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Concept First Learning Centre

Concept First Learning Centre was founded by Calvin Kong, a former Senior Teacher for Physics with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore. As a Senior Teacher for Physics, Calvin Kong provided expertise in the design of the Physics Curriculum in schools, eventually becoming very familiar with the Syllabus set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

During his service period of more than a decade, he was also one of the 0.75% of 32 000 MOE Teachers who was trained by American Teaching Experts from Massachusetts (Research for Better Teaching, Inc.) and California (New Teacher Centre) in the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme. Upon being certified, he went on to be a mentor to other Physics teachers ranging from Interns to Teaching Scholars.

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Professional Education with Proven Results


Core beliefs in Education

While knowing that good academic results will place an individual on an advantageous starting point, Calvin Kong has also seen beyond and wants his students to be well-equipped with other skills that are even more crucial for life’s journey ahead. With this vision, Calvin Kong founded Concept First (CF) Learning Centre, which is not just a place to achieve good academic results, but also to groom critical and independent thinkers. In fact, the curriculum designed by him emphasises heavily on these skills. The amazing outcome is that not only do students improve their grades, but also develop a skill that lasts a lifetime.

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Teaching Experience

Calvin Kong’s many years of experience with students from different academic backgrounds and foundation had also allowed him to understand and pinpoint the difficulties faced by them. Through years of planning and fine-tuning, he has developed a powerful teaching programme that is able to push all students to their maximum potential. Under his tutoring, 100% of his students exceeded their expected grade that is predetermined by MOE (known as Expected MSG). Being able to break down difficult Physics concepts into simpler bite size ideas, and later putting everything together again, Calvin Kong once broke national record by bringing a group of students of T-score 200 to ace the O-levels with more than 80 % attaining A1 and A2, and none less than a B3.


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