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6 Habits of a Successful Physics Student

We may think that some people are just more gifted in the Physics subject, resulting them to be better scorers during tests and exams. But could there be more than meets the eye?

Here are six habits found in a successful Physics student that you can start to apply and up your grade in Physics!


1.Be Self-motivated 

Take charge of how your path of progress should look like by setting realistic study goals and start to perform certain activities to reach these goals.

You can visualize your success and align your daily activities to achieve your ultimate goals. You can even set what you would like to achieve out of a Physics tuition lesson or Physics lab session before attending it to maximize your time there.

  1. Create your Study Space

Design a space and time where there are minimal distractions from family, friends and all electronic devices to create your own study space. This space should not just have privacy, but should also be conducive to keep you alert, focused and hydrated when studying.


  1. Get Organised

Before you sit down to study, you need to be organised. Casually opening your notes and browsing through topics is never as effective as studying with a purpose. Have a clear study plan by organising the learning materials into smaller, manageable chunks, while keeping the bigger picture in mind.


  1. Start with your Favourite Topic

Starting with your favourite topic helps to build up your confidence and momentum as you move on to the more challenging topics. However, don’t get stuck in your favourite topic most of the time. Tackle the challenging topics to effectively address the hurdles that you need to overcome to progress in your Physics grade.

5.Do not Cram

Any successful student understands that cramming all the subject information into your head in the shortest period of time is a recipe for disaster. Have a more regular and consistent study and revision plan. This way, concepts and information can be more effectively retained into your mind, which also helps with lowering your overall anxiety and stress levels.


  1. Sign Up for Physics Tuition

Physics tuition is suitable for any students regardless of your grades. The main purpose of Physics tuition is to help you enjoy this subject, strengthen your understanding of the different topics and concepts and to give you another platform to practice and conquer your Physics questions. You can also make new friends along the way!


Now that you know what habits to build, make sure you nurture them and take off for success! Concept First can support your learning with our specially designed Regular ClassesNational Exams Prep Courses and Bridging Courses as well as Physics Lab lessons at our fully equipped lab.