Concept First Physics and Math Learning Centre In Singapore
  1.        Memorise formulas and equations

Application of formulas and managing equations are part and parcel of solving a Physics question so get familiar and comfortable with them. Also try to understand how these equations are being derived from the Physics concepts that are being taught to you. This will increase your confidence level when using them.

  1.       Understand foundational concepts

The Physics subject typically constructs another layer of theory upon a foundational concept. As such, it helps to memorise and understand the foundational concepts to better grasp a new theory or concept. These also come in handy to see the interconnection between different concepts when you are trying to solve a problem.

  1.       Work on your Math

Many has said that Mathematics is the language of Physics, hence there is no running away from using Math to solve Physics questions. The common Math topics used in Physics questions are algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

  1.       Drawing

Is it possible to draw or use graphics as a way to illustrate a Physics concept? How about coming up with a mind map to crystallize the different Physics concepts in your head?  Add colours and get creative to make your drawings more interesting and the learning process more enjoyable.

  1.       Be cool and steady

Stay calm, breathe and try to simplify the problem found in the Physics question. Is there a main focus area, some critical data in the question, or a way to dissect the situation?  Are there important details linked to other Physics concepts that are intentionally left out? Be attentive in using the correct units when calculating an answer, and to double check your answers.

  1.       Practice, practice, practice!

Like many things in life, there are no short-cuts. Consistent practice and learning from the questions and from your mistakes would sharpen your problem-solving skills and increase your speed when tackling Physics questions.

Do reach out for external help from your teacher and friends. You can also form a study group or enrol yourself into a proper tuition class for a more conducive learning experience. Concept First uses our unique CF360 curriculum implemented through our blended learning programme. This makes us the most comprehensive Physics Specialist Centre to help you enjoy and score the Physics subject.