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Diagnostic Consultation At $158

The O-levels Physics (6091) Syllabus comprises of 22 Chapters. Calvin Kong had identified that each chapter consists of 2 to 3 key focuses, totaling up to 53 for the entire syllabus. Each year, the o-level examination papers are set to cover at least 48 of these key focuses. This 30 minutes diagnostic consultation attempts to assess a student’s strength and weakness to drastically increase the efficiency of his/her revision.

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How Diagnostic Consultation Helps You

Marked Assignment with Feedback

Scrutinize Your Exam Paper

The assessment process starts with Mr Kong thoroughly scrutinizing your exam paper in order to understand your thought process.

Highlight Competency Level

Upon understanding your thought process, Mr Kong will highlight the level of competency of every focus.

Advice on Revision Plan

Based on the level of competency as highlighted, Mr Kong will provide you with helpful advice on how you can go about planning a proper and efficient revision plan.

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physics Exam-Focused Curriculum

Exam-Focused Curriculum

Our unique curriculum is one of the main reasons why secondary school and H2 physics JC students have the confidence and competency to score in the Physics examinations - a careful blend of syllabus restructuring, examination questions placement, research-backed pedagogies and years of fine tuning. The CF curriculum is a powerful learning programme we proudly call our own.

physics Fully-Equipped Laboratory

Fully-Equipped Laboratory

Concept First is the first and only Physics Specialist Centre in Singapore that has an in-house fully equipped Physics Laboratory to prepare our secondary school and H2 physics students for the compulsory Physics practical paper in the O and A Level examination (20% weighting). The 5-figure lab space and equipment allow students engage in practical lab work and be ever more confident in achieving the distinctions.

Live Streaming & Physical physics Class

Concept-Based Learning

Concept-based learning is an instruction strategy that is adopted in several tops schools in Singapore. At CF, we believe that every student should be exposed to it to have a long-lasting solid foundation and deep understanding of Physics concepts. Together with a strong team of highly skilled and experienced tutors, our students grow to enjoy learning and mastering the subject.

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