National Exam Prep Course (A Level)

With A Level just around the corner, CF will be preparing students for the national examination through this intensive prep course. Each of the classes are specifically planned out to help with the worst Physics student to be able to secure Distinction in the upcoming Physics national examination. 

Part 1: Intensive Topic Mastery Course

From 7 June to 18 June

physics lesson

Master ALL Tested Topics

This June Holiday, sign up for our intensive topic mastery courses to grasp the concepts required for the upcoming A Level Physics examination. We are confident that the course will help students to clear many doubts and be ready to sprint towards the distinction.

Concept First is also providing a COMPLIMENTARY Diagnostic Consultation to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, thus aiding them to in choosing the required topic mastery courses to attend.

Part 2: Sprint To Distinction Programme

From June to November

Concept First Physics

Train To tackle TOUGH Questions

Students who have nailed all the fundamentals (through the intensive topic mastery courses) will now prepare for the A Level Physics national examination in our Sprint To Distinction Programme - where tutors will focus on teaching students the approaches to tackle the most challenging questions and help them secure a distinction.

Students will also receive 2 FREE Physics Lab Sessions (worth up to $200 per class) to ensure that they are well prepared for their practical examinations (20% weighting).

Sign up today and receive up to 7+ Exclusive Perks

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For Complimentary Diagnostic Consultation

For more information on the prep course

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