simpler terms for me. Mr Kong also specially created formulas, definitions and summary sheets and advised us how to use his materials provided. Not only is his teaching clear and helpful, Mr Kong has ensured that I, as a student, am able to self improve in my way of learning and understanding.

  • Loo Zee Yee

    Initially, I didn’t really like Physics as a subject as I had difficulties understanding the concepts taught in school and I did not do well in Physics. After joining the tuition, I began to gain more confidence in doing Physics as my basics were built. I also began to like Physics as a subject. I had a great improvement in understanding the basics and concepts.

  • Wang Yi Xuan

    Even though I started my prelims, I feel that after each lesson I am more confident of Physics as there are many small details and tricky questions to take note of. He also teaches us the methods to answer different questions which allows me to know how to approach the questions better.

  • Yik Wen Yuan

    Mr Kong has helped me a lot in building up my Physics concepts. Through the effective use of notes and demonstrations of the laws of Physics, he is able to articulate clear explanations to students. I have benefitted from his lessons and can see some improvements in my results.

  • Yim Zheng Long

    I feel that Concept First’s materials are very well prepared and sufficient in terms of helping us review basics and advanced skill sets. The lessons focus on teaching the concepts of physics in majority so it kinda set a deep rooted habit into us so we can understand physics better. The classroom is also conducive so you don’t have to worry about not having enough teaching material. The tutors are also very tech savvy so the lessons are being projected from tablets and they can even show us real life examples and analogies. In all, I personally feel your child will benefit greatly and that his/her future can be paved in advanced

  • Ezekiel Wong

    Mr Calvin Kong is a very fun, passionate, and enthusiastic teacher. He not only teaches well but also entertain us with engaging stories and physics demonstrations to help us understand concepts better. He plans out his lesson for the day well and executes it perfectly. The weekly lessons indeed has an impact on the students and had helped each and every student grow. He is more than willing to answer my questions that are out of the syllabus. I definitely had benefitted greatly from his lessons.

  • Neha Seayad

    Mr Calvin Kong is extremely approachable and supportive. If we do not understand a concept or a certain way of tackling the question, he will always try his best to make sure that it is engraved in our brains. There is no doubt that his fun and well-planned lessons have helped me to understand physics better and approach the different types of questions with more confidence. He has made physics an enjoyable subject to learn for me!

  • Renee Choo

    The learning environment is conducive and beneficial for learning. I have really benefited from the resources, they’ve made learning physics so much easier. Thankful for all the online and face-to-face consultations with Mr Kong! Would highly recommend this tuition centre!

  • Abirami

    Mr Calvin Kong’s Tuition Classes are unlike the classes offered by tuition centres. His classes are engaging and the hands on activities aids my understanding of the concepts. Mr Kong is an effective tutor and his explanations have helped me build a strong foundation. I have enjoyed his lessons and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get a distinction for Physics!

  • Basuvalingam Pavithra

    I went to different tuition centres for other subjects. For most of the places, they just went through the basics that they have planned but do not actually cater to each individual’s needs. Your classes are different because of the small class size and and all the students were catered to. I will miss your enthusiastic lessons. Thank you for making learning this fun and enjoyable.

  • Charlotte Wang

    Mr Kong is a perfectionist whose commitment to ensure effective teaching and learning is reflected by the enthusiasm of his students. Outside the classroom, he has a great personality – patient, fun and never boring. In secondary 3, my Physics was lagging behind and my foundation was not strong but with Mr Kong’s help, I managed to pick up and improved from a fail grade to a B3 for the Os. Thank you!

  • Goh Marlene

    I was a student who scored C6 at the start of Secondary 3. However, now I managed to score A2 for prelims. I feel that his teaching has really helped me to understand how to apply the concepts I have learnt.

  • Jessica Yu

    He genuinely wants to help us in any way that he can and would often stay back after class to answer our many more questions, not only in Physics but also in Chemistry, E and A Mathematics. With him as our Tutor, we never have to worry about not getting help and guidance!

  • Kay

    Before I joined this tuition, I really hated Physics and was always confused during lessons in class. Physics concepts were hard for me to comprehend and there were insufficient practices provided by the school. Mr Kong’s lessons are always very engaging and easy for everyone to follow. Unlike school lessons which are fast-paced, I feel encouraged to clarify my doubts. Mr Kong uses different resources that allow us to visualise Physics concepts better which deepens my understanding of each chapter. For more challenging topics, Mr Kong uses different approaches like videos , real life demonstrations and computer simulations, to allow us to understand every topic instead of just plain memorising, and this really enhances my learning. Mr Kong also provides consolidated notes, timed practices, 1 to 1 consultations via Whatsapp, a notebook for us to consolidate important concepts, which has helped me a lot in my preparation for major school examinations.

  • Khoo Hui En

    Mr Kong is a very good tutor and is very passionate towards Physics. He did not hesitate to answer all our questions and came up with very effective worksheets to aid us in our understanding and prepare us for the O-levels examination. I was a C student before I join and after his tutoring my grades was so much better and I got an A1 for my prelims and O Levels!

  • Loh Zi Ying

    Mr Kong is very nice and he is always willing to clarify my doubts. Even on Whatsapp, he will try his best to explain clearly by writing the answers out in detailed steps and sending to us as a snapshot. I used to feel that Physics is a very hazy subject but after attending his physics tuition classes, my understanding had certainly deepened.

  • Naidu Vibha

    Mr Calvin Kong is the best Physics tutor you could possibly have. He has made learning Physics easy and enjoyable. In the 1.5 years that I have been here, my analytical and thinking skills have vastly improved. I would recommend his tuition to anyone who wants to get a distinction in Physics.

  • Nandetha

    After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s Physics Tuition Class, I understood the concepts better. His teaching methods are very effective. He is also very friendly and so not only did my Physics grades improve, I had a lot of fun in class too!

  • Prthika

    Under the teaching of Mr Calvin Kong, I understand the topics the concepts better. Doing a wide range of questions on the key concepts had also made me become more confident in the exams.

  • Pyae

    In the past 3 months that I have attended Mr Calvin Kong’s fantastic Physics Tuition Classes, I have undoubtedly improved not only in my grades but also in my level of understanding of the subject. His fun-filled lessons have managed to ignite my passion for the subject which once confused and baffled me. With the help of his 2-Page Summaries and Revision Worksheets, I am able to go further with a confident A1.

  • Sim Wei Xin

    Mr Kong’s lessons are always well-planned and engaging. Obtaining an F9 in Sec 3 made me feel that doing well in the subject was impossible and I even considered dropping the subject altogether. However, after just three months of joining the centre, my grades improved tremendously and I even got an A2 for Mid-Years! His constant dedication to improve his resources to help us visualise difficult concepts, his well-thought-out notes and his concise teaching has helped me ignite passion for the subject and I am certain that the same can be said for all of his other students. Because of his lessons and never-ending guidance, I can confidently say that I have successfully grasped all of the Physics concepts within this syllabus and I am fully prepared for the O Levels.

  • Fu Ziyu

    Mr Kong’s Physics lessons are very engaging This is not only because he can explain the difficult concept clearly, but also makes Physics comes alive and relatable to real life. The notes prepared by Mr Kong is very comprehensive and clear. Through his work, one can definitely see the effort and passion for teaching. In addition, Mr Kong is a very helpful and optimistic person. He is can really work well with us students. He truly inspires to make us want to work hard for our future. Thank you, Mr Kong.

  • Sim Ru Wei

    Mr Calvin Kong is a very dedicated and patient tutor who can teach complicated concepts in a very simple way such that his students can comprehend them. He puts in a lot of effort in creating his lesson materials. Also without fail, he is always willing to stay back after lessons to patiently clarify our doubts and ensure that we fully understand the questions that we had problem tackling. Thank you, Mr Kong!

  • Joshlyn Looi

    Mr Kong’s lessons are one of the most interesting lessons that I look forward to attend. He helped me with enquires I have with Physics. I have become more confident in my concepts and answering techniques ever since I joined the tuition classes. He does check on our understanding by making sure everyone is alright with the things he goes through before proceeding I’ll definitely recommend him to my juniors. Overall, he is an excellent teacher!

  • Kyler Ito

    Mr Kong has dramatically improved not just my Physics results, but my understanding and interest for the subject. His lessons are very well thought through and very effective, tackling a sufficient and comfortable workload while still covering a substantial amount of content. The material that he provides is also incredibly fleshed-out and paired with his great teaching, is sure to help improve anyone’s Physics understanding. Not only that, but Mr Kong also makes an effort to engage with his students and make lessons interesting whether be it through some magic tricks or with his many jokes! Thank you Mr Kong!

  • Lim Cheyn Tong

    Mr Kong has good mastery of the subject, and his teaching style has indeed made me understand and like Physics so much more. He is one of the best Physics Teacher I have met who knows how to teach the concepts effectively, not only to prepare us for our exams but also to promote critical thinking in real life. His lessons are enjoyable, and he is very helpful and approachable. Thank you!

  • Don Ong

    The lessons are well-planned and great! My Physics grades managed to improve from C5 to B3. His notes are also better than my school notes as it is more detailed. Without his help, I would not have understood most of the topics in Physics. However, because he had the June Holiday revision package, which was for us to pick up the chapters that we were weak in and of our preference. This helped me to keep up with my classmates in school. I really like his teaching method! I remembered once he showed us how Total Internal Reflection occurs by shining a green laser into a “diamond”. The view was spectacular.

  • Goh Jing Wei

    Good teaching skills! My physics results improved tremendously after attending tuition. Explanation of concepts and materials given are also very good!

  • Loh Jia Ying

    Mr Kong is a very responsible tutor and makes the lesson very fun. He teaches Physics well such that students understand his clear explanations. He also goes through many types of questions to prepare students for exams. This has benefitted me greatly.

  • Selicia Tan

    Mr Kong has good mastery of the subject and is able to deliver the content well. He also gives detailed notes and summaries for every chapter and I am able to use them for my revision. He also tells us to bring it for every lesson so that we can refer to them easily. He follows the learning outcomes of the topic closely and uses them to create the summary notes.

  • Seetha

    Mr Calvin Kong has been an amazing tutor whom I can approach when in doubt of any concepts. Among all the tuitions I have heard of and attended, his lessons are the most organised and well-paced. It is never to fast to catch up nor too slow hence making one doze off. The materials he had created are just awesome and it allows me to grasp the concepts quickly. In all, his teachings had surely prepared me well for my O levels.

  • Selina Lee

    Mr Calvin Kong is one of the most passionate and creative tutor I have met. He is able to bring out the concepts well using different methods of teaching to strengthen my physics concepts. Most importantly, he is one of the most approachable, understanding person whom you can ask questions when in doubt. After attending his lessons, I gained more confidence and saw improvement in the subject which I initially lost hope in.

  • Teo Li Juan

    Mr Kong is an approachable tutor whom allows students to ask him questions beyond class time. The materials he had prepared allowed me to have greater confidence in tackling difficult questions. His lessons were fun and enjoyable as he uses real life examples to explain certain concepts. He also tends to brighten up the class mood by trying to crack jokes or share the real life experiences he had gone through. Thanks to Mr Kong, I have greater confidence in the subject I once almost lost hope in.

  • Viktoriia Mytsyk

    His effective teaching techniques and engaging lessons pulled me up quickly and I eventually managed to obtain an A1 for my year-end Preliminary Examinations 3 months later. He makes lessons very interesting and its the first time that I actually looked forward to going to tuition! ? I myself am surprised that I could jump so many grades in a short period of time with his help. Mr Kong is also very humorous and never fails to brighten up the mood of the class.

  • Kelly Ng, parent of Leong Jing Wen

    My child likes his teaching very much as she is able to understand the concepts better. I regretted not sending her to Calvin Kong’s class earlier. Thank you for teaching her!

  • Leong Jing Wen

    After attending Mr Kong’s class for just 2 months, I find that I am starting to be more confident and regained the faith in myself as all the fundamentals which I previously failed to grasp are now made clear. The entire learning experience is simply unforgettable and had made me believe in the impossible and to have the courage to challenge myself.

  • Ang Shi Ying

    When I first joined the tuition in July, I was inevitably scared that I had to put in lots of hard work to improve since my foundation for Physics was not solid and it was only a few months away to my O Levels. However, the learning tools and lessons planned by you were both effective and efficient in helping me to understand the concepts that I previously did not understand. Furthermore, you constantly motivate me and are always very patient with any questions that I had clarified. Thank you for making Physics such an awesome subject!

  • Jolie Teng

    Mr Kong’s lessons are extremely enriching because I am able to build upon and expand on what is taught in school. Moreover, the lessons strengthen my foundation on weaker chapters such as electricity and magnetism. Through demonstrations in class, I am able to understand concepts better instead of memorising information to regurgitate them during examinations. Unlike school teachers, Mr Kong views questions through students’ perspectives and explains them using a step-by-step approach. Mr Kong’s ability to teach difficult questions has made me realise that Physics is not that complicated a subject.

  • Queena Lee

    Mr Kong has greatly enhanced my understanding in the subject. Physics is one of the subjects I disliked the most because my teacher had never really taught us about the application of concepts and simply read what was in the textbook. I joined the class considerably late in April 2018 with faint understanding of the subject, but after attending the March holidays revision classes and attempting the extra practice questions given, I can confidently say that all my doubts for the Secondary 3 topics that I was very confused about has been cleared and Physics seems more bearable and enjoyable. Thank you Mr Kong!

  • Damaen

    I always enjoy Mr Kong’s classes. He explains concepts very well and sometimes add in interesting facts that help to deepen my interest and broaden my knowledge. Mr Kong is a friendly and approachable teacher whom I can turn to when I need help with my Physics. Mr Kong sometimes makes us laugh with his funny comments and jokes and this livened up the class. Thank you very much, Mr Kong for being my tutor.

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Mr Calvin Kong’s classes are very engaging. He explains very clearly, using keywords to help me understand the different topics better. His 2-page summary and revision worksheets are instrumental in helping me improve quickly, as they are easy to understand.

  • Akif Naufal bin Ahmad Sanhajie

    Lessons with Mr Kong were fun and engaging. I learnt so much about Physics and improved. Mr Kong delivers his lessons clearly with much understanding. His lessons are well-planned and he maximises the time we have every lesson to ensure that every student understands. I enjoy all of Mr Kong’s lessons. Mr Kong relates well with me and I feel comfortable to talk with him and clarify my doubts in certain topics.

  • Gabriel Goh

    Mr Calvin Kong is a friendly and humorous teacher who is able to make physics an enjoyable subject. During lessons, he tries to ensure that everyone is able to keep up with him, so that no one feels lost. For the blander aspects of physics, he spices them up with links to our daily lives. And for some of the tougher chapters, he goes through them in greater detail with many helpful drawings. I have had fun learning under him.

  • Elita Elisabeth Eso

    I really hated Physics in Secondary 3 and 2 and I did not understand a majority of the concepts taught in school. I really needed tuition but I could not figure out which tuition centre would be the best pick. That’s when my Chemistry tutor and school mate recommended Mr Calvin Kong’s classes to me. I really never thought I would ever like Physics but surprisingly I started liking the subject more as I begin to have a better understanding of the concepts. I first attended the intensive revision classes and it proved to be extremely helpful thus I decided to continue with the regular classes to improve further. I have seen such a huge improvement in my grades and I am really grateful for Mr Calvin Kong as he really knows how to ensure every single student in the class understands not only the topic but even a specific question. He preampts what all doubts we many have on the topic and addresses them before we could even ask. I am really grateful that I joined the tuition centre.

  • Hu Junjie

    Really helped me understand the subject better and cleared out parts I had questions about.

  • Irfan Abdullah

    Mr Kong has good mastery of Physics and is extremely approachable and supportive. His teaching style suits different types of students with different capabilities. He has certainly given the motivation and support needed for me to give my best for this subject. He is the best teacher I have met who gives in optimal effort to make lessons enjoyable and efficient. He has also proven to be one of the best tutors in the market in helping 90% of students attain As over the years. When I joined his tuition centre in 2017, I had a grade of F9 and within 2 months, he helped me pull my grades up to an A2! I would definitely recommend the future batch of students to have faith in Mr Kong’s methodology.

  • Tahirah

    Mr Calvin delivers his lessons using effective methods which had helped me recalled key concepts that I had struggled remembering in the past. He ensures that all students actively participate during lesson by making it fun. He fuels my drive to learn and set new benchmarks for myself to do better. I believe that Mr Calvin is able to continue inspiring further bathes of students.

  • Anna Florence

    Mr Kong cultivated in me the drive to achieve even better results. His clear and detailed explanations has heightened my ability to comprehend and solve physics problems more accurately. He has successfully managed to radiate his passion for the subject and encourage fruitful endavours. As a motivated and caring teacher, he reaches out in a myriad of ways to engage his students to obtain optimal learning and even beyond the confinements of the classroom. Thanks to him, I have never been more confident to embark my journey to O levels. =)

  • Callista Lam

    One word to describe Mr Calvin Kong – Brilliant! After attending his lessons, my passion, confidence and interest for the subject has grown tremendously. His intriguing live demonstrations had really helped me grasp difficult and confusing concepts that I was unable to understand in school. Calvin Kong’s notes are also well-crafted such that it breaks down each chapter into 2 to 3 sub-topics, making each chapter more digestible for students. He also ensures that they cover everything in the syllabus, leaving me with the peace of mind that I am well-prepared for my examinations. To end it off perfect, he provides us with his famous, concise 2-Page Summary that had made self-revision much easier and efficient.

  • Carmen D’Cruz

    Mr Calvin Kong uses very innovative and interactive ways to teach in class. His lessons are fun to attend, and he made me like Physics more. I can already see an improvement in my grades after attending classes for 2 months. I’ll definitely recommend him to my schoolmates and friends!

  • Dora Yeo

    Being someone who finds no interest in Physics, I found it hard to do well and eventually lost the motivation to try and understand the topics or even to listen in class. Mr Calvin Kong has his ways to relate Physics to common activities in daily lives. This not only strengthened my concepts but also gave me the motivation to give my best as I finally understood the topics. His patience and encouragement and love for the subject has really shined through during the short few months with him. So thank you Mr Calvin Kong!

  • Ethel Lee

    Mr Kong is an approachable and patient teacher. Under his guidance, I managed to have a deeper understanding of topics and concepts which were difficult to understand. I also gained a lot of confidence to attempt Physics questions and getting it correct. After attending Physics class, I could grasp the foundation of each topic better. He always tries to ensure that we understand Physics concepts and answers all our enquiries. Even though I enrolled into his class at the last minute, I was able to gain sufficient help and benefitted greatly from his lessons.

  • Mohamad Aqil

    Mr Calvin Kong is a tutor who is passionate about teaching. He is able to deliver concepts in a very clear and concise manner. His friendly and positive attitude makes him very approachable. He makes physics more understandable and enjoyable which strengthened my interests in the subject.

  • Edwin Lee

    Thank you for all the time you have spent on teaching me. I has been really fun and enjoyable for me. Even though I have only been with you for 3 months only, I have learnt a lot. I started out without really understanding all the different concepts. However because of you have understood many things. Thank you!

  • Joyce Lee

    Thanks for teaching me, although the time we spent together hasn’t been long. I appreciate the efforts you put into helping me. Your lessons have been fun and engaging and I have been able to clarify most of my doubts with you. You summary notes are really helpful too!

  • Braxton Gan

    Mr Kong has been my Physics tutor for the last 2 years since June last year in 2017. My grade before I joined was C6 and my most recent grade in prelims was a B3. He has helped me improve greatly throughout the course of this 2 years and helped me have a better understanding of Physics and the various topical concepts. Through the informative notes the countless revision worksheets, I was able to revise better and have better confidence in my preparation. I highly recommend Mr Kong, as a tutor to improve your child’s Physics grade.

  • Chan Wei Jie

    I tried a few tuition centres but realised that simply doing worksheets and going through the answers were ineffective. Now, thanks to Mr Kong’s detailed lessons on each topic, I was able to easily understand the concepts.

  • Sandy, parent of Chan Wei Jie

    Wei Jie lost interest in the subject due to his poor results and the constant struggle in trying to understanding the school teacher’s explanations. Before we found Calvin, Wei Jie tried 2 other tutors. He eventually switch to Calvin after the trial class as his class includes good explanations on every topic and the fact that he highlights to Wei Jie where he is weak at had given him many opportunities to improve. From failing in Sec 3, to getting a distinction for his GCE O-level after a year of tuition with Calvin is a great improvement! Wei Jie shows joy when he speaks of Physics since. Thanks, Calvin!

  • Lim Zhong Han

    Mr Kong is a very patient and funny tutor. He will allow students to stay back and ask him questions to clarify doubts. He is clear in his teaching and under him, my Physics has improved a lot. He helped me strengthen my basic concepts and his worksheets provide me a platform to apply what he taught so that I know how much I have understood. Even though I live quite far away, I still feel that it is worth it going for his lessons as I learn so much from him. Lastly, he is able to motivate students to be the best they can be so as to realise their potential. I truly have benefitted a lot from Mr Kong ever since I joined his class.

  • Samuel Chan

    Mr Calvin Kong’s effective teaching methods had made our revision for the o levels more efficient and fruitful. Over time, I feel more confident in the subject.

  • Clara Ang

    Not only does Mr Kong explain the physics concepts thoroughly and effectively, he also makes an effort to link the concepts to real life applications, which is not commonly done by most teachers. His passion towards this subject has also inspired me to grow and develop an interest and appreciation for physics as not just a subject but a useful application in our everyday lives. Mr Kong is also very meticulous and organised as shown through the worksheets and notes that he gives to his students. For example, the focus points in every chapter, which I find it very useful and unique. Besides that, he is a very encouraging and thoughtful tutor, often sharing insightful advice to his students and always doing his best to help every student excel! Thank you Mr Kong.

  • Dilys Yeo

    I joined the tuition centre in 2017 when I was in Secondary 3. The lessons really helped me to gain interest in Physics as a subject. The tutor was able to bring real life examples and make it more relevant to our daily lives. The revision notes and exercises have been very helpful and in terms of exposure to a wide range of content and questions.

  • Hannah Joshua

    When I first started on Mr Kong’s tuition classes, I was very weak in Physics. However, as I attended more classes, I found myself understanding the concepts better, and also I was able to answer questions with the appropriate keywords needed. The method of teaching is very useful for me and the many different worksheets and notes given by Mr Kong has helped me to strengthen my idea of the concepts.

  • Lauren Yap

    I started off as a student who found no interest in Physics lessons and never understood the concepts till I reached Secondary 4. I was finding it hard to do well or even stay awake in class. After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s class in the middle of Secondary 4, my results have greatly improved from an F9 in the Secondary 4 Mid Year Examinations to a B3 for my Secondary 4 Preliminary examinations. Mr Kong’s 2 paged summaries were extremely helpful as all the information was very well organised and succinct. He has definitely helped me gain confidence in the subject and learning from him has been beneficial and enjoyable. Thank you Mr Kong!

  • Mdm Chin, parent of Lauren Yap

    Mr Calvin Kong is a teacher at ease with his subjects. From a F9 (MYE) to a B3 (Prelim) in 2 short months! He has succeeded in delivering many if not all the concepts to Lauren and clearly understood by her. What a job Mr Kong has done! Thank you and best wishes.

  • Marissa Lim

    Mr Kong’s lessons have helped me improve my Physics grade tremendously. His notes and worksheets are useful and have allowed me to gain a stronger understanding of the subject.

  • Michelle Loh

    He is able to explain concepts easily in a simple way. I am able to remember and apply techniques during practice and examinations.

  • Natanya Ng

    Not only did he dissect every chapters into clear distinct portions, he further breaks these portions down into bite-sized bits. In this way, he had made physics extremely easy to understand. Mr Kong does this using his 2 page summary sheets and worksheets which splits the chapter into a few key focuses. I am definitely glad that I had joined in. It is as he has promised – probably THE BEST physics tuition you can ask for.

  • Serena Lee Oh

    Mr Kong’s teaching is concise and very relevant to our schoolwork! He is very personable and engaging, and his style is easy to follow and understand! Besides my grades improving substantially, my attitude towards physics has changed, and I enjoy it a lot now. Thanks Mr Kong:)

  • Tan Xuan Yan

    Throughout Secondary 3, I struggled to grasp concepts and was consistently scoring Bs for Physics. Because of that, I dedicated very little time to study for my Physics papers. It wasn’t until the start of Secondary 4 that I found out about Mr Kong through my cousin and decided to give it one last try. Thanks to Mr Kong’s clear explanations, I could finally understand what was being taught in school. He is an approachable and patient teacher who takes time to answer questions over Whatsapp. I managed to clinch an A grade for both MYE and Prelims and topped the class for Sec 4 MYE.

  • Ang Ying, Jamie

    Mr Kong is a really really great Physics tutor! It is because of Mr Kong that I started to like the subject, because he makes lessons really interesting and engaging by using different methods, such as using different terms to explain a certain Physics concept. It is because of his lessons that when I learn about the same concept in school, I am better able to grasp and understand the lessons in school. Also, Mr Kong asks and he would not hesitate to sit down with us in order to make sure we understand the concepts. I would really like to thank Mr Kong for teaching and guiding us throughout every single lesson! I really wished I joined Mr Kong’s tuition earlier! Thank you Mr Kong!

  • Celest Teo

    Mr Kong’s Physics Tuition provided me with adequate practice from his hand-picked questions, comprehensive hand-written notes, and in-depth explanations in class. All these definitely boosted my understanding of Physics concepts and led me to top my class with an A1 grade in my Prelims, from and F9 in my common test 1. I am glad I joined Mr Kong’s class as I doubt, I would have made such a great improvement without his help.

  • Cheryl Guek

    Through Mr Kong’s classes, I got exposed to many questions that were challenging, and by attempting them, I get a better grasp of the concepts involved. Also, through the fun and interactive lessons, I learnt Physics in a much easier wat that really helped me a lot.

  • Chew Yu Rong

    Mr Kong is able to explain many different concepts and he ensures every student understands the concepts. Under his tutelage, I was able to improve from an E8 to B3 within three months. I feel that I have learnt a lot under Mr Kong. There were many times I struggled with the concepts, and Mr Kong took the effort to use different softwares to explain the concept. Mr Kong’s lessons are well-prepared and his materials are very useful in helping me to prepare for the O levels. Over these months, I have improved tremendously and have understood many of the concepts I used to struggle with last time.

  • Chloe Teo

    Mr Kong is very patient and helpful. He also takes time to look through each student’s mistakes. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful and specially prepares materials for his classes.

  • Clarisse Koh

    I was advised by my school teacher to drop Pure Physics. Through Mr Calvin Kong’s teaching, I gradually understood more each day. The O-level Preparation Worksheets he created, together with his clear explanations, had helped me to understand concepts better. After a while, I grew more comfortable with the subject and to my delight, I scored a C5 for Prelims 1, an A2 for Prelims 2 and O Levels.

  • Damien Chiew

    As one who is truly dedicated to teaching and helping his students learn Physics better, Mr Kong is a kind-hearted teacher who selflessly devotes himself to teaching Physics to his students. He is a helpful and caring teacher who will help you whenever you are stuck with a particular question or unsure of certain concepts/answers/ideas. He will personally devote his time to stay back and slowly guide you through on how to go about doing the questions that you are unsure of, and for that I am very grateful to him. He is definitely a master in Physics as the answers and explanations that he gives in his worksheets/ test papers/ practice papers are of great quality and you may actually be surprised after reading/ listening to his explanations as it really gives you insights on how to better answer questions and apply key terms and concepts, this thus makes his teaching style and answering style unique and special. I am very grateful to him as he has taught me Physics in a new and unique way which has made me better understand the subject as a whole, I felt that I have greatly improved in the subject under him and for that I am sincerely and truly grateful to him. His lessons are very fun and interesting and I will definitely miss his lessons in class. I do hope I can keep in touch with him and get to hang out together with him and with the other classmates.

  • Joelle Long

    Though I joined the class really late, Mr Kong has helped me clarify a lot of my doubts and understand Physics much better. His summary notes for each chapter are straight to the point, thus I have been able to learn and understand the focus of each chapter. My Physics has definitely improved under his teaching methods and the practices we do in class, and I am glad that I dislike Physics less now that I understand it better.

  • Justin Neo Yunhui

    I feel that tuition was very helpful in helping me understand Physics better and also in a easier way. When I came in in September 2017, my results were not ideal and I did not understand the concepts and I was only going through the exams through memorising. After attending the tuition, I started to get the hang of Physics and my results drastically improved. I found Physics to be fun and enjoyed it. I understand lessons in school and overall found it very helpful in O Level preparation especially the 2-page summaries.

  • Laura Ng

    Thank you Mr Kong for making classes really enjoyable for by showing us real-life demonstrations to help us learn certain concepts more easily and being super patient with me by repeating to me again and again until I understand. Thank you for letting me change from a person who initially had 0 confidence and interest in Physics, to become someone who has started to enjoy, love and develop confidence in it. I will miss your really entertaining lessons and the small chats you have with our class during breaks and being super friendly with us treating us as friends! Although I only started in July and only attended your classes for about 5 months, I have improved and gained a better understanding of Physics. I really enjoy and will definitely miss your lessons! Thank you for being the best tuition teacher I have met so far.

  • Nellie Lin

    I enjoyed the questions that Mr Kong put in the worksheets and found them quite interesting and fun to do. His explanations and drawings on his computer tablet are very clear and succinct, making it easy for me to understand the Essence of every question. Other than that, I appreciated the fact that mr Kong is a patient tutor who is always willing to answer my questions in real life and on WhatsApp ?

  • Ong Rui Min

    I joined Mr Kong’s Physics Tuition class after scoring very badly for my school’s Preliminary Examination 1. Under his tutoring, I managed to jump 6 grades for my Preliminary Examinations 2! His classes are very engaging, and he has a way to make physics easy to understand. Through that, I had gained much valuable knowledge on physics. Overall, I enjoyed and befitted from his classes greatly.

  • Onn Wan Ni

    Mr Kong is a very nice and patient teacher. The resources given has proved to be really helpful in my studies and I will always browse through his notes and worksheets before any test or exam and he always tries his best to make learning easy and fun. He is very approachable and always answers any queries I have.

  • Phoebe Tay

    I have never joined any tuition classes before and was slightly sceptical about how effective it would be. However, I was certainly not disappointed when I joined Mr Kong’s Physics Tuition Class. He had helped me understood Physics a lot better and I saw a huge improvement in my grades. After over a year of lessons, I am happy to say that he was not only and outstanding tutor but also a friend to me! Through his lessons, I learned not just physics concepts, but also study techniques and to develop a good learning attitude. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication Mr Kong!

  • Phua Qin Yi Venice

    Mr Kong’s tuition class has enabled me to understand concepts clearer. The revision notes were clear and detailed. Before attending this tuition, I had many misconceptions and also did not have notes to refer to during the revision period. After being exposed to various worksheets and revision notes, I was able to grasp the Physics concepts more easily. I also learnt about the various answering techniques and ways to tackle questions in Paper 2. All in all, I am very grateful for the help that Mr Kong provides me with!

  • Shannon Chang

    Before attending this tuition class, I usually scored badly for Physics and thus disliked the subject a lot. However, Mr Kong managed to make the classes interesting, especially by the demonstrations he did to prove a particular theory. By encouraging students to answer questions in class also gave me more encouragement to not give up on Physics. Therefore, his classes allowed me to gain confidence and like this subject more, which resulted in an improvement in my Physics grades.

  • Sherry Chew

    Mr Kong’s lessons are really fun and enjoyable. When I first went into his lesson I didn’t like physics however Mr Kong made me become more interested in the subject. His lessons made me have a clearer understanding on the concepts that my teachers teach in school. He uses various methods to ensure that we understand the concept better. For example when we were going through the chapter on light and lens Mr Kong showed us some experiments to enable us to have a better understanding on the concept. This method was really helpful for me as I am a more visual learner so looking at these experiments actualy helps me to clear my doubts and allow me to understand better Mr Kong is also very helpful. He always helps me and friends after class if we have questions to ask even though it is already very late at night. I am really grateful for Mr Kong as his lessons has made me more interested in the subject and has made me improve a lot. Thank you Mr Kong for helping me so much.

  • Soh Li Ying

    Mr Kong is a very engaging and amazing tutor who rekindled my interest for Physics after my continuous failure during school exams. His clear and concise notes, as well as dynamic and effective lessons enabled me to have a better understanding towards the subject, boosting my confidence in Physics.

  • Tan Wee Yu

    Mr Kong is an extraordinary Physics Teacher. His teaching pedagogy is effective and helps his students unlock their true potential in Physics. Mr Kong is really experienced and the notes and worksheets provided are very useful. He makes learning Physics truly enjoyable with his great sense of humour and passion in Physics. Under his tutelage, I have learnt to appreciate Physics to be more than just a subject and I am encouraged to discover more on my own. I am truly appreciative and thankful for Mr Kong for not only the grade jump in the subject, but more importantly, helping me discover the joy of learning Physics. Highly recommended to any Physics student, guaranteed to be an enriching and enjoyable experience.

  • Tan Yee Hong

    Mr Kong’s classes are really engaging and he has his ways to make Physics easy to understand. His lessons are very clear and that he uses different teaching methods to make sure every student understands the concept. He allows students to clarify their doubts in class and also through Whatsapp. Being a patient and encouraging teacher, he delivers knowledge with passion, which made me regain and interest in Physics. Overall, I enjoyed his lessons very much and would strongly recommend to anyone who needs help in the subject.

  • Toh Qiao Qi

    Mr Kong is very patient and willing to help his students. He explains the concepts really well during normal lessons, so students can grasp a hold on Physics easily. He also engages the class to make the class more interesting. He uses interactive tools to allow students to visualise and understand better.

  • Vanessa Wong

    Mr Kong’s lessons are really effective and enjoyable, I have learnt a lot during my time there. Mr Kong has his ways to relate physics to our daily lives, making physics concepts easier to understand. He uses various methods to deliver concepts in a clear and concise manner, which heightened my ability to comprehend and solve physics problems more accurately. His live demonstrations and computer stimulations helped his students understand difficult concepts more easily, his 2-page summary and consolidation notes are well-crafted which breaks down each chapter into 2-3 key focuses, this helped to make each chapter more digestible for his students so self-revision has definitely been made more efficient. He is always willing to stay back after lessons to clarify our doubts to ensure we fully understand. His patience and encouragement never failed to keep me going, his love for the subject is evident in his teaching and his passion for teaching gave me the drive to achieve even better results. He puts in a lot of effort in creating his lesson materials. I believe Mr Kong will continue to touch the hearts of his students and inspire more students in future. Thank you, Mr Kong!

  • Wan Tze Yuen

    You are an amazing tutor who were able to deliver the concepts to us in a clear and concise manner. I was a straight F9 student in Secondary 3 but after joining your tuition class in April, my results improved to an C5 for the prelims, within 3 months. I now have a much better understanding of the subject and I believe I will do even better for the O Levels. Honestly, you are the best tutor I have ever met, and I would strongly recommend others to join your class!

  • Wong Yan Ning

    Mr Kong is a very helpful and patient tutor who is able to deliver his lessons in a very effective manner. I am able to understand the Physics concepts better through his lessons, which helped me to improve my Physics. Thank you Mr Kong for your guidance and encouragement!

  • Mrs Wong, parent of Wong Yan Ning

    When my daughter told me that she needed a Physics tutor 2 years ago, I went online to search for one and happened to chance upon Mr Kong’s website. I proceeded to give him a call and from the conversation, I could already feel that he is very efficient, flexible and accommodating. I then decided to give him a try. True enough, my child found his classes very effective and helpful. She liked it very much. Overall, I feel that Mr Kong is a very caring teacher who makes an effort to understand each student’s needs. I highly recommend his tuition classes to those who are searching for one. Thank you!

  • Yan Jia Yi

    His lessons are very interesting often with humour injected and thus never boring. Before I join his class, I was considering if I should drop pure physics as I have never really been doing well and I was very worried. However, after I joined his classes, I gained lots of confidence, help and encouragement and began to find myself liking the subject as time goes by. Not only that, Mr Kong is always approachable for consultation, thus allowing me to clear my doubts.

  • Zachary Quay

    Mr Kong has always strived to make lessons engaging yet effective. He selflessly sacrifices his time to help us with our questions even after lessons too. He is very dedicated to teaching us, planning lesson schedules during the O Levels for each student based on their subject combination so that we would no get affected by the tuition classes while doing revision for the other subjects. This, I found to be extremely useful as before my Physics examination I could still have a lesson with him despite the hectic exam timetable.

  • Daryl Kiang

    Mr Calvin Kong is a very kind, caring and cheerful teacher. He is always in a good mood in class and takes a keen interest in his students’ learning. His lessons are always clear and engaging and he always allows time for students to clarify their doubts. His classes have definitely helped me a lot.

  • Geethika

    I started to regain an interest in Physics and my knowledge in the subject had also deepened. The notes and worksheets prepared by him are really useful and knowing how to solve the problems in them gave me the confidence to tackle challenging questions. His 2-paged summaries had helped to make my revision much easier as it saved me the time and trouble to reread the textbook all over again.

  • Neo Kai Xuan

    He makes lessons fun with his jokes and stories. He is also very patient with helping his students when they are in need of help. Thanks to him, I look forward to his lessons every time.

  • Shirleen Lee

    He has different ways of explaining the same concepts. Caring and kind, he would often pop questions to check if his students understood the lesson. Funny and hilarious, he is able to make any boring topic sound fun and engaging. Overall, he is the best physics teacher!

  • Teo Yi Xun

    Having joined the tuition centre only a few months before my O Levels, the tuition class provided lots of resources to better equip me and boosted my confidence for my examination.

  • Liew Khai Hung

    Mr Calvin Kong’s Physics Tuition Class is so much more than what it seems. With only two hours sessions per week, I was not just able to master Physics well, but also to consult Mr Kong on E and A Maths. He has made topics easier to understand and has helped tremendously in building up my confidence in getting an A1 for all the 3 subjects.

  • Samantha Lu

    Despite living all the way in the East, I still decided to attend Mr Kong’s lessons because he is able to help me understand each chapter better. Thanks to Mr Kong, I understand the formula and more importantly the concepts and can now effectively apply them to the many different questions.

  • Rachel Tan

    Under his brilliant tutelage, I begin to see the subject from a different perspective, attained a deeper understanding of the concepts, and eventually grew to like it. Physics was no longer as dry a subject as I use to perceive it when I see how he brought the subject to life in many ways such as his self-created animations and 3-D models. I also really appreciate that my questions via WhatsApp are always answered so promptly and with amazing clarity such that I only need read once to understand the concepts involve and clear my doubts.

  • Mr Tan, parent of Rachel Tan

    My daughter started to like the subject more after attending Calvin’s classes. Lessons are interesting and engaging. His notes are concise and clear and the practices given are useful and effective.

  • Sonia Tan

    Mr Kong has been a great teacher who has allowed me to discover my interest in Physics. Being patient and encouraging, he had helped me in many areas in improving my understanding of Physics. He delivers with passion in his teaching that made me enjoy his lessons very much.

  • Mrs Stephanie Tan, parent of Sonia Tan

    I am glad to have found Mr Kong to coach my daughter in Physics. He has instilled interest in my daughter that made her put in more effort to do well in this subject. Mr Kong is able to create content that my daughter enjoys. He also boosts Sonia’s confidence. His dynamic approach motivates and engages Sonia to be more active and forthcoming whenever she has questions in the subject. Thanks very much, Mr Kong!

  • Noel Ng

    Mr Kong has helped me restore my faith in Physics within a short amount of time with his humorous personality and talented teaching. I am confident that my Physics will improve by leaps and bounds and I am grateful to have the privilege to be taught by him.

  • Cheryl Low

    Mr Kong always has a ‘master plan’ for his lessons from practical to MCQ and Paper 2, he seems to have the materials for everything. I don’t know of any other centres that prepare students for the practical examinations. So, I was surprised when Mr Kong mentioned he would do so. I always learn something new in every lesson, be it an important answering technique or examination skills. There is also no time wasted during lessons as he prepares explanations, of whatever questions we do in class beforehand.

  • Mathu

    Mr Calvin Kong ensures that we are able to internalise the general concepts before teaching us how to apply them in the questions. He always has many teaching methods to make sure every student understands the concepts. His experiments are magical. I am honoured to have him as my tutor. I believe that he will definitely help every student to achieve their dreams.

  • Wesley Ong

    The tutor is friendly and nice towards his students. He plans his lessons well, and it is an enjoyable and fun experience to attend his lessons. He helped me to gain confidence in the subject and it is able to improve myself tremendously.

  • Chloe Koh

    Mr Calvin Kong is a caring and fun teacher who is also easy to approach. After attending his classes, I was able to understand many concepts that I previously failed to grasp. He tries to make lessons hands-on and easy to visualise so that students are able to better understand. Thanks to Mr Kong, I was able to enjoy learning Physics ?

  • Alyssa Siow

    Mr Kong had given me a clearer and deeper understanding of Physics concepts and how it can be applied not only in questions but also in real life scenarios. I was never fond of Physics, but Mr Kong has made learning Physics a lot more fun and engaging, rekindling my interest in science.

  • Amanda Han Xin Hui

    Despite the short period I have been with the centre, I was able to clarify many key concepts and answering strategies in the lessons through critical learning. If I had known about this centre much earlier, I am sure my results would be much more spectacular. I am now able to see Physics as a fun and relatable subject and can find myself thinking of what kinds of Physics has been applied in my daily life and would recommend this class to anymore who struggles to understand the concepts taught in school.

  • Ashley Chan Si Ya

    Your classes are extremely engaging and entertaining. It definitely made Physics more enjoyable and easier to grasp. The lessons are well-paced with short YouTube breaks that helps keep up the fun atmosphere. You are approachable and friendly which makes it easier to clarify any doubts after lesson. Thank you

  • Asritha

    After reading his detailed notes that are so well organised, I am able to connect the dots between the various chapters. The worksheets he created are very aligned with the o-level syllabus and standards such that after doing them, we feel confident about the upcoming exams.

  • Darelyn Lim

    Physics has always been a confusing subject until I joined Mr Kong’s physics tuition class. His clarity in explanation had made the subject much easier to understand. Not only can we approach him during class time, online communication has also made it easier for me to ask questions.

  • Liew Jia Wen

    Having physics tuition with my class mates has made learning physics to be a much more enjoyable experience, especially with such a wonderful physics tutor who explains concepts in a very clear and detailed manner. His lessons has made me become more interested in Physics, both within and beyond the 0-level syllabus.

  • Lim Ming Hui

    His classes are always interactive and supplemented with detailed notes and worksheets. He is always willing to clear my doubts and answer my questions. I first joined his class in March of Secondary 4, when my grade for CA1 was an F9. Within 2 months, my grade improved to B3 for the Mid-year Examinations!

  • Oliver Ong

    Lessons are enjoyable and effective. Mr Calvin Kong explains concepts really well and as simply as it can get. The atmosphere during class is very relaxed and I feel at ease when learning. The notes are extremely helpful as the contents are separated into different sections of the syllabus. Furthermore, Mr Kong is caring, humorous and makes lessons fun.

  • Aleena Sarah

    Mr Calvin Kong uses innovative and methodical approaches to help his students better digest chunks of concepts. He truly brings out the vibrancy of the subject by crafting intriguing lessons filled with demonstrations, simulations and such. At the same time, he is extremely dedicated and provides many crucial and useful resources that tremendously aid us in exams. Attending his lessons was really a wisening and impactful experience.

  • Charis Leong

    Through your notes I was able to go from understanding almost nothing about the topic to being able to grasp and recall concepts easily enough. I enjoyed your lessons as they were easily understandable and made me more confident in my abilities, as well as your entertainment keeping me awake. Thank you Mr Kong!

  • Kayle De Silva

    Even some of the more difficult topics had become easy to grasp after attending his classes, and I definitely felt more confident when sitting for my exams. His enthusiasm is extremely motivational and has inspired me to set higher targets for myself. Overall, this is one of the best physics tuition classes I have ever attended.

  • Koh Hui Qing

    I ended Secondary 3 with generally poor results in Physics and I spent several days deliberating whether I should drop the subject. But luckily, after I saw Mr Kong’s advertisements, I decided to give Physics one more shot. I joined Mr Kong’s classes at the end of 2016, and the first lesson on EM Waves already allowed me to gain more faith in my ability in Physics. Through the course of 2017, my grades in Physics improved tremendously, and I began to like the subject more than I ever had.

  • Francis Chu

    After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s class since early this year, my results have had a tremendous improvement from C5 in Secondary 3 SA2 to a Distinction for my Secondary 4 Preliminary Examinations. I find Mr Kong’s teaching style and materials provided very efficient and effective for my learning as compared to my previous tutors. He is very approachable and is always willing to meet outside lesson time to answer my doubts. Thank you, Mr Kong!

  • Mrs Chu, parent of Francis Chu

    I find Mr Kong very approachable, whether in person or via Whatsapp. Initially, I was a little disappointed when my request to remove his company’s water mark was turned down as I reasoned to him how they makes reading difficult. I was surprised later to find that Mr Kong actually make an effort to blank out certain parts of his watermark so as to make sure that the content of his study material are not effected – this requires more effort and time. Thank you, Mr Kong. This tells me that you are a very conscientious teacher, and do not turn a deaf ear to parents’ feedback!

  • Gabriel Chai

    The lesson notes prepared by Mr Calvin Kong are very concise, yet comprehensive, helping me to relearn my weaker topics quickly. He is able to explain the difficult concepts very clearly and with great details. He is also able to explain all the common mistakes made by students. In this way, we are more well-prepared and alert during the exams. I highly recommend his classes.

  • Arvind Natarajan

    Before I attended his lessons Physics was subject that I disliked. However, after attending his lessons I have realised that Physics can be fun and interesting. The usual card tricks and stories that he shares with us allows us to enjoy his lessons. He is able to simplify difficult concepts and explain them with demonstrations making it much easier to understand them.

  • Ayman

    Really great tutor. Managed to easily understand topics that I was previously struggling with. He had also helped me to feel more confident in the subject and inspired me to learn more.

  • Chris Lim

    I dare say that I have learnt more about Physics in the 4 months with him than I have learnt from my 2 years in school!

  • Nigel Jim

    I understand my Physics concepts better with the notes and lessons that were useful. Mr Kong explains his lessons in great detail and is able to make classes fun and engaging, which helped improve my Physics grades. He would clarify the doubts of all students easily and I enjoyed going for his classes each week.

  • Zann Lim

    Mr Calvin Kong teaches Physics with unparalleled clarity, and is the main reason for my huge improvement from where I started from – a state of not knowing anything about the subject. He keeps lesson interesting by conducting real-life demonstration and he provides many detailed worksheets and notes that students can refer to. I also greatly appreciate that he cares for our welfare. I will always remember that he treated me lunch when I ran out of money, and the fact that he does not charge fees during absence shows that he cares more for our benefits than his profit.

  • Alyssa Pua

    Mr Kong is an approachable and helpful teacher that guides us in every way possible. I can always count on him to explain the abstract concepts clearly and with the addition of different learning materials- difficult exam questions, consolidated notes and visual animations, students can expect to receive a straightforward and methodological approach in succeeding in their exams. Personally, I had consistently achieved C grades in my physics exam, however ever since joining, I have been attaining A or A* grades for my mock or semester exams.

  • Sandrine Sam

    After attending lessons with Mr Kong, I have become much more confident with myself in Physics and am not afraid to attempt various questions across different topics which I was afraid to even tackle before coming to Calvin Kong Physics! I was exposed to a wide variety of questions and answering techniques, especially certain keywords that the markers will look out for during examinations. This has boosted my confidence in Physics Paper 2 and I was pleased that the O Level paper was manageable in my case! The revision worksheets , summary sheets and extra practices were extremely useful in my revision for the O Levels. Thank you Mr Calvin Kong!

  • Nathaniel Tan

    No matter how hard I tried to understand concepts from O Level assessment books, I ended up failing and even got recommended to drop to combined sciences. Later on, I joined Calvin’s physics tuition class and neither could I believe but my whole thought process changed and I managed to get an A2 for O Level Pure Physics, something I would not even have hoped for in the past!

  • Joel Teh

    Mr Calvin Kong is able to use multiple ways to tackle difficult physics questions, in addition to simple and clear explanations towards each question. He is a caring and concerning tutor who will reach out to all students, identify their weak areas, and guide them along such that everyone is at the same pace in class. A dedicated tutor who would sacrifice his personal time and place students as priority. Highly recommended.

  • Thach Pona Bandith

    The classes are very engaging and very helpful for my understanding of the subject. I have struggled with Physics until finding Mr Kong.

  • Cho Junli Ryan

    The materials provided by Mr Kong is very effective and his lessons are very fun and interesting and he made Physics enjoyable for me.

  • Samantha Ong

    I always look forward to Mr Kong’s class as he is able to explain complicated physics problems in a simple way. I am so glad that I had joined his class as my Physics improved a lot and I am confident that I will do well in my O Levels.

  • Lynn Ong

    Mr Calvin Kong is the best teacher I ever had. He is dedicated and constantly striving to help his students achieve their very best, crafting excellent learning resources such as the 2-page summary sheet and many useful practice questions. I would highly recommend his class to anyone who is struggling with Physics but still desire an A1!

  • Michelle Pang

    It is undeniable that he will give his best to his students all the time. From staying back after class, to upgrading of facilities, to improving his teaching methods, he had done it all. He is an approachable and candid teacher who will extend an arm to whoever needs it. From a student’s point of view, materials of his are much more useful than those provided by schools, and given the variety of organised and well-planned resources, they are designed to suit everyone.

  • Terence Teo

    It is undeniable that he will give his best to his students all the time. From staying back after class, to upgrading of facilities, to improving his teaching methods, he had done it all. He is an approachable and candid teacher who will extend an arm to whoever needs it. From a student’s point of view, materials of his are much more useful than those provided by schools, and given the variety of organised and well-planned resources, they are designed to suit everyone.

  • Mrs Irene Teo, parent of Terence Teo

    I learnt about Calvin Kong’s Physics Tuition classes through seeing his centre’s profile on Facebook. I spoke to him over the phone for a few times. My impression of him was a confident teacher. He is not the type to demoralise students despite my son’s poor grades and only joining him in June. I trust that he will deliver at the end of the day. Looking forward to receiving my son’s results.

  • Anna Bella Ang

    Before joining Mr Calvin Kong’s class, all I did to prepare for my Physics examinations was just memorising of formulae without much understanding of the concepts at all. Thanks to Mr Kong’s patience and clear explanation of the topics, I have undoubtedly improved in my grades through getting the concepts right.

  • Samuel Ong

    Before joining Mr Calvin Kong’s class, all I did to prepare for my Physics examinations was just memorising of formulae without much understanding of the concepts at all. Thanks to Mr Kong’s patience and clear explanation of the topics, I have undoubtedly improved in my grades through getting the concepts right.

  • Helen, parent of Samuel Ong

    I chanced upon Calvin’s website while looking for science tuition for my son when he was in Sec 2. As Calvin only offered Tuition classes for Upper Sec, I had arranged for him to do one-to-one tuition for a few selected topics which my son was weak in. At that time, my son commented that Calvin’s explanation was very clear and he could understand. My son only managed to join Calvin’s tuition class in March this year. I am glad to say that he had gained more confidence in Physics and I am sure that he will be able to perform well in the coming o levels. Thank you for your guidance and I will definitely recommend Calvin Kong Physics Tuition to any parents looking for an effective tuition class for their kids!

  • Melvin Lee

    I only joined this tuition centre for a few months before my ‘o’ levels as I was not achieving the grades I wanted to and started panicking. Despite such a short time span, the teachers were still willing to take me in and support me on this journey. I was given a lot of practice papers which increased my exposure to different questions. The teachers will also refresh the previously taught topics with us and provide intensive revision at the topics. The summary notes provided for us is extremely useful and easy to understand. I was able to revise the day before the ‘o’ levels examination and walked into the exam hall with confidence. The teacher will also make an effort to regularly bring the topics taught in class to real life through examples, allowing us to better understand the concepts. The lessons were very engaging and I was able to benefit from it greatly.


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