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Cchapter 14 Electromagnetic Wave

1.    State the properties which are common to all forms of electromagnetic radiation.

  • All are transverse waves.

  • All travel with the same speed, 3 x 10^8 m/s in vacuum.

  • They all obey the wave equation:

  • They can be reflected or refracted

  • They transports energy.

2.    How do the frequency, wavelength and speed of electromagnetic waves change when it enters from air to glass?

  • When an EM wave enters glass, its speed is slowed down while its frequency remains constant.

  • Since, the wavelength will decrease too.

3.    State one difference between waves of red light and waves of blue light.

  • Red light has a longer wavelength (or lower frequency) than blue light.

4.    State 3 ways in which an electromagnetic wave differs from the sound wave.

 Sound waves

  • Longitudinal waves

  • Travel at an approximate speed of 330m/s through air

  • Needs a medium to travel, cannot travel through vacuum

Electromagnetic waves

  • Transverse waves

  • Travel at an approximate speed of 3 x 10^8 m/s through air

  • Does not need any medium to travel. Can travel through a vacuum