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Holiday Intensive Revision Classes​

Igniting Minds, Inspiring Excellence​

A CF Mastery Series Course

Joining us in the middle of the academic year? No problem.

Our Holiday Intensive Courses happen yearly during the June Holiday and End of Year Holiday periods. These courses pack a punch and are aimed to give students detailed revision and preparation for the exams. With our CF Mastery Intensive Revision Courses, you can always tailor your child’s learning journey to their specific needs at the most crucial times! 

What Will You Get?

Get unS.T.U.C.K.
Success in Physics and Math exams can be distilled into one word: S.T.U.C.K. This simple yet powerful concept serves as the secret recipe behind our remarkable track record, with over 95% of our students achieving As and Bs.
CF Revision Essentials™ ​
Time is precious. Skip the hassle of rewriting notes or assembling crucial key points with our signature 2-page summaries, formula sheets and keyword lists.
Safe. Supportive. Inspirational.
Learn in our safe, supportive environment guided by devoted tutors. Beyond classroom hours, benefit from outside class WhatsApp support and face-to-face consultations.
Experience Top-of-the-Line Teaching Tools
Integrating MacBooks and iPads, we lead in modern educational tech. Our wireless setup fosters fluid classrooms, freeing teachers from the front, enabling dynamic interactions and personalised student attention.
Expert Teachers with Specialized Knowledge
Our educators are Engineering graduates and double majors in Physics and Math, highly skilled in both yet specialising in one subject to provide in-depth instruction.
Discover Order within The Mess
Allow us to clear the path, simplifying each chapter by removing major obstacles for your understanding.
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Affirmations from our Alumnus!

Our successful alumni are our greatest advocates, embodying the efficacy of our approach.

What if your next exam could be a game-changer?​