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In our current world where technology is everywhere, why not make use of it to boost your learning experience and grades?

We have picked out some popular studying apps for you to give them a try!

 My Study Life

A calendar app that lets you create your own timetable to keep track of all your classes, assignments and tests. You can set tasks to specific classes, which also come with reminders, to keep you on top of things and get organised.

This app supports week and day rotation timetables, as well as traditional weekly schedules, and is covered on all your devices. Your data seamlessly syncs across all your devices and is accessible even when you are offline.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store


A popular app to help you keep your life organized with easy ways to find what you need and when you need it. It works on iPhone, Android as well as Windows and Mac computers.

You can add more than text to your notes, including photos, files and to-do lists. You can also create a personal space for your important information and ideas. Your notes can easily be found with powerful search and keyword tags, which are easily sync to all your devices to be viewed even if you are offline.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store


If you like to create mind maps, this is a great app for you. You can create your own mind maps using their free-form template, or choose one of their auto-templates and fill it in. Their website also provides some information on how to create, use and read mind maps.

Mind mapping helps you to organize your thoughts, retain information and create new ideas. You can also add colours, images and photos to your mind maps and share your mind maps as a PDF document.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store


Are you someone who is easily distracted by calls, texts, emails or social media alerts? Or would you like to have that full focus of heart and mind when you are doing your revisions? If yes, this app would be a helpful aid.

You can block incoming calls, texts and notifications for set periods of time and can stop yourself from accessing apps during this time. You can even track the time usage of your phone and the different apps to give you visibility of just how much time you are spending on your phone.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store

Study Music | Memory Booster

Some of us like to listen to music when studying. With this app, you can choose the different types of music when studying, revising, reading or just letting your mind get creative.

There is also the option of adding nature sounds to your chosen music. Listening to the right genre of music can help you to relax and improve your focus for a longer period.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store