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Did you know that 90% of students who struggle with ‘O’ level Math make these three common mistakes?

In today’s post, we cover the top three mistakes we have noticed students that struggle with ‘O’ level Math make AND also share our experience backed strategies to help overcome them.

Do try out the below tips with your child at home.

At Concept First, we've developed our Math ”Problem Solving Blueprint" strategies to ensure our students avoid these pitfalls and excel in Math.

🚫 Common Mistake 1: Students often misinterpret the question or fail to understand what is being asked, leading to incorrect solutions or not even knowing how to start.

How to Avoid This with our “Math Problem Solving Blueprint”:

  • Read Carefully: We teach our students to read the question thoroughly at least twice to ensure full comprehension.
  • Underline Key Information: Our tutors guide students to highlight or underline important details and keywords in the question.
  • Restate the Problem: We encourage students to paraphrase the question in their own words to confirm their understanding before proceeding.

🚫 Common Mistake 2: Students sometimes skip multiple key crucial steps in their calculations or perform steps incorrectly, leading to mistakes in their final answers or worse, getting stuck and not completing the questions.

How to Avoid This with our “Math Problem Solving Blueprint”:

  • Show All Work: Our approach emphasises the importance of writing down every step of the working process, even if it seems trivial.
  • Check Each Step: We train students to verify each step immediately after completing it to ensure it follows logically from the previous step and is mathematically sound.
  • Use Correct Methods: Our lessons familiarise students with the correct methods and procedures for solving various types of problems, ensuring they use the appropriate techniques.

🚫 Common Mistake 3: Students often neglect to include units in their final answers or fail to maintain the required precision (e.g., significant figures or decimal places).

How to Avoid This with our “Math Problem Solving Blueprint”:

  • Include Units: We stress the importance of including units in both intermediate steps and final answers, particularly in word problems or problems involving measurements.
  • Maintain Precision: Our tutors ensure students adhere to the required number of significant figures or decimal places as specified in the question. If not specified, we teach them to use a reasonable degree of precision.
  • Double-Check: We instil the habit of reviewing answers to ensure units are included and precision is maintained before submission.
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💯 Why Our Methods Work 💯

Our “Math Problem Solving Blueprint” strategies have helped hundreds of students transform their approach to ‘O’ level Math, resulting in significant improvements in their understanding and performance. By mastering these strategies, Concept First students build confidence and achieve higher grades. Our experience backed curriculum and programmes are specially curated and designed by ex-MOE tutors, PHD holders and subject specialists who hold years of guiding students towards Distinctions for national exams. 

Don’t let your child fall into the common traps that hinder Math success. Our methodology gives students techniques and strategies to minimise careless mistakes while building strong foundations.

If you’re interested in our Lower Secondary Math and ‘O’ Level A-Math Programmes, Contact us to find out more.