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Regular Lab Classes

76% of our students who achieved distinction for O and A Level Physics

also attended our Physics Lab Sessions.

Here is how your child will be supported in Concept First Physics Lab

Comprehensive Physics Lab Manual

Unlike varying instructions provided by different schools, CF’s lab manual is a one-stop resource that is accurate, curated, and comprehensive. Over the past 5 years, we have conducted lab classes for hundreds of students from various schools, gathering enough data to create this reliable manual, which will prepare you for your practical exams.

Ample Hands-on Experience

You do not have to share lab apparatus with other students in our lab. Our state-of-the-art lab equipment is in prime condition, and you have enough time to play around with them to gain crucial experience and skills. Our lab tutors are available to guide you throughout the process, and you can make mistakes in a supportive and safe environment.

Students doing physics practical
O Level Physics Tuition Practical Lab Class

Students Explain Why Concept First Physics Lab Classes is Useful!

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