Concept First Physics and Math Learning Centre In Singapore


A transverse wave can be demonstrated using a rope. Describe how the hand must move to make a transverse wave of frequency 5 Hz.

  • For a transverse wave to move from left to right, the hand must move in a to and fro motion vertically.

  • There should be 5 oscillations of the hand in 1 second.


A wave travels in a medium with a certain speed. What must be done to double the wavelength of the wave in the same medium?

  • Since the wave is in the same medium, the speed does not change.

  • From speed of wave = frequency x wavelength, the source of the wave should be at half the frequency in order to achieve a doubled wavelength.


Describe what happens to water waves as it travel from a deep to shallow region.

  • When water wave travels from a deep to shallow region, its speed is slowed down while its frequency remains constant.

  • Since speed of wave = frequency x wavelength, the wavelength will decrease too.