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A Level Physics Tuition

Are you looking for a reliable A Level H2 Physics Tuition that works?

Having taught more than 1200 students from over 100 schools all over Singapore, Concept First is your Physics Tuition Centre that works. At CF, our passionate and skillful tutors will guide students in achieving concept mastery and hone their problem solving skills to excel in their exams!

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5 reasons why students trust Concept First for A Level Physics Tuition

Holistic Learning Environment

Physics is not an easy subject and students are required to attend the lessons and concentrate fully on grasping everything that is taught in class. Concept First provides an engaging and holistic learning environment with a team of experienced tutors, and this is reflected in the final results of the students who attend our tuition lessons.

Effective and Structured JC H2 Physics Tuition

Our detailed topic coverage will help you comprehend and develop an informed interest in scientific developments. Our unique methodology helps students fully grasp the basic principles of Physics and be able to apply them confidently in examinations as well as in real life.

Proprietary CF360™ Methodology

The CF360™ Total Physics Learning System is a combination of concept-based approach teaching, content breakdown, diagnostic consultation, Physics Lab experience, high quality learning resources, digital lessons and examination questions created to help students learn better.

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The Best Physics Practical Lab

Fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art apparatus, our Physics laboratory allows students to get hands-on practical lessons over the widest range of Physics experiments. It ingrains familiarity and confidence in handling Physics Apparatus which is the key to securing ‘A’ for the Practical Exams.

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One stop dedicated Student Learning Portal

Concept First’s custom-made Learning Management System is a one-stop full suite online resource platform that complements and drives students to build and develop intrinsic motivation to learn beyond the classroom, ultimately cultivating a strong sense of self-determination to excel.

A Level Physics Tuition Specialist in Singapore for
Theory & Practical Lab Classes

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"H2 Physics is a subject that requires students to have strong content mastery and application skills to ace this subject."

Issues Students May Face

Breadth of Learning – A Level physics covers many more topics than secondary school pure physics, which is meant to serve as a foundation for future learning. As a result, many students experience a steep learning curve even if they took pure physics at O Levels.


Depth of Learning – Topics will be explored in much greater detail in H2 Physics and new sets of theories and formulas will be taught. While O Level Physics may give you a good starting point to learn the new content, students may find difficulties if they are unable to grasp the deeper content or put in consistent revision.


Increased Math Difficulty – Many new A level physics students typically find the increased math demands for the subject jarring at first. Concepts from both O level Elementary and Additional Mathematics feature heavily in the H2 Physics syllabus. Students are presumed to be already proficient in topics such as trigonometry and calculus.


Concept First’s JC Tuition classes can help you bridge the gap between O and A Level Physics and even increase your interest in the subject!

We understand the challenges that you go through trying to study and master the various physics concepts. Over the years, Concept First has helped thousands of students master Physics through our unique and one of a kind total Physics Learning system.

Find out how our Concept First Methodology can help you Achieve your Fullest Potential!

Preparing JC students for all aspects of A Level H2 Physics Exams

Physics Tuition Resources

Exam-Focused Curriculum

Our unique curriculum is one of the main reasons why our students have the confidence and competency to score in the Physics examinations - a careful blend of syllabus restructuring, examination questions placement, research-backed pedagogies and years of fine tuning. The CF curriculum is a powerful learning programme we proudly call our own.

A Level Physics Tuition Practical Lab Class

Fully-Equipped Laboratory

Concept First is the first and only Physics Specialist Centre in Singapore that has an in-house fully equipped Physics Laboratory to prepare our students for the compulsory Physics practical paper in the O and A Level examination (20% weighting). The 5-figure lab space and equipment allow students engage in practical lab work and be ever more confident in achieving the distinctions.

A Level Physics Tuition

Concept-Based Learning

Concept-Based learning is an instruction strategy that is adopted in several tops schools in Singapore. At CF, we believe that every student should be exposed to it to have a long-lasting solid foundation and deep understanding of Physics concepts. Together with a strong team of highly skilled and experienced tutors, our students grow to enjoy learning and mastering the subject.

Here is how we help our students excel in Physics Practical Exams.

Here is why Concept First is your preferred Physics Tuition Centre!

Rave Reviews from A Level Students

Our step-by-step Concept-based Curriculum that focuses on Application Questions will get students ready for the Examinations! Visit our Home Page to find out the top 5 reasons for choosing Concept First!