Is your child struggling with Physics term tests and exams?

Based on our years of observation and experience, here are some of the reasons students are unable to do well on their exams:

1. They are overwhelmed by the huge amount of subject content.

2. They struggle to organize their notes and understand the various Physics topics.

3. Because there is often so much to absorb, they do not know where or how to start studying.

YES! – O Level and A Level Physics exams are really intense. 


Let us help your child ace Physics!


We are offering a Free Exam Booster Pack to help students learn strategies to tackle exam questions, overcome the above problems and ace their exams!

FREE Online Exam Prep Focus Group Session = The FREE online exam prep focus group session will cover exam-smart strategies, common questions and mistakes and are taught by our experienced tutors. 

*Available for Secondary and Junior College Students 

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